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So I call this Random Ideas HQ since I get ideas out of nowhere all the time. Most of them are Brave Frontier related. I love talking with people about my ideas, but I don't know any other person that actually plays this game. I have actually met one guy that got me started, but haven't seen him in a year. So since I have nobody to talk to in real life, I decided the next best thing is to go on the wiki full of people that do play it.

My first idea is one that's been bugging me for quite some time. So I was thinking about how Belfura attacked Shera on sight in her lore and thought about who would actually win. I then thought what if it was possible to have a battle simulator that actually lets you put your units against each other. Then I thought of something even cooler.

A Brave Frontier spinoff that is solely creating a team to fight another player's team. Brave Frontier: Arena Domination. That name was off the top of my head right now.

  • Basically Arena mode (no control over the units' actions)

In battle unit details-

  • Units attack at timed intervals (like that group raid I saw in a video)
  • LS is more or less an ES now
  • Unit's original ES is still present
  • Spheres only do one or two effects
  • Damage is now closer to the unit's actual raw Atk
  • Units have a chance to Guard against attacks, reducing damage

Buffs turned into innate effects-

  • BB regen- BB attacks are now activated at timed intervals based on BC needed to use
  • HP regen- HP is now recovered over time at timed intervals using Rec value
  • Evasion- Certain units have increased evasion chance
  • Taunt- Attacking a unit will cause that unit to target them more
  • Stealth- Less likely the unit will be attacked by a unit they have not been attacking

Negative effects-

  • Poison- decreases HP at timed intervals (lower than 10% percent)
  • Damage over time- deals an extra hit at timed intervals using Atk of unit that placed it
  • Paralysis- Unit is unable to use an action but intervals will still continue
  • Weakness- 30% decrease to Def
  • Sickness- 30% decrease to Rec
  • Injury- 30% decrease to Atk
  • Curse- Removes any effect other than attacking from Brave Bursts. Also decreases BB atk.
  • BB fill rate down or BC drop rate down- Increases Brave Burst intervals
  • HC drop rate down- Increases auto-recovery intervals
  • Time Stop- Stops all actions and interval based effects temporarily (Time Stop is not actually released so I am unsure whether or not it does somewhat the same thing)
  • Atk, Def, Rec reductions capped at 30%

Positive effects-

  • Normal mitigation is capped at 25%
  • Def ignore now only partially ignores Def (value not chosen yet)
  • Atk, Def, Rec boosts are capped at 75%
  • Relativity buffs are capped at 60%
  • BC drop rate up- decreases Brave Burst intervals
  • Hitcount increase capped at +1
  • Barriers- Dark and Light are weak against the other element and strong against the basic four. The basic four are neutral with Light and Dark damage and the normal element chain is in effect.
  • Guard boost- increases the chance of Guarding and increases damage reduction when Guarding
  • Shields- I'm a little sketchy on this one but I kind of want units to start off with a shield at the beginning or a barrier of sorts.

5/18/17 Today's edit: GAME MECHANICS- UNITS.

This may not have to do with mechanics very much, but I have to say it. Let's be honest, since the invention of seven stars and Omnis, everything just looks like a cluster****. In this one, units have much simpler designs and no longer take up the entire screen when using a BB. Also introducing alternate animations for certain actions and reactions.

Take Arus for instance. I love his Omni art but he's kind of big. His appearance in BF:AD will be a simpler, reworked version. In fact, most units will be simpler, reworked versions of their original art that look a little like their lower rarity artwork. Those few units that have a really cool looking art but is still simple will most likely be unchanged.

Now let's talk about stats and other mechanics.

Viewing the unit displays the basic stuff but with some new additions. A few things are removed though.

  • Non stat stuff
    • Name
    • Element
    • Rarity
    • Type is removed (they give the impression a unit is terrible just by being a certain type)
    • Cost is now removed (will be explained why later)
    • Arena type number now is techically a behavior type (new and in place of cost)
    • Unit art
  • Statistics stuff
    • Level
    • EXP needed
    • HP
    • Patk (new) 
    • Matk (new)
    • Pdef (new)
    • Mdef (new)
    • Rec
  • Imp stat bonus to the right
    • You should know what they all do, but I will add a Dark type imp that does something really special (no spoilers yet)

When the unit attacks or is attacked, total damage done is equal to ((Patk - Pdef) + (Matk - Mdef))

You can click "stat set 2" to view the next set of stats. These stats are displayed as percentages.

  • Evasion
    • ST eva (chance to evade single target attacks)
    • AoE eva (chance to evade area of effect attacks)
  • Guard
    • Grd (chance to Guard against an attack)
    • Miti (damage reduction when Guarding)
  • Status resist
    • PoR- poison resist
    • PaR- paralysis resist
    • WR- weakness resist
    • IR- injury resist
    • SR- sickness resist
    • CR- curse resist
      • All resists are 30% base and reduce the chance to be inflicted multiplicatively.

Finally, there is "stat set 3" but I don't have time right now so I'll finish that tomorrow unless I get grounded by my grandma since I kind of messed up this school year. The third stat set will be intervals using Arus as an example so look forward to that. See ya later.