So I call this Random Ideas HQ since I get ideas out of nowhere all the time. Most of them are Brave Frontier related. I love talking with people about my ideas, but I don't know any other person that actually plays this game. I have actually met one guy that got me started, but haven't seen him in a year. So since I have nobody to talk to in real life, I decided the next best thing is to go on the wiki full of people that do play it.

My first idea is one that's been bugging me for quite some time. So I was thinking about how Belfura attacked Shera on sight in her lore and thought about who would actually win. I then thought what if it was possible to have a battle simulator that actually lets you put your units against each other. Then I thought of something even cooler.

A Brave Frontier spinoff that is solely creating a team to fight another player's team. Brave Frontier: Arena Domination. That name was off the top of my head right now.

It's basically Arena mode with more stuff such as new types of stats, evasion, guarding, auto-regen of HP and BC, status and element resist, and other stuff.