The ratings found in this table are the sum of each unit's Lord stats.
This does not take into account their leader skill, Brave Burst, hit counts, etc.

Name Element Rating​
Fencer Vargas 2 Fire 2,371​
Burning Vargas 3 Fire 3,264​
Fire King Vargas 4 Fire 4,014​
Fire God Vargas 5 Fire 4,982​
Holy Flame Vargas 6 Fire 6,263​
Flame Legend Vargas 7 Fire 8,700​
Ignis Halcyon Vargas 4 Fire 10,041​
Beast Zegar 2 Fire 2,405​
Rage Beast Zegar 3 Fire 3,272​
Fire Beast Zegar 4 Fire 4,016​
Beast King Zegar 5 Fire 5,066​
Inferno Beast Zegar 6 Fire 6,913​
Burny 1 Fire 1,615​
King Burny 2 Fire 2,620​
Kaiser Burny 3 Fire 3,721​
Witch Liza 1 Fire 1,961​
Warlock Liza 2 Fire 2,846​
Pyromancer Liza 3 Fire 4,101​
Goblin 1 Fire 1,728​
Redcap 2 Fire 2,724​
Hobgoblin 3 Fire 3,325​
Thief Leon 2 Fire 2,640​
Head Thief Leon 3 Fire 3,709​
Great Thief Leon 4 Fire 4,389​
Orthos 2 Fire 2,301​
Cerberus 3 Fire 3,095​
Ragnaberus 4 Fire 4,078​
Salamander 2 Fire 2,290​
Ifrit 3 Fire 3,117​
Malvan 4 Fire 3,864​
Fire: Shelly Fire: Shelly Fire: Shelly Fire: Shelly
Firedrake 3 Fire 3,201​
Dragon Graven 4 Fire 4,331​
Dalimaone 5 Fire 5,496​
Dragon God Granados 6 Fire 7,084​
Knight Agni 3 Fire 3,492​
Fire Knight Agni 4 Fire 4,333​
Magma Knight Agni 5 Fire 5,529​
Blazing Knight Agni 6 Fire 7,060​
Phoenix 3 Fire 3,431​
Lava Phoenix 4 Fire 4,514​
God Phoenix 5 Fire 5,258​
Phoenix Reborn 6 Fire 6,704​
Immortal Phoenix Levarza 7 Fire 8,758​
Lava 3 Fire 3,719​
Fire Knight Lava 4 Fire 4,742​
Fire God Lava 5 Fire 5,542​
Sacred Flame Lava 6 Fire 6,682​
Phoenix Wings Lava 7 Fire 8,968​
Ignis Vestae Lava 4 Fire 11,038​​​​​
Blacksmith Galant 2 Fire 2,798​
Bruiser Galant 3 Fire 3,563​
God Arm Galant 4 Fire 4,377​
Smith Lord Galant 5 Fire 5,365​
Imperial Smith Galant 6 Fire 6,743​
Lancia 3 Fire 3,828​
Hot Chef Lancia 4 Fire 4,958​
Head Chef Lancia 5 Fire 5,770​
Ace Chef Lancia 6 Fire 6,819​
Lorand 3 Fire 3,875​
Professor Lorand 4 Fire 4,981​
Master Lorand 5 Fire 5,935​
Taskmaster Lorand 6 Fire 6,937​
Orc 2 Fire 2,284​
Ogre 3 Fire 3,149​
Hermit Talos 2 Fire 3,057​
Mountaineer Talos 3 Fire 4,138​​​​​
Drake Chief Aisha 3 Fire 4,312​
Drake Lord Aisha 4 Fire 5,387​
Drake Queen Aisha 5 Fire 6,345​
Drake Angel Aisha 6 Fire 7,139​
Goltovah 3 Fire 4,245​
Flame King Goltovah 4 Fire 5,037​
Swordswoman Seria 4 Fire 5,253​
Blade God Seria 5 Fire 6,179​
Flare Goddess Seria 6 Fire 8,075​
Solar Fervor Seria 7 Fire 9,148​
Freya 4 Fire 4,672​
Blaze Sibyl Freya 5 Fire 5,613​
Passion Sibyl Freya 6 Fire 6,995​
Red Axe Michele 4 Fire 5,161​
Lotus Axe Michele 5 Fire 6,060​
Goddess Axe Michele 6 Fire 7,071​
Wildfire Lotus Michele 7 Fire 8,908​
Bozdell 2 Fire 2,320​
King Bozdell 3 Fire 3,166​
Homusubi 4 Fire 5,366​
Kagutsuchi 5 Fire 6,306​
Bordebegia 6 Fire 7,350​
War Demon Vishra 4 Fire 4,818​
Rakshasa Vishra 5 Fire 6,085​
Rakshasa Lord Vishra 6 Fire 7,218​
Unleashed Ravana Vishra 7 Fire 8,903​
Sword Emperor Reed 4 Fire 5,253​
Sword God Reed 5 Fire 6,461​
Scorching Sword Reed 6 Fire 7,443​
Fire Princess Lyn 3 Fire 4,106​​​
Red Slash Farlon 4 Fire 5,430​
Red Blade Farlon 5 Fire 6,573​
Red Swordsman Farlon 6 Fire 7,467​
Crimson Phoenix Farlon 7 Fire 9,084​​​
Fire Step Ramna 4 Fire 5,389​
Fire Dance Ramna 5 Fire 6,612​
Fire Samba Ramna 6 Fire 7,668​
Siva Afi Ramna 7 Fire 9,086​
Dark Arts Dia 4 Fire 5,265​
Dark Princess Dia 5 Fire 6,338​
Inferno Princess Dia 6 Fire 7,452​
Flaming Javelin Lars 4 Fire 5,507​
Burning Spear Lars 5 Fire 6,469​
Scorching Halberd Lars 6 Fire 7,881​
Luther 4 Fire 5,302​
Defiant Luther 5 Fire 6,444​
Defiant God Luther 6 Fire 7,622​​
Bodyguard Darvanshel 4 Fire 5,284​
Protector Darvanshel 5 Fire 6,375​
Guardian Darvanshel 6 Fire 7,649​
Flare Paladin Darvanshel 7 Fire 8,965​
Emperor Orwen 4 Fire 5,450​
Divine Emperor Orwen 5 Fire 6,488​
God Emperor Orwen 6 Fire 7,824​
Fire Witch Ulkina 4 Fire 5,572​
Fire Dragoon Ulkina 5 Fire 6,537​
Fire Goddess Ulkina 6 Fire 7,878​
Owen 5 Fire 6,864​
Raging Blade Owen 6 Fire 8,183​
Blazing Dawn Owen 7 Fire 9,933​​
Ember Elder Fiora 4 Fire 5,362​
Ember Sage Fiora 5 Fire 6,396​
Ember Charm Fiora 6 Fire 8,042​
Phoenix Knight Arus 4 Fire 5,657​
Phoenix Emperor Arus 5 Fire 6,722​
Phoenix God Arus 6 Fire 8,087​
Milcham Nova Arus 7 Fire 9,087​
Supreme Chol Arus 4 Fire 10,999​
Stahn (4★) 4 Fire 5,060​
Stahn (5★) 5 Fire 6,417​
Stahn (6★) 6 Fire 7,500​
Gilded Armor Vanberk 4 Fire 5,600​
Blaze Armor Vanberk 5 Fire 6,669​
Pyre Aegis Vanberk 6 Fire 8,082​
Scorching Alpha 5 Fire 6,544​
Smoldering King Alpha 6 Fire 7,973​
Brimstone Emperor Alpha 7 Fire 8,738​
Burning Pike Claire 5 Fire 6,584​
Volcanic Pike Claire 6 Fire 7,995​
Magma Twin-Pike Claire 7 Fire 8,991​
Brangea 3 Fire 4,504​
Granmeria 4 Fire 5,335​
Anje 3 Fire 4,340​
Cavalry Lass Anje 4 Fire 5,124​
Crimson Dragon Regrard 5 Fire 6,505​
Fire Breathing Volarda 6 Fire 7,998​
Inferno Wings Magnazorda 7 Fire 8,908​
Pyro Spin Ruby 5 Fire 6,669​
Pyro Revolution Ruby 6 Fire 8,123​
Phoenix Torque Ruby 7 Fire 9,118​
Flame Rifle Bestie 5 Fire 6,732​
Blaze Rifle Bestie 6 Fire 8,185​
Inferno Rifle Bestie 7 Fire 9,128​
Strong Flame Griff 5 Fire 6,862​
Mighty Blaze Griff 6 Fire 8,347​
Indomitable Flare Griff 7 Fire 9,318​
Furious General Griff 4 Fire 10,995​
Dark Fire Rineth 5 Fire 6,924​
Igneous Stone Rineth 6 Fire 8,440​
Phosphor Crystal Rineth 7 Fire 9,489​
MST_UNIT_10695_NAME 6 Fire 7,580​
MST_UNIT_10696_NAME 7 Fire 8,687​
Velnar 5 Fire 6,313​
Sorcerer's Army Velnar 6 Fire 7,700​
Scarlet Wanderer Reda 6 Fire 7,517​
Crimson Scout Reda 7 Fire 8,667​
Ruby Successor Reda 4 Fire 10,207​
Carbuncle 2 Fire 2,910​
Garfon 3 Fire 3,737​
Flame Demon Adel 5 Fire 6,879​
Ember Hellion Adel 6 Fire 8,388​
Pyro Archfiend Adel 7 Fire 9,397​
Blazing Emperor Adel 4 Fire 11,005​
Elise 4 Fire 4,858​
Informant Elise 5 Fire 5,935​
War Fire Avant 5 Fire 6,825​
Strife Blaze Avant 6 Fire 8,327​
Ardent Dawn Avant 7 Fire 9,360​
Undying Flame Avant 4 Fire 10,984​
Barbatos (5★) 5 Fire 6,550​
Barbatos (6★) 6 Fire 7,700​
Lava Beast Vermilion 5 Fire 6,847​
Fiend Master Vermilion 6 Fire 8,344​
Rider Empress Vermilion 7 Fire 9,378​
響楽姫 MEIKO 4 Fire 4,700​
響神姫 MEIKO 5 Fire 6,300​
響奏演姫 MEIKO 6 Fire 7,667​
Fire Rod Limera 5 Fire 7,047​
Flame Staff Limera 6 Fire 8,562​
Volcanic Scepter Limera 7 Fire 9,611​
Hot Metal Gildorf 5 Fire 6,922​
Scalding Iron Gildorf 6 Fire 8,481​
Scorching Steel Gildorf 7 Fire 9,496​
Inferno Berdette 5 Fire 6,954​
Hades Flame Berdette 6 Fire 8,480​
Tartarus Blaze Berdette 7 Fire 9,563​
Mythic Kulyuk 7 Fire 9,728​
Fabled Emperor Kulyuk 4 Fire 10,915​
Lucifer 6 Fire 7,427​
Intense Flame Golzo 5 Fire 7,297​
Furious Blaze Golzo 6 Fire 8,867​
Vehement Pyre Golzo 7 Fire 9,931​
Noble Ember Mirfah 6 Fire 7,850​
Red Witch Shelly 5 Fire 7,411​
Scarlet Arts Shelly 6 Fire 9,035​
Garnet Sorceress Shelly 7 Fire 10,066​
Ardent Monk Rengaku 7 Fire 9,687​
Dancing Flames Rengaku 4 Fire 10,850​
吉田くん 5 Fire 6,513​
Wicked Warrior Shura 7 Fire 10,036​
Heavenly Rift Shura 4 Fire 11,238​
F-2 Flamero 3 Fire 4,653​
F-8 Flareveil 4 Fire 5,597​
Parch Misfit Malef 7 Fire 10,053​
Torch Eccentric Malef 4 Fire 11,260​
Dragon Warrior Lyonesse 7 Fire 9,990​
Blazing Dragon Lyonesse 4 Fire 11,277​
Shining Courage Alessa 7 Fire 9,972​
Brave Leader Alessa 4 Fire 11,169​
Crimson Fist Glenn 7 Fire 9,992​
Scorching Fang Glenn 4 Fire 11,188​
Blazing Chain Barbara 7 Fire 10,648​
Pyro Flail Barbara 4 Fire 11,922​
Strife God Afla Dilith 4 Fire 12,480​
Armored Flame Valen 7 Fire 10,722​
Triumphant Blaze Valen 4 Fire 12,011​
Purifying Flame Rugahr 7 Fire 10,594​
Infernal Pyre Rugahr 4 Fire 11,863​
Dragon Demon Barion 7 Fire 10,715​
Draconic Emperor Barion 4 Fire 11,998​
Sol 4 Fire 10,600​
Pumburkiny 2 Fire 1,917​
Selena 2 Water 2,477​
Ice Selena 3 Water 3,291​
Ice Queen Selena 4 Water 4,284​
Ice Goddess Selena 5 Water 5,215​
Holy Ice Selena 6 Water 6,398​
Ice Legend Selena 7 Water 8,887​
Algor Halcyon Selena 4 Water 10,236​
Zephu 2 Water 2,313​
Water: Rickel Water: Rickel Water: Rickel Water: Rickel
Knight Zephu 3 Water 3,319​
Dragoon Zephu 4 Water 3,919​
Dragon Hero Zephu 5 Water 5,001​
Tidal Dragoon Zephu 6 Water 6,904​
Squirty 1 Water 1,728​
King Squirty 2 Water 2,814​
Kaiser Squirty 3 Water 3,926​
Priest Merith 1 Water 2,042​
Healer Merith 2 Water 3,004​
Bishop Merith 3 Water 4,238​
Merman 1 Water 1,884​
Sahuagin 2 Water 2,930​
Lizard Man 3 Water 3,551​
Pirate Verica 2 Water 2,436​
Plunderer Verica 3 Water 3,363​
Sea Prince Verica 4 Water 4,052​
Ramia 2 Water 2,421​
Scylla 3 Water 3,302​
Lotan 4 Water 4,123​
Rantoul 2 Water 2,642​
Legtos 3 Water 3,448​
Legnaura 4 Water 4,108​
Undine 3 Water 3,201​
Siren 4 Water 4,344​
Meltia 5 Water 5,527​
Aqua Goddess Abel 6 Water 7,191​
Knight Sergio 3 Water 3,711​
Ice Ruler Sergio 4 Water 4,594​
Ice Knight Sergio 5 Water 5,790​
Ice Angel Sergio 6 Water 7,257​
Leviathan 3 Water 3,395​
Loch Ness 4 Water 4,482​
Malnaplis 5 Water 5,209​
Felneus 6 Water 6,560​
Captain Mega 3 Water 4,015​
War Captain Mega 4 Water 5,001​
Commander Mega 5 Water 5,822​
Sea King Mega 6 Water 6,894​
Ocean Conqueror Mega 7 Water 9,086​​​​​
Stya 2 Water 2,852​
Snow Blade Stya 3 Water 3,527​
Frost Queen Stya 4 Water 4,500​
Mother Snow Stya 5 Water 5,742​
Arctic Rose Stya 6 Water 6,973​
Elimo 3 Water 3,808​
Royal Elimo 4 Water 4,930​
Genius Elimo 5 Water 5,812​
Wise Mage Elimo 6 Water 6,806​
Leviathan Sage Elimo 7 Water 9,008​
Salacia Persei Elimo 4 Water 10,959​
Dean 3 Water 4,429​
Ice Mage Dean 4 Water 5,437​
Ice Wizard Dean 5 Water 6,279​
Ice Master Dean 6 Water 7,048​
Wendigo 2 Water 2,399​
Hrungnir 3 Water 3,215​
Black Rose Elize 2 Water 3,044​
Frozen Rose Elize 3 Water 4,103​​​​​
Twin Gem Rickel 3 Water 4,259​
Twin Flash Rickel 4 Water 5,486​
Twin Shot Rickel 5 Water 6,551​
Twin Arms Rickel 6 Water 7,419​
Jaegar 3 Water 4,132​
Ice King Jaegar 4 Water 4,910​
Brave Knight Karl 4 Water 5,451​
Ice Warrior Karl 5 Water 6,419​
Blizzard God Karl 6 Water 7,974​
Boreal Courage Karl 7 Water 9,069​
Eliza 4 Water 4,709​
Snow Sibyl Eliza 5 Water 5,605​
Sorrow Sibyl Eliza 6 Water 6,994​
Polar Angel Tiara 4 Water 5,379​
Ice Apostle Tiara 5 Water 6,294​
Final Apostle Tiara 6 Water 7,372​
Calamity Fish Deenan 2 Water 3,032​
Ghoul Fish Pilaf 3 Water 3,591​
Ice Keep Copra 4 Water 5,004​
Ice Tower Tesla 5 Water 5,965​
Ice Fortress Oulu 6 Water 7,165​
Ice Bastion Zeldeus 7 Water 8,640​
Hail Bot Reeze 4 Water 4,780​
Hail Mech Reeze 5 Water 6,037​
Hail Gigantron Reeze 6 Water 7,163​
Hailstorm Armor Reeze 7 Water 8,831​
Talon King Rhein 4 Water 5,318​
Talon God Rhein 5 Water 6,481​
Mystical Talon Rhein 6 Water 7,425​​
Snow Cub Signas 4 Water 5,251​
Snow Lion Signas 5 Water 6,218​
Snow Queen Signas 6 Water 7,290​
Blizzard Fang Signas 7 Water 8,944​​​
Spear Fist Raydn 4 Water 5,393​
Spear Arms Raydn 5 Water 6,527​
Spear King Raydn 6 Water 7,508​
Icicle Lance Raydn 7 Water 8,925​
Azure Blade Lucina 4 Water 5,126​
Azure Warrior Lucina 5 Water 6,214​
Azure Goddess Lucina 6 Water 7,314​
Aqua Pura Lucina 7 Water 9,109​
Ice Knight Kyle 4 Water 5,623​
Frozen Blade Kyle 5 Water 6,659​
Arctic Wings Kyle 6 Water 7,979​
Phee 4 Water 5,445​
Tyrant Phee 5 Water 6,501​
Tyrant Goddess Phee 6 Water 7,624​​
Dark Axe Mariudeth 4 Water 5,258​
Axe King Mariudeth 5 Water 6,362​
Axe God Mariudeth 6 Water 7,725​
Prince Arius 4 Water 5,464​
Divine Prince Arius 5 Water 6,505​
Ice God Arius 6 Water 7,843​
Aquamancer Kuhla 4 Water 5,571​
Aqua Ruler Kuhla 5 Water 6,525​
Aqua Goddess Kuhla 6 Water 7,844​
Noah 5 Water 6,528​
Skilled Lance Noah 6 Water 8,090​
Sea Pirate Eve 4 Water 5,466​
Pirate Empress Eve 5 Water 6,539​
Pirate Goddess Eve 6 Water 7,891​
Tesla 5 Water 6,033​
Blind Justice Tesla 6 Water 8,200​
Disciple Belfura 4 Water 5,592​
Slayer Belfura 5 Water 6,641​
Massacre God Belfura 6 Water 7,913​
Glacial Wings Belfura 4 Water 11,031​
Rutee (4★) 4 Water 5,147​
Rutee (5★) 5 Water 6,450​
Rutee (6★) 6 Water 7,653​
Alchemist Rigness 4 Water 5,646​
Synthesizer Rigness 5 Water 6,691​
Magnum Opus Rigness 6 Water 8,062​
Piercing Tazer 5 Water 6,651​
Aqua Slash Tazer 6 Water 8,059​
Cyclone Emperor Tazer 7 Water 8,940​
Gallant Spirit Tazer 4 Water 10,976​
Frozen Blade Colt 5 Water 6,426​
Arctic Blade Colt 6 Water 7,893​
Glacier Twin-Blade Colt 7 Water 8,913​
Levira 3 Water 4,185​
Vordos 4 Water 4,965​
Lionel 3 Water 4,295​
Blue Knight Lionel 4 Water 5,186​
Cerulean Dragon Rubeus 5 Water 6,480​
Ice Breathing Rigdila 6 Water 7,988​
Tundra Scales Zerafalgar 7 Water 8,870​
Cascade Pearl Medina 5 Water 6,679​
Ocean Pearl Medina 6 Water 8,189​
Tidal Nacre Medina 7 Water 9,134​
Lance Knight Vernil 5 Water 6,626​
Lance Templar Vernil 6 Water 8,150​
Lance Champion Vernil 7 Water 9,195​
Lapis Princess Iris 5 Water 6,883​
Azure Queen Iris 6 Water 8,372​
Indigo Soul Iris 7 Water 9,466​
Oceanic Mirror Iris 4 Water 11,150​
Aqua Wand Quartz 5 Water 6,795​
Waterfall Staff Quartz 6 Water 8,271​
Wave Breaker Quartz 7 Water 9,288​
Yuni 5 Water 6,407​
Sorcerer's Army Yuni 6 Water 7,800​
Aerigila 2 Water 3,034​
Aerohang 3 Water 3,765​
Charming Threat Savia 5 Water 6,886​
Beautiful Menace Savia 6 Water 8,472​
Glamorous Peril Savia 7 Water 9,521​
Alluring Empress Savia 4 Water 11,089​
Sera 4 Water 5,003​
Administrator Sera 5 Water 6,166​
Frost Prisoner Lune 5 Water 6,906​
Hail Breakout Lune 6 Water 8,403​
Icicle Mirror Lune 7 Water 9,544​
Spring Flower Piany 5 Water 6,934​
Fountain Blossom Piany 6 Water 8,450​
Sacred Lotus Piany 7 Water 9,538​
流爽士 KAITO 4 Water 5,187​
爽神士 KAITO 5 Water 6,367​
神湧爽士 KAITO 6 Water 7,700​
Ice Knight Farzen 5 Water 7,008​
Hail Shadow Farzen 6 Water 8,541​
Frozen Typhoon Farzen 7 Water 9,645​
Drake Armor Klaus 5 Water 7,037​
Dragon Shell Klaus 6 Water 8,579​
Wyvern Wings Klaus 7 Water 9,637​
Inferno Sareas 5 Water 7,032​
Hades Wave Sareas 6 Water 8,531​
Tartarus Flood Sareas 7 Water 9,590​
Sea Nymph Averus 5 Water 7,566​
Ocean Jewel Averus 6 Water 9,097​
Nereides Jewel Averus 7 Water 9,885​
Asahi (5★) 5 Water 6,600​
Asahi (6★) 6 Water 7,713​
Blue Purity Vern 7 Water 9,739​
Absolute Zero Vern 4 Water 10,981​
Frost Harp Soleil 5 Water 7,298​
Ice Melody Soleil 6 Water 8,976​
Arctic Virtuoso Soleil 7 Water 10,085​
水刹の斬羅神フィーダ 7 Water 9,153​
神刹の流迅騎フィーダ 4 Water 10,240​
Indigo Charm Azami 7 Water 9,873​
Dark Allure Azami 4 Water 11,097​
Cerulean Knight Stein 7 Water 9,773​
Sapphire Noble Stein 4 Water 10,909​
デラックスファイター デラックスファイター デラックスファイター デラックスファイター
Decay Demon Melord 7 Water 10,157​
Sage God Melord 4 Water 11,222​
Surveillance Dray 3 Water 4,506​
Tracker Lefdray 4 Water 5,259​
Ocean Slasher Holia 7 Water 10,022​
Torrential Scar Holia 4 Water 11,170​
Azure Princess Mariela 7 Water 10,019​
Dragon Mother Mariela 4 Water 11,292​
Ice Wolf Zolf 3 Water 4,768​
Crystal Wolf Zolf 4 Water 5,341​
Just Commander Zalts 7 Water 9,918​
Great General Zalts 4 Water 11,106​
Frigid Blade Asto 7 Water 9,983​
Sapphire Dragon Asto 4 Water 11,183​
Weeping Ice Camilla 7 Water 10,832​
Hailing Blades Camilla 4 Water 12,131​
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Unit ills thum 20955 Claudia (6★) - 6★ unit
Unit ills thum 20956 Claudia (7★) - 7★ unit​
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Unit ills thum 20956 Claudia (7★) - 7★ unit
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Unit ills thum 20955 Claudia (6★) - 6★ unit
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}}{{Node-count limit exceeded|King Mossy| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kaiser Mossy| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Geomancer Claris| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Time Mage Claris| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Time Lord Claris| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mandragora| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Polevik| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Leshy| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bandit Zaza| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Head Bandit Zaza| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Wild Bandit Zaza| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fairy| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Titania| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Finkell| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Trent| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ent| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Xipe Totec| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dryad| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|High Elf| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lemenara| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Elf Queen Arbonella| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Princess Lidith| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Queen Lidith| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Empress Lidith| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Goddess Lidith| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Great Tree Alneu| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|World Tree Altro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|God Tree Eltri| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Alpha Tree Altri| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gaia Tree Vertri| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gunner Douglas| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gun King Douglas| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gun God Douglas| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Holy Arms Douglas| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Earth Nymph| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Earth Spirit| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Earth Idol| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Earth Totem| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Boxer Nemia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Brawler Nemia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gaia Fist Nemia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Quake Fist Nemia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dahlia Fist Nemia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Pixy Leore| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Pixy Royal Leore| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Pixy King Leore| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Pixy Lord Leore| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Edea| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Earth Knight Edea| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mother Earth Edea| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gaia Armor Edea| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Flora Aegis Edea| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dwarf| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dwarf Prince| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Poet Elton| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bard Elton| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Earth Pot| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Earth Ghost| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Earth King| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Earth God| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Twins Il & Mina| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Earthly Il & Mina| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gemini Il & Mina| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gaians Il & Mina| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ristrall| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Phantom Ristrall| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lugina| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gaia King Lugina| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Quake God Lugina| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Seismic Fury Lugina| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Paula| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Rose Sibyl Paula| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Beauty Sibyl Paula| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Scar Blade Zelban| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Blade Hero Zelban| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Blade Emperor Zelban| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Grove Fairy Tinpall| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Woodland Fairy Finia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Golem| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Great Golem| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gravion| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Colossal Vars| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Pugilist Dilma| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Champ Fist Dilma| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Noble Fist Dilma| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lawful Warrior Aneil| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lawful God Aneil| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Supreme Lawmaker Aneil| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Havoc Girl Luly| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Havoc Queen Luly| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Havoc God Luly| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mayhem Empress Luly| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Earth Crystal| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Earth Mecha God| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Battle Girl Ophelia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|War Girl Ophelia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|War Queen Ophelia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cyclonic Heroine Ophelia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Iron Shield Darvan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Steel Shield Darvan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Impenetrable Darvan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lin| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Logistics Support Lin| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Steel Noble Heins| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Machine Lord Heins| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Robot Maniac Heins| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Nalmika| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ivy Nalmika| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ivy Goddess Nalmika| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Healing Imp Fwahl| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Great Thief Zelnite| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Noble Thief Zelnite| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thief God Zelnite| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Legendary Thief Zelnite| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Chivalrous Thief Zelnite| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Flora Princess Faris| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Flora Queen Faris| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Flora Goddess Faris| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Forest Guardian Tia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Divine Guardian Tia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Guardian Goddess Tia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Diva Hatsune Miku| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Goddess Hatsune Miku| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Maestro Goddess Miku| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Spirit Ruler Lucca| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Phantom Ruler Lucca| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Deity Ruler Lucca| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Green Dragon Vael| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Royal Dragon Farvnil| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dragon God Ragshelm| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Immortal Dragon Ragshelm| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Divine Dragon Ragzbyul| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Rita (4★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Rita (5★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Rita (6★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Floret Petal Rosetta| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Floret Queen Rosetta| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Jewel Floret Rosetta| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Floral Princess Rosetta| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thorned Tora| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Vine Queen Tora| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Rose Empress Tora| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Beryl Edge Quaid| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Valiant Edge Quaid| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sylvan Excalibur Quaid| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Heroic Leader Quaid| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kobolta| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Impal| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mau| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Wild Beast Mau| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Hermit Wizard Oguro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mountain Sage Oguro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gaia Sennin Oguro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gale Piercing Dion| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Hurricane Cutter Dion| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cyclonic Blades Dion| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Swift Katana Toutetsu| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Agile Katana Toutetsu| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Feral Katana Toutetsu| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Green Sparkle Libera| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Jade Shimmer Libera| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Emerald Radiance Libera| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Earth Blade Duran| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Terra Broadsword Duran| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Quatre Marinus Duran| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|MST_UNIT_30645_NAME| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|MST_UNIT_30646_NAME| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lindsey| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Wildcat Lindsey| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mantis| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Wargloon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Pure Lady Cyan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Merciful Dame Cyan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gracious Madam Cyan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Regal Sword Dolk| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Imperial Blade Dolk| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Heavenly Claymore Dolk| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Demon Pike Drevas| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Emerald Pike Drevas| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Malachite Pike Drevas| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|War Soldier Estelle| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Laureate Heroine Estelle| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Peacock Xena Estelle| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Snake Chord Isterio| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cobra Tune Isterio| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Venomous Echo Isterio| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Inferno Dure| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Hades Might Dure| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Tartarus Demolition Dure| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Holy Beast Belardo| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Grieving Beast Belhem| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Tempest Dragon Bestalg| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Nozomi (5★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Nozomi (6★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Pink Thorns Leona| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Colorful Spikes Leona| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Natural Whip Leona| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Perpetual Goddess Felice| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Eternal Goddess Felice| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Green Fang Daze| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Emerald Tusk Daze| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|フィリップ| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Emerald Knight Hisui| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Heavenly Spiral Hisui| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|BG-E750| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|BG-ELG9040| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cursed Princess Rozalia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Wind Princess Rozalia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Wild Edge Serge| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Silva Khopesh Serge| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Jade Commander Gyras| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Victorious General Gyras| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Emerald Axe Lanza| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Malachite Steel Lanza| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Alliance Leader Freed| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Viridian Flag Freed| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ruling God Zevalhua| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Magical Host Mariletta| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mademoiselle Mariletta| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Watchful Eyes Baro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bizarre Sight Baro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Golem Megalam| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Colossus Megalam+| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Nature Demon Mordlim| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sacred Flora Mordlim| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder: Weiss| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Warrior Eze| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder Eze| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder King Eze| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder God Eze| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Holy Thunder Eze| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder Legend Eze| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fulgur Halcyon Eze| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Advisor Weiss| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Strategist Weiss| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Commander Weiss| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|General Weiss| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gilded General Weiss| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sparky| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|King Sparky| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kaiser Sparky| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dancer May| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|High Dancer May| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Royal Dancer May| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Harpy| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Aero| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ocypete| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sky Pirate Grafl| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sky Boss Grafl| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sky Emperor Grafl| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Minotaur| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cyclops| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gigas| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sylph| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Djin| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Crow Tengu| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunderbird| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Great Falcon Ziz| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Zazabis| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bolt Phoenix Ardas| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sky Knight Falma| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sky King Falma| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sky Legend Falma| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sky God Falma| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Behemoth| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|King Behemoth| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Alpha Behemoth| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Omega Behemoth| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Emilia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Princess Emilia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Goddess Emilia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Holy Shock Emilia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder Nymph| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder Spirit| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder Idol| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder Totem| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Zeln| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Spark Kick Zeln| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder Kick Zeln| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder Punt Zeln| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Storm Roundhouse Zeln| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Tinkerer Elulu| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Inventor Elulu| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bolt Mallet Elulu| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Tesla Club Elulu| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Loch| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shock Bow Loch| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Zeus Bow Loch| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Heaven's Bow Loch| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Celestial Archer Loch| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Empusa| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gorgon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Wild Cat Parmi| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder Cat Parmi| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder Pot| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder Ghost| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder King| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder God| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bolt Pike Amy| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bolt Knight Amy| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bolt Goddess Amy| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Heaven's Bolt Amy| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Raiden| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Slicing Bolt Raiden| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Paladin Paris| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Royal Guard Paris| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Storm Goddess Paris| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Radiating Grandeur Paris| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Zele| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bolt Sibyl Zele| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Echo Sibyl Zele| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Drakeborn Lodin| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Drake God Lodin| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Empyreal Drake Lodin| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cockatrice| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Catoblepas| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sky Angel Kushra| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Rebel Angel Elsel| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Havoc Angel Ronel| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Valkyrie Archangel Griel| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shock Mage Rashil| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bolt Magus Rashil| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sky Mage Rashil| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fast Princess Lucana| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fast God Lucana| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lightning Speed Lucana| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gold Warrior Rina| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gold Knight Rina| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gold Queen Rina| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gilded Dogma Rina| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder Crystal| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder Mecha God| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mech Arms Grybe| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mech Cannon Grybe| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mech God Grybe| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Optimum Mecha Grybe| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sage Bran| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lightning Sage Bran| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Blaze Guru Bran| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder Hero Rutheon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Crashing Bolt Rutheon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Demolishing Roar Rutheon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Uda| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Crusher Uda| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Crusher God Uda| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Vigor Imp Molin| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder Beast Ahvel| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder God Esna| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Beast God Exvehl| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Immortal Beast Sargavel| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lead Engineer Garnan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Head Engineer Garnan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|God Engineer Garnan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bolt Gun Rowgen| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder Gun Rowgen| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lightning Gun Rowgen| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder Whip Orna| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Divine Whip Orna| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Zeus Whip Orna| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shocking Beauty Orna| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder Guard Shera| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder Sentry Shera| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder Savior Shera| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fulgor Heroine Shera| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Radiant Guardian Shera| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Arche (4★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Arche (5★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Arche (6★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dragoon Elder Bargus| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dragoon Lord Bargus| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dragoon Soul Bargus| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Admonition Kanon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Righteous King Kanon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Heavenly Emperor Kanon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Divine Law Kanon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Voltage Cutlass Diana| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Rumbling Cutlass Diana| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunderbird Sabre Diana| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Rognomus| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bagura Nagia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Neid| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Static Monk Neid| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Divine Destroyer Rize| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ruin Herald Rize| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Flaring Massacre Rize| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Eternal Radiance Rize| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sound Thunder Balgran| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Crushing Thunder Balgran| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Roaring Crash Balgran| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shadow Scroll Kagura| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Illusion Scroll Kagura| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dragon Scroll Kagura| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder Pole Rhoa| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lightning Rod Rhoa| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Roaring Staff Rhoa| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bolt Axe Mahalu| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Violet Thunder Mahalu| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Storm Chieftess Mahalu| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Symphonia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Holy Knight Symphonia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Raidenil| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Volteg| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Yellow Dragon Belzeft| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lightning Rain Zoldark| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Electrical Storm Eldora| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shock Fist Rahgan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bolt Master Rahgan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder Champion Rahgan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Blue Spark Reud| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cobalt Thunder Reud| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Prism Lightning Reud| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Twin Bolts Julius| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dual Current Julius| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Double Voltage Julius| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Magnetic Lady Lafiel| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Electric Beauty Lafiel| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Galvanic Belle Lafiel| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Inferno Radia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Hades Stun Radia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Tartarus Sacrifice Radia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|サマサ| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|サマサ・Λ| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mechanized Reddrag| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Solid Frame Dolgrag| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Steel Automaton Voldoga| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Merkabah | }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder Punisher Silas| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lightning Menace Silas| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bolt Singe Pamela| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lightning Fury Pamela| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Supreme Thunder Pamela| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Phoenix Thunder Rayla| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bennu Edge Rayla| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|レオナルド博士| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Spined Razbit| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Menacing Ragbarrett| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder Knight Fizz| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Flashing Thief Fizz| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lion Demon Viktor| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Roaring Thunder Viktor| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Flashing Knight Licht| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gracious Champion Licht| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Golden Magic Eleanor| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Auric Echo Eleanor| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder General Ewan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Magnanimous Bolt Ewan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Odd Character Zora| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bitter Manipulator Zora| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lambent Flicker Cleria| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Furious Thunder Cleria| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Tech Armor Beiorg| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Celestial Plate Beiorg| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|空皇神ラグラ| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|靂天の空皇神ラグラ| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ky| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Squire Atro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Knight Atro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Holy Knight Atro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|God Atro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Holy Light Atro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Light Legend Atro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lux Halcyon Atro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Luna| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sunshine Luna| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Holy Queen Luna| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Holy Empress Luna| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Light: Mila| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Radiant Goddess Luna| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Glowy| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|King Glowy| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kaiser Glowy| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sage Mimir| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Light Lord Mimir| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Great Sage Mimir| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Angel| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Archangel| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Azrael| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Unicorn| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Pegasus| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Remuihl| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Priestess Maria| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Angel Maria| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Saint Maria| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Valkyrie| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sky Hero Athena| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Legendary Jona | }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sky Goddess Raquel| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cowboy Heidt| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Holy Shot Heidt| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Pistol God Heidt| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sacred Gunner Heidt| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Wyvern| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bahamut| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Rameldria| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Duelmex| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Supreme Dragon Elderex| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Knight Will| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Holy Knight Will| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|God Knight Will| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Holy Guard Will| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Angelic Paladin Will| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Light Nymph| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Light Spirit| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Light Idol| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Light Totem| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Jewel Ghost| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Jewel King| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Jewel God| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Golden God| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Traveler Alma| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Adventurer Alma| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Hero Alma| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Brave Hero Alma| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Courageous Heart Alma| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Knight Aem| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Champion Aem| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Holy Master Aem| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ultra Blade Aem| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Eight Blade Sefia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Blade Storm Sefia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Blade Queen Sefia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Holy Blades Sefia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Angelic Blades Sefia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Al-mi'raj| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cait Sith| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shrine Girl Amul| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Holy Maiden Amul| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Light Pot| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Light Ghost| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Light King| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Light God| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Star Prince Nekky| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Star King Nekky| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Platinum Nekky| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mila| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Twinkling Flash Mila| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Tilith| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Goddess Tilith| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sacred Goddess Tilith| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Rainbow Goddess Tilith| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sola| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ray Sibyl Sola| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Radiance Sibyl Sola| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Legionary Melchio| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Centurion Melchio| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Legatus Melchio| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Invictus Xeno Melchio| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ark| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Oracle Knight Ark| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Knight of Holy Light Ark| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|GS-220| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|GS-1000| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|White Lebra| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lubradine| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Leorone| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cyborg Lilith| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cyborg Lilith II| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Terminator Lilith| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Executioner Lilith XTF| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Heavy Guard Nevsky| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Heavy God Nevsky| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sacred Armor Nevsky| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Keymaster Gilnea| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Miracle Totem| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Light Crystal| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Horseman Sodis| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cavalryman Sodis| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Guardian Chief Sodis| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Paladin Crusader Sodis| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Light Mecha God| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Light Blade Alyut| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Holy Warrior Alyut| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Divine Light Alyut| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Glorious Crusader Alyut| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Prodigy Themis| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Unflinching Themis| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Worldly Themis| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Eriole| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Winged Lord Eriole| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Moon Sovereign Alicia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lunar Queen Alicia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Selene Empress Alicia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Zellha| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ruin Zellha| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ruin Goddess Zellha| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Torturous Grief Zellha| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Angel Azael| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Wisdom Angel Azael| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Seraph Azael| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Brave Legend Hogar| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Brave King Hogar| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Brave God Hogar| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mad Knight Narza| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mad King Narza| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mad God Narza| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Creator Maxwell| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lawson Metal God| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lawson Crystal God| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lawson Jewel God| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Deemo and the Girl (4★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Deemo and the Girl (5★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Deemo and the Girl (6★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Holy Treasures Yujeh| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sacred Relics Yujeh| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Rainbow Angel Yujeh| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Royal Edge Priscilla| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Poinsettia Priscilla| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Holy Night Priscilla| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Almighty Imp Arton| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cress (4★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cress (5★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cress (6★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Priestess Elmedia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|High Priestess Elmedia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Holy Priestess Elmedia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Larking Kira| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cavorting King Kira| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Frolic Emperor Kira| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Vexing Monarch Kira| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Noble Sage Fadahl| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sage King Fadahl| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Radiant Virtue Fadahl| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|La Guardo| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Del Bardo| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mireia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gunner Girl Mireia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Spiritual Warrior Raaga| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Supreme Militant Raaga| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Demon Champion Raaga| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Tyrfing (4★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Tyrfing (5★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Tyrfing (6★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Tyrfing (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Holy Defender Rinon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sacred Advocate Rinon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Resplendent Queen Rinon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Robotic Wings Sixgear| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cyber Wings Exgear| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Turbo Wings Nemethgear| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Noble Cavalier Krantz| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Honorable Knight Krantz| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Virtuous Champion Krantz| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Glorious Hero Krantz| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Heavenly Lance Nadore| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Celestial Knight Nadore| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Angelic Champion Nadore| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Yuuri| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Captain Yuuri| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sealed God Lucius| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Imbued Tablet Elgif| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Wisp| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lebutorium| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Flash Knight Jed| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Aurora Fiend Jed| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Refulgent Savage Jed| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Light Priestess Charla| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Holy Saint Charla| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Merciful Beacon Charla| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dhaos (5★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dhaos (6★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Milla Maxwell (5★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Milla Maxwell (6★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|White Dragon Folg| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gilded Tail Diragaze| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Seraph Wings Kiravel| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Pure Knight Rouche| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Tranquil Moon Rouche| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lunar Blade Rouche| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lawful Pride Reihard| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Flawed Principle Reihard| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dharma Seal Reihard| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Inferno Sirius| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Hades Glare Sirius| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Tartarus Massacre Sirius| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sacred Emperor Sirius| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Guiding Light Layla| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Virtuous Shimmer Layla| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Untainted Justice Layla| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Flynn (5★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Flynn (6★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Krishna (6★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Holy Minister Astall| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Radiant Sage Astall| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Pious Saint Astall| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|ロギ| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|ロギ| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sacred Dragonchild Lara| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Celestial Wings Lara| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Divine General Izuna| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Godly Command Izuna| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Roaring Beast Zekt| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Howling Wolf Zekt| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|総統| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|貴光誓神ラーム| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|貴皇の神誓司ラーム| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|False Demon Lauda| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ideal Subject Lauda| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Azure King Garrel| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Brave Emperor Garrel| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dawn Emperor Agress| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Supreme Emperor Agress| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lovely Comet Janice| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Angelic Star Janice| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Alien Light Diastima| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Third Eye Diastima| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kitsune Gin| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kyuubi Ginryou| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Emperor Slayer Regil| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Pure General Regil| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Tech Craze Ionia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Metal Flower Ionia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Inception God Maxwell| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Guile Demon Mora| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Glorious Shine Mora| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Adjutant Mel| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|聖冠の神綺リナセーラ| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|綺邏奏神リナセーラ| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Elphelt| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark: Shida| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Iron Magress| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Heavy Magress| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Black Magress| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Death Magress| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Unholy Magress| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Legend Magress| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Umbra Halcyon Magress| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mifune| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Samurai Mifune| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|God Blade Mifune| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ryujin Mifune| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shadow Ronin Mifune| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Heavenless Bushi Mifune| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gloomy| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|King Gloomy| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kaiser Gloomy| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sorceress Lily| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Magician Lily| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Arts Lily| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Skeleton| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Skeleton King| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Skull Lord| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Medusa| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Zahhak| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lulujann| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lilin| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Succubus| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Nyx| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Vampire| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lich| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Legion| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Lord Zaboeth| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shida| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Garroter Shida| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Executioner Shida| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Death God Shida| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Omega Demise Shida| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Memetes| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Hell King Hades| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Death God Lodaga| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Hellborn Dilias| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Alice| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Scythe Alice| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Scythe God Alice| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Hell Keep Alice| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Inferno Princess Alice| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lovely Princess Alice| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Nymph| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Spirit| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Idol| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Totem| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Metal Ghost| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Metal King| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Metal God| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mimic| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bat Mimic| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dragon Mimic| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ninja Oboro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Assassin Oboro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shadow Oboro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Red Shadow Oboro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shadow Chakra Oboro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lemia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Necromancer Lemia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Soul Keeper Lemia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Soul Vortex Lemia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kikuri| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Goth Kikuri| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Goth Idol Kikuri| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Death Idol Kikuri| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Demonic Idol Kikuri| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Imp| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Incubus| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gambler Zeul| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|High Roller Zeul| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Pot| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bahvel| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Black Emperor Bahvel| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Metal Mimic| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Disciple Zebra| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mad God Zebra| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Madia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Night Sibyl Madia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Eclipse Sibyl Madia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Duel-GX| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Duel-GX II| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Duel-SGX| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Spider| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Arachna| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Half Blood Lira| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Magistra Lira| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|God Eater Lira| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Swords Logan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Evil Blades Logan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Inferno Swords Logan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Vicious Twin-Edge Logan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dual Blade Eru| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dual Blade God Eru| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Twin Dragons Eru| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Charm Lunaris| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Curse Lunaris| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Black Lotus Lunaris| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Midnight Allure Lunaris| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Grahdens| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Twilight God Grahdens| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Effulgent Dusk Grahdens| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Crystal| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Mecha God| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Blade Zephyr| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Warrior Zephyr| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Warlord Zephyr| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Phantom Victor Zephyr| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Magic Riffs Eric| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Tunes Eric| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Arcane Solo Eric| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cardes the Malevolent| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Zevalhua the Supreme| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Beast God Afla Dilith| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Criminal Warrior Jade| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sinful Edge Jade| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Wicked Demon Jade| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kajah| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Evil Kajah| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Evil God Kajah| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shadow Retribution Kajah| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Disciple Mare| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Blazing Mare| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dictator Lilly Matah| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Empress Lilly Matah| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Tyrant Lilly Matah| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Inferno Elza| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Inferno Queen Elza| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Inferno Goddess Elza| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Marzanna Reaper Elza| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Graceful Princess Elza| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Assassin Kuda| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Loyal Assassin Kuda| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Master Assassin Kuda| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shadow Assailant Kuda| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Disciple Zurg| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|God of Decay Zurg| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Lantern Lumie| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ominous Lantern Lumie| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Grudge Flail Sylvia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Vengeance Flail Sylvia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Duetto Megurine Luka| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dolce Megurine Luka| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Crescendo Megurine Luka| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Winged Ardin| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Seraph Ardin| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Demigod Ardin| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Graham| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Treacherous Graham| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Keeper Iidor| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Draconian Varfed| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Demon God Borgeus| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Yuri (4★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Yuri (5★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Yuri (6★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Blades Zergel| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Penta Blade Zergel| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Blade Master Zergel| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|MST_UNIT_60655_NAME| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|MST_UNIT_60656_NAME| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Misfortune Feeva| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Devastation Queen Feeva| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cataclysm Empress Feeva| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sublime Darkness Feeva| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Void Pearl Ivris| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Nebula Pearl Ivris| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Galactic Treasure Ivris| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bilmera| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Baldeura| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lymle| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Demon Bow Lymle| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ominous Slasher Aaron| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Phantom Fissure Aaron| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Grave Carver Aaron| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Laevateinn (4★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Laevateinn (5★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Haunting Curse Yuura| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Eerie Possession Yuura| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Grand Malediction Yuura| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Armor Reis| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Demon Armor Reis| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Hellion Armor Reis| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Snake Kafka| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shadow Serpent Kafka| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sinister Basilisk Kafka| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shadow Collector Charis| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Spirit Master Charis| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Soul Covenant Charis| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mirfah| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Retribution Demon Mirfah| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Phoena| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Chronographia Phoena| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|MST_UNIT_60806_NAME| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Void Tablet Emgif| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Goetia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Grimoire| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Onyx Dragon Rugrow| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Crusher Regarus| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Tenebrous Wings Reviora| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Metal Forger Chrome| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shadow Alloy Chrome| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Calamity Steel Chrome| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Deemo and the Girl (5★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Deemo and the Girl (5★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Demon Knight Febros| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Centaur Paladin Febros | }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sacred Kinnara Febros| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cursed Sword Laberd| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Doomed Edge Laberd| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Soul Reaver Laberd| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Unworldly Guns Malbelle| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Occult Arms Malbelle| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ghastly Blaster Malbelle| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Inferno Melina| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Hades Slayer Melina| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Tartarus Burial Melina| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|魔瘴の冥貴神ディノ| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Oracle Knight Ark| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Oracle Knight Ark (Guest)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mysterious Knight Zeal| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Hollow Darkness Zeal| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mauve Tenebrosity Zeal| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dagda (5★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dagda (6★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Divinity Eclise| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Somber Goddess Eclise| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dusk Artemis Eclise| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Soil Mizerka| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Murky Pond Mizerka| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shadow Ocean Mizerka| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|菩薩峠| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Heresy Demon Kalon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Destruction Kalon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|High Commander Rahnas| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Militant Leader Rahnas| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Wicked Sorcerer Gregor| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Treasure Demon Gregor| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lion Princess Sonia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Roaring Empress Sonia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Noble Links Johan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Imperial Chain Johan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Calm Triumph Zekuu| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Halting Victory Zekuu| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Battle Fanatic Zeek| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|War Maniac Zeek| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Yuurei Sayori| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Oni Kageri| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Judgment Demon Zalvard| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Soul Eater Zalvard| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Pioneering Leader Shion| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Disnomian Emperor Shion| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sovereign God Cardes| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|竜徒リオメルグ| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|煉魔竜神リオメルグ| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Avalon Arthur| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Path Arthur| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Corporal Lancelot| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kingslayer Lancelot| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Maiden Cayena| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Hot Rocket Cayena| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|War Rocket Cayena| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Flare Justice Cayena| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fire Bulb| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fire Tone| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Crimson Wing Blaze| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Titan Wing Blaze| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Red Hood Ciara| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Scarlet Hood Ciara| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Crimson Hood Ciara| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sanguine Hood Ciara| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Abyssal Witch Ciara| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Nick| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Furious Nick| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Raging Nick| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cyclaw| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Turbo Cyclaw| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ultor| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Valiant Ultor| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cyclopean Ultor| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Herculean Ultor| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mai Shiranui (6★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mai Shiranui (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mai Shiranui (Omni)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kyo Kusanagi (6★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kyo Kusanagi (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Meiko| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cantata Meiko| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Passion Soprano Meiko| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Nice Burny| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Aludra| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Universal Mage Aludra| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Starflare Zeis| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Starpyre Lancer Zeis| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Berserker Korzan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Blood Destroyer Korzan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Infernal Ravager Korzan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Randolph| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ensorcelled Randolph| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lycanthrope Randolph| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Overlord Azurai| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Doombringer Azurai| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Royal Blade Rahotep| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sunless Warden Rahotep| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Rain (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Rain (Omni)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Rogue Inquisitor Adriesta| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Scourgemistress Adriesta| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ardent Soul Feng| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Blazing Phoenix Feng| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Grandt| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mercenary Grandt| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Slayer Grandt| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Flame-Tailed Lucia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Perdition Goddess Lucia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Brave Kurewa & Kuraginn| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Maiden Serin| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gun Lady Serin| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gun Goddess Serin| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gatling Soul Serin| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Water Bulb| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Water Tone| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lapis Wing Sae| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Abyssal Wing Sae| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Jack| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Jack Frost| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Avalanche Jack| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Hydraloid| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Turbo Hydraloid| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Tridon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Merciless Tridon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Colossal Tridon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Neptunian Tridon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Egg Seeking Cotton| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Autonomous Cotton| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mad Whizz Vikki| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ebil Genius Vikki| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kula Diamond (6★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kula Diamond (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kula Diamond (Omni)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kaito| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sonata Kaito| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Digital Rhapsody Kaito| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Frosty| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Storm Shatterer Galea| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Tidal Stormsurge Galea| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Battlemage Haile| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gelid Arcane Haile| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Boreal Tempest Haile| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Charlotte (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Charlotte (Omni)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lasswell (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lasswell (Omni)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Worldwalker Ilm| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fate-Eater Ilm| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cursed Fei| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Blighted Fei| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Execrated Fei| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Maiden Bayley| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Nyan Slash Bayley| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Wild Slash Bayley| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Indomitable Cat Bayley| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Earth Bulb| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Earth Tone| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Royal Wing Dranoel| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Regalia Wing Dranoel| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ageless Keeper Zeruiah| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Timeless Warden Zeruiah| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Eternal Guardian Zeruiah| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Infinity Starsage Zeruiah| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Euryalis| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Turbo Euryalis| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Andaria| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Swiftshot Andaria| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fatalshot Andaria| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ruinous Andaria| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Terry Bogard (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Terry Bogard (Omni)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Leona (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Leona (Omni)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Commander Wannahon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Blightblade Wannahon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Chieftain Avani| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Beast Master Avani| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Monster Hunter Avani| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Deranged Pugilist Nyala| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Black Enforcer Nyala| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Terror Fist Nyala| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dizzy (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dizzy (Omni)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Wulf Aspirant Faelan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|White Wulf Faelan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Huntress Fang| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Heroine Fang| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fei and Fang| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Heroes Fei and Fang| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Elaina| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mercenary Mage Elaina| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Chrono Mage Elaina| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Maiden Fennia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Raid Bomb Fennia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Raid Bolt Fennia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunderous Oracle Fennia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder Bulb| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder Tone| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Storm Wing Cerise| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Vorpal Wing Cerise| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Deadly Bonnie| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fatal Spark Bonnie| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lethal Cannon Bonnie| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Plasma Blaster Bonnie| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Grievesnare| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Turbo Grievesnare| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Resurrected Silvie| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Silent Sentinel Silvie| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Zedus| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Boltstrike Zedus| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Boltdrive Zedus| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Imperator Zedus| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mira| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Demon Mira| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Benimaru Nikaido (6★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Benimaru Nikaido (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Benimaru Nikaido (Omni)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Vocals Kagamine Rin| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gemini Kagamine Rin| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Melody Kagamine Rin| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder Sentinel Deimos| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Storm Warden Deimos| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Deimos Thunderborn| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bright Warrider Durumn| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Viper Blitzkrieg Durumn| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Chevalier Mikael| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder Paladin Mikael| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Storm Champion Mikael| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ravenna| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Star-Crossed Ravenna| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Landeythan Ravenna| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Hallelujah (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Hallelujah (Omni)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Millia (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Millia (Omni)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lid (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lid (Omni)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Uncrowned Lord Eerikki| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Owlrider Jute Eerikki| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Joyous Dragon Long| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Laughing Devil Long| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Maiden Vanila| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sky Queen Vanila| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sky Angel Vanila| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Inimical Valkyrie Vanila| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Estia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Damsel Estia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Princess Estia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Xenon & Estia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Light Bulb| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Light Tone| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Eva| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Snow Princess Eva| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Snow Queen Eva| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Stormwing| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Turbo Stormwing| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Aurelia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Elegant Aurelia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Statuesque Aurelia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Archangel Aurelia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cottontail Carrol| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Egg Hunter Carrol| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Eggsecutioner Carrol| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Eggstra Colorful Carrol| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Eggspert Huntress Carrol| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Juno-Seto| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dawnbearer Juno-Seto| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Empyrean Juno-Seto| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Athena Asamiya (6★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Athena Asamiya (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Athena Asamiya (Omni)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sakura Miku| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Blooming Sakura Miku| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mankai Sakura Miku| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Clavier Kagamine Len| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gemini Kagamine Len| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Harmony Kagamine Len| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Barienna| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Silver Wolf Barienna| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Artificer Ceulfan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Grandmagos Ceulfan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Librarian Allanon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Chronicler Allanon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Loremaster Allanon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gazia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mad Heretic Gazia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gaston (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gaston (Omni)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fina (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fina (Omni)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Matriarch Gabriela| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Silver Queen Gabriela| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Maiden Lico| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Blade Lico| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Demon Blade Lico| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Infernal Phantasm Lico | }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Xenon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Royal Guard Xenon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sir Sancus Xenon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Bulb| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Tone| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Semira| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Pumqueen Semira| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Pumpress Semira| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Pumleficent Semira| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Netherhound| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Turbo Netherhound| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Toy Soldier Haido| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Eldritch Rocker Haido| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Hadaron| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Heartless Hadaron| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Netherking Hadaron| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Deathless Hadaron| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Temptress Xie'Jing| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Demonic Witch Xie'Jing| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ensa-Taya| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Umbral Bloom Ensa-Taya| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Void Pasha Ensa-Taya| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Iori Yagami| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Iori Yagami| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Omega Rugal| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Omega Rugal| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Zero (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Zero (Omni)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shadow Blade Zenia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shadow Stalker Zenia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Obsidian Seraph Zenia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Void Walker Zenia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Giantkiller Keres| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Titanbane Primus Keres| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Alley Cat Nyami| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Wild Cat Nyami| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shadow Cat Nyami| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Twilight Priestess Neferet| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Midnight Judge Neferet| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Toki (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Toki (Omni)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Seductive Enticer Luina| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Hellborne Honeypot Luina| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fallen Knight Galtier| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ruinous Despoiler Galtier| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Miracle Bulb| }}