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History of Aijenhar (Eye-Shen-Har)

The Grand Calamity. An enormous tainted beast that destroyed everything it touched. In the beginning of an era, the Grand Calamity appeared out of nowhere and put the world into discord. In response to this, warriors and wizards from Aijenhar formed a single guild, by the name of 'Oberus Lavina', which in their tongue, means 'Beast Hunters'. This guild would seal away the Grand Calamity in the depths of Tartarus, at the cost of many brave souls. To keep a disaster like this from striking in the future, many more were established across the land. Being the first guild and the ones who sealed away the monstrosity, it was only natural that Oberus Lavina became the mediator among the newly established guilds. It changed from being a guild to a representative aristocracy called the High Council. Any conflict between guilds would be settled by the High council. Some guilds, however did not agree with the High Council's policies and turned rogue. Some went as far as attacking other guilds that they disliked for fun, causing war among humans. These guilds that turned are called Dark Guilds. Throughout the centuries, a disaster such as the Grand Calamity never happened again, and so the true purpose of the guilds of Aijenhar were forgotten. Now, the guilds are only a place for adventurers and friends to hang out and be family. Inhabitants of the public often post missions on a request board. These missions ranges from sabotaging a dark guild or spying on them, to investigations and reconnaissance missions. This has been the way of Aijenhar ever since the Grand Calamity.

Batch 1: The Guild of Sorelium

Name: Crimson Reaper Rose
Element: Fire
A senior member of the "Sorelium" guild, and a well-known dual wielder in the land of Aijenhar. During a reconnaissance mission to scout out an unexplored area of the continent, Rose's team was ambushed by bandits. She told the other members to run, and stood against the assassins. Rose took many, but not enough. She was brought to the bandits as a captive, where they forced her to marry their leader. When the rites were almost complete, a flash of light took down everyone in an instant, leaving Rose and the leader surrounded with the corpses of the bandits. The light revealed himself and impaled the leader, freeing rose of her captivity. She then proposed to him an invitation to Sorelium. Little did she, know she’d met him before.

LS (Dance of Blades): 80% boost to ATK, HP, 150% boost to spark damage, boost critical hit rate (20%), critical damage (50%), & probability of critical hits applying spark vulnerability

ES (Sensation of Battle):Boost critical hit rate (40%), critical damage (70%) when BB is full, & 30% boost to all parameters when “Diamond & Pearl” is equipped

Sphere (Diamond & Pearl): 30 boost to ATK, DEF, boost BB damage (100%), & BB fill rate

BB (Roaring Flames:) 27 fire combo, hugely boost own ATK, DEF, REC (300%), probable spark critical (10%) for 3 turns, & fills own BB to max

SBB (Blazing Stream): 36 fire combo, hugely boost ATK (150%), boosts BB damage (300%), & boosts BB when spark and critical (5-8) for 3 turns

UBB (Infernus Chromosphere): 44 fire combo massive, enormously boost ATK (500%) spark damage (300%), BB damage (450%), critical hit rate (50%), critical damage (100%), & boost critical spark rate (30%) for 3 turns

Name: Omniscient Time Ciel
Element: Light
During ancient times, the goddess of time ceased a war between dimensions by absorbing all the time energy between the dimensional gates to close them. However, not even she could hold all of that power. She released a large portion of it onto a new vessel, thus creating life to a newborn she calls her child. Ciel wandered around Aijenhar for over 200 years, learning about this world he woke up in. Never once did he interfere with human affairs, until one day, he drops his neutrality to save a little girl (Rose in the past) of captivity. It was the first time he had ever experience battle, but to him, it felt strangely normal. He rushed into a bandit camp and slaughtered all who stood in his way, and spared those who ran. When he arrived at the girls prison cell, he cut loose her ties, and transported her to a nearby city. There, he left her in the care of those who call themselves “Sorelium”.

LS (Demigod of Time): 80% boost to DEF, max HP, probable 20% damage reduction, 20% damage reduction when damage taken exceeds limit, & 20% reduced damage when guarding.

ES (Immortal Blood): Increases HC, BC, drop rate, efficacy, reduces damage taken when blocking (20%) and 50% boost to DEF, max HP when “Chrono Hourglass” is equipped.

Sphere (Chrono Hourglass): 40% boost to max HP, negates status ailment, elemental damage, slightly reduces damage when damage taken exceeds limit (15% when 5000 damage)

BB (Radiating Hour): 14 light combo, boost DEF (150%), boost DEF related to ATK (35% of ATK to DEF), massive boost to own DEF (300%) for 3 turns, casts taunt for 1 turn, & removes status ailment

SBB (Unleashed Animosity): 21 light combo, hugely boost ATK, DEF, REC (200%) for 3 turns, heals 15% of damage taken for 1 turn, & lowers the duration of all enemy buffs by 1 turn

UBB (Turn back Time): 29 light combo massive, enormously boost DEF (500%), considerably boost ATK relative to DEF, REC, HP (35% of all parameters combined), damage taken enormously boosts HP, BB for 3 turns, removes all debuffs, revives all fallen allies, & adds high probability of resistance to 1 KO (80%)

Name: World Wanderer Yui Rien
Element: Earth
Yui was a lone wanderer before becoming a member of Sorelium. One day, she was ambushed along the shores of Florei by pirates. However, it seemed as though the pirates were unprepared, for many of them were scattered, and running around panicked. Suddenly, a giant tidal wave bloomed from the sea and crashed down onto the pirates. a blue haired boy emerged from the waters, with his weapons drawn. The pirates freaked out and ran. When he studied Yui, he didn’t not recognize her as an enemy. Seeing how she was alone, and without a guild, he registered her as a member without even asking.

LS (Supersonic Streak): 300% boost to ATK, 150% boost to spark damage, hugely boost BB damage (200%), critical hit rate (30%), & boost EXP gained (10%)

ES (Shinobi Teachings): Increases ATK by 1% for every SBB used (including allies), stacking up to 100 times, 50% boost to ATK, max HP when “Zephyr” is equipped.

Sphere (Zephyr): Boost critical hit rate (20%), critical damage (50%), & probably spark critical (10%)

BB (Ride the Wind): 25 earth combo, hugely boosts ATK (130%), critical hit rate (30%), boost BC efficacy, & BC drop rate, & add chance to dodge attacks (20%) for 3 turns

SBB (Violent Breeze): 34 earth combo, 4 earth combo on a single foe, casts stealth on self boosting own critical rate (70%) for 2 turns, & probable spark critical (70%),  boosts critical damage (100%), & add chance to dodge attacks (20%) for 3 turns

'UBB ('Viridescent Gale): 42 earth combo massive, enormously boost ATK (700%), critical hit rate (70%), critical damage (150%), enormously raises normal hit count (5 for each hit), & normal attacks hit all foes for 3 turns

Name: Azure Gladiator Shinsu Ren
Element: Water
A master duelist and the younger sibling to the guild master of Sorelium. He may be very young, but his skills nearly match the Shadow of Sorelium. He acts as the guardian of Sorelium, and so, is very strict. In reality, he is very kind and soft at heart, though his fellow guild members don't know this. They all see him as a bossy bragging kid. He cares not of this negativity they harbor towards him, only their safety from any danger, and only a few in the guild knows of this. Ren has a reputation for apprehending criminals alone and unawared, with a side of demon hunting. He'd rather keep his work in secret, but all his deeds end up in the public news somehow

LS​ (Cerulean Tides): 60% boost to all parameters, hugely boost BB efficacy (60%), drop rate, & hugely boost BB when attacking & attacked (5-9)

ES (Strength from Hate): 10% boost to all paramters of allies, enormously boost BB gauge when exceeded amount of BC collected, 30% boost to all parameters when "Twins of Sorelium" is equipped

Sphere (Twins of Sorelium): 25% boost to all parameters, boost BC drop rate, efficacy (20%)

'BB ('Aquaes Lumen):  25 water combo, boost BC/HC drop rate, hugely boost BB gauge (11), boost BB damage (200%), & boost OD gauge fill rate for 3 turns

SBB (Mirage of Rain): 33 water combo, hugely boost BC drop rate, boosts BB efficacy (50%), hugely boost BB when attacked (4-8), & considerably boosts OF fill rate at turn's end for 3 turns (400)

'UBB '(Treasures of the Sea): 40 water combo massive, enormously boosts HC drop rate, fills BB to max, massive boosts atk when BB gauge is full (350%), hugely boost BB damage (300%), 75% damage reduction & negates BB drain for 3 turns

Name: Lonely Shadow Shiekh
Element: Dark
One of the oldest members of the guild. No one knows anything about him, not even his age. Only one, and that is the guild master herself. He rarely walks the guild halls, and wanders all over Aijenhar, Shrouded in a headband covering his eyes. The only thing anyone knows about him, is that he is one of the strongest in the guild. Shiekh is known through the land as the "Shadow of Sorelium", as he only helps the guild and does all his business from the shadows. He always resented the idea of guilds, but after being invited by the guild master of Sorelium, his attitude soon changed. Watching from the shadows, he sees almost everyday, members walking about the halls, happy to see one another. Shiekh protects the guild from the outside, and only ever comes directly to their aid in the most dire of times.

LS (Visionless Chromia) 130% boost to max HP, boosts damage against weaker elements, status afflicted foes, & negates elemental damage.

ES (Lone-Wolf):  Boost ATK, DEF, REC, by 15% with every different element on the team, 30% boost to all parameters, & applies all elements to attacks when "Three Staffs of Heaven" is equipped.

Sphere (Three Staffs of Heaven): negates elemental weakness, status ailment, & boosts elemental damage, & elemental defense

BB (Elemental Sancutary): 14 dark combo, greatly restores HP (8000 + 15% rec), reduces damage from all elements (10%), slightly boosts OD gauge fill rate for 3 turns, & boost max HP (10%)

SBB (Tri-Pronged Seal): 20 dark combo, negates status ailment, elemental damage, critical damage, spark vulnerability, ATK, DEF reduction, DEF ignoring for 1 turn, boosts BB gauge (11), & gradually restores HP (3000 + 15% rec) for 3 turns

UBB (To Protect Sorelium) 50 dark combo massive, Negates all debuffs, enormously boosts elemental damage, & 75% elemental defense for 4 turns, & hugely boost max HP (40%)

Name: Storm Wyvern Fulina
Element: Thunder
Fulina, the storm dragon of Al-Frejanova, a land of dragons lost in history. A calm, but dangerous dragon, who's only intent is to sleep peacefully. However, for an unknown reason, dragons themselves were cut off from existence, thus turning all dragons to that of humans, and left to wander the world. The day Fulina woke up from her weeks of slumber, she was on a bad in a luxurious house. A young woman  appears at the doorway, surprised and excited about her awakening. Moments later, a boy walked in and introduced himself. They answered any and all questions she had. After she finished, they informed her of Sorelium, and requested that she joined. Fulina tried to refuse, but after a lot of begging, she finally decided to join.

LS (Calm before the Storm): 50% boost to all parameters, 120% boost to spark damage, 10% reduced damage, & 2% boost to ATK, DEF, REC for every 1% hp missing, negates elemental damage, & critical damage

ES (Dragonic Powers): Boost spark damage (100%) when spark has exceeded certain amount for 2 turns, probable resistance to 3 KO (70%), & 30% boost to all parameters when "Storm Dragon's Memories" is equipped.

Sphere (Storm Dragon's Memories): 30 boost to ATK, HP, boosts HP, BB each turn, & considerably reduces amount of BB used

BB (Driving Thunder): 19 thunder combo, hugely boost spark damage (150%), gradually restores HP, BB for 3 turns, & spark slightly boosts BB gauge (3-6)

SBB (Illusory Wraith): 26 thunder combo, 5 thunder combo on a single target, massive boost own ATK (250%), critical hit rate (40%) , adds DEF ignoring effect to attacks for 3 turns, & probable ATK reduction for 2 turns

UBB (Wings of Storm): 35 thunder combo massive, enormously boost ATK, DEF, REC (350%), spark damage (300%), spark hugely fills BB gauge (8-11) for 3 turns, negates spark damage, 75% damage reduction for 3 turns, & enormously boosts OD gauge fill rate for 3 turns

Name: Luminary Princess Shinsu Ohka
Element: Light and Dark
Shinsu Ohka was but a little girl when she faced her abyss. Otherworldly demons tore apart her home village and left her running with her little brother . She had no home, no parents, and no where to go. After a day of walking aimlessly, she stumbled upon a mysterious masked man who graciously offered his help. He led her to the guild halls of Sorelium, where she and her little brother were registered as members. In a single decade, she honed her skills to hunt down the demons so that no more would have to face what she had to. By the end of the decade, she unknowingly matched those at the top of the guild, and a few more years after, surpassed them all; even nearing that of the current guild master. Ohka was both popular and powerful among those of Sorelium, so when the guild master retired, she was instantly recommended; and without any objections, chosen.

LS (Sorelium Guild Master): 50% boost to all parameters, 30% boost to max HP, 120% boost to spark damage, negates status ailments, 10% reduced all damage, considerably boosts OD gauge fill rate (25%)

ES (A Decades Training): Restores HP (1000 + 10% rec) & BB (3-6) each turn, 50% boost to spark damage, & 35% boost to all parameters when "Sorelium Emblem" is equipped

Sphere (Sorelium Emblem): 20% boost to all parameters, boosts BB damage (100%), & negates elemental damage

BB (Leading Vanguard): 18 combo light and dark, slightly boosts OD gauge (10%), adds Light, Dark elements to attack for 3 turns, 50% damage reduction for 2 turns, & negates ATK, DEF, REC reduction for 1 turn

SBB (Illuminating Pulse): 23 combo light and dark, slightly boosts OD gauge (10%), BB (7-9), gradually restores HP (3000 + 15% rec), boosts BB damage (350%), boost ATK relative to DEF, REC (30% of both combined), adds Light, Dark elements to attack for 3 turns, reduces damage from Light, Dark types (15%) for 1 turn.

UBB (Twilight Eventide) 29 combo light and dark massive, fills BB gauge to max, enormously boosts ATK, DEF, REC (400%), spark damage (300%), adds all elements to attacks, enormously boosts OD gauge at turns end (20%), negates buff removal for 3 turns, & massively boosts max HP (40%)