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Hit Count
Name Element Normal​
Ignis Halcyon Vargas 4 Fire 13​
Inferno Beast Zegar 6 Fire 10​
Kaiser Burny 3 Fire 3​
Pyromancer Liza 3 Fire 5​
Hobgoblin 3 Fire 3​
Great Thief Leon 4 Fire 8​
Ragnaberus 4 Fire 3​
Malvan 4 Fire 7​
Dragon God Granados 6 Fire 9​
Blazing Knight Agni 6 Fire 12​
Immortal Phoenix Levarza 7 Fire 11​
Ignis Vestae Lava 4 Fire 13​
Fire Nymph 1 Fire 3​
Fire Spirit 2 Fire 5​
Fire Idol 3 Fire 5​
Fire Totem 4 Fire 4​
Imperial Smith Galant 6 Fire 2​
Ace Chef Lancia 6 Fire 5​
Taskmaster Lorand 6 Fire 6​
Ogre 3 Fire 1​
Mountaineer Talos 3 Fire 7​
Fire Pot 3 Fire 5​
Fire King 4 Fire 2​
Fire God 5 Fire 3​
Drake Angel Aisha 6 Fire 6​
Flame King Goltovah 4 Fire 6​
Solar Fervor Seria 7 Fire 12​
Passion Sibyl Freya 6 Fire 10​
King Bozdell 3 Fire 4​
Bordebegia 6 Fire 9​
Unleashed Ravana Vishra 7 Fire 10​
Scorching Sword Reed 6 Fire 9​
Fire Princess Lyn 3 Fire 3​
Burst Frog 3 Fire 3​
Burst Emperor 4 Fire 5​
Crimson Phoenix Farlon 7 Fire 10​
Fire Crystal 5 Fire 4​
Fire Mecha God 5 Fire 5​
Siva Afi Ramna 7 Fire 10​
Inferno Princess Dia 6 Fire 10​
Scorching Halberd Lars 6 Fire 8​
Defiant God Luther 6 Fire 10​
Power Imp Pakpak 3 Fire 3​
Flare Paladin Darvanshel 7 Fire 12​
God Emperor Orwen 6 Fire 6​
Fire Goddess Ulkina 6 Fire 9​
Blazing Dawn Owen 7 Fire 15​
Lawson Frog 3 Fire 3​
Ember Charm Fiora 6 Fire 10​
Supreme Chol Arus 4 Fire 13​
Stahn (6★) 6 Fire 10​
Pyre Aegis Vanberk 6 Fire 5​
Brimstone Emperor Alpha 7 Fire 8​
Granmeria 4 Fire 5​
Cavalry Lass Anje 4 Fire 6​
Inferno Wings Magnazorda 7 Fire 12​
Inferno Rifle Bestie 7 Fire 18​
Furious General Griff 4 Fire 13​
Phosphor Crystal Rineth 7 Fire 10​
MST_UNIT_10696_NAME 7 Fire 10​
Sorcerer's Army Velnar 6 Fire 7​
Ruby Successor Reda 4 Fire 16​
Garfon 3 Fire 5​
Blazing Emperor Adel 4 Fire 12​
Informant Elise 5 Fire 6​
Undying Flame Avant 4 Fire 12​
Barbatos (6★) 6 Fire 9​
Rider Empress Vermilion 7 Fire 11​
響奏演姫 MEIKO 6 Fire 13​
Volcanic Scepter Limera 7 Fire 8​
Scorching Steel Gildorf 7 Fire 11​
Tartarus Blaze Berdette 7 Fire 10​
Fabled Emperor Kulyuk 4 Fire 10​
Lucifer 6 Fire 7​
Vehement Pyre Golzo 7 Fire 15​
Noble Ember Mirfah 6 Fire 8​
Garnet Sorceress Shelly 7 Fire 10​
Dancing Flames Rengaku 4 Fire 11​
吉田くん 5 Fire 6​
Heavenly Rift Shura 4 Fire 9​
F-8 Flareveil 4 Fire 6​
Torch Eccentric Malef 4 Fire 9​
Blazing Dragon Lyonesse 4 Fire 11​
Brave Leader Alessa 4 Fire 14​
Scorching Fang Glenn 4 Fire 12​
Pyro Flail Barbara 4 Fire 9​
Strife God Afla Dilith 4 Fire 12​
Triumphant Blaze Valen 4 Fire 9​
Infernal Pyre Rugahr 4 Fire 9​
Draconic Emperor Barion 4 Fire 11​
Sol 4 Fire 2​
Pumburkiny 2 Fire 1​
Algor Halcyon Selena 4 Water 10​
Tidal Dragoon Zephu 6 Water 10​
Kaiser Squirty 3 Water 3​
Bishop Merith 3 Water 5​
Lizard Man 3 Water 4​
Sea Prince Verica 4 Water 5​
Lotan 4 Water 6​
Legnaura 4 Water 6​
Aqua Goddess Abel 6 Water 9​
Ice Angel Sergio 6 Water 12​
Felneus 6 Water 6​
Ocean Conqueror Mega 7 Water 10​
Water Nymph 1 Water 3​
Water Spirit 2 Water 5​
Water Idol 3 Water 5​
Water Totem 4 Water 4​
Arctic Rose Stya 6 Water 13​
Salacia Persei Elimo 4 Water 11​
Ice Master Dean 6 Water 8​
Hrungnir 3 Water 2​
Frozen Rose Elize 3 Water 6​
Water Pot 3 Water 5​
Water King 4 Water 2​
Water God 5 Water 3​
Ice King Jaegar 4 Water 5​
Boreal Courage Karl 7 Water 16​
Sorrow Sibyl Eliza 6 Water 10​
Final Apostle Tiara 6 Water 7​
Ghoul Fish Pilaf 3 Water 3​
Ice Bastion Zeldeus 7 Water 10​
Hailstorm Armor Reeze 7 Water 14​
Mystical Talon Rhein 6 Water 10​
Sphere Frog 3 Water 3​
Water Crystal 5 Water 4​
Water Mecha God 5 Water 5​
Icicle Lance Raydn 7 Water 10​
Aqua Pura Lucina 7 Water 14​
Arctic Wings Kyle 6 Water 11​
Tyrant Goddess Phee 6 Water 10​
Guard Imp Ganju 3 Water 3​
Axe God Mariudeth 6 Water 4​
Ice God Arius 6 Water 8​
Aqua Goddess Kuhla 6 Water 8​
Skilled Lance Noah 6 Water 11​
Pirate Goddess Eve 6 Water 14​
Blind Justice Tesla 6 Water 10​
Glacial Wings Belfura 4 Water 13​
Rutee (6★) 6 Water 14​
Magnum Opus Rigness 6 Water 7​
Gallant Spirit Tazer 4 Water 12​
Vordos 4 Water 6​
Blue Knight Lionel 4 Water 5​
Tundra Scales Zerafalgar 7 Water 8​
Lance Champion Vernil 7 Water 10​
Oceanic Mirror Iris 4 Water 10​
Wave Breaker Quartz 7 Water 8​
Sorcerer's Army Yuni 6 Water 9​
Aerohang 3 Water 4​
Alluring Empress Savia 4 Water 14​
Administrator Sera 5 Water 8​
Icicle Mirror Lune 7 Water 13​
Sacred Lotus Piany 7 Water 10​
神湧爽士 KAITO 6 Water 14​
Frozen Typhoon Farzen 7 Water 10​
Wyvern Wings Klaus 7 Water 10​
Tartarus Flood Sareas 7 Water 7​
Nereides Jewel Averus 7 Water 6​
Asahi (6★) 6 Water 6​
Absolute Zero Vern 4 Water 12​
Arctic Virtuoso Soleil 7 Water 13​
神刹の流迅騎フィーダ 4 Water 10​
Dark Allure Azami 4 Water 10​
Sapphire Noble Stein 4 Water 12​
Sage God Melord 4 Water 10​
Tracker Lefdray 4 Water 4​
Torrential Scar Holia 4 Water 11​
Dragon Mother Mariela 4 Water 14​
Crystal Wolf Zolf 4 Water 7​
Great General Zalts 4 Water 8​
Sapphire Dragon Asto 4 Water 12​
Hailing Blades Camilla 4 Water 13​
Chain Magister Hugh 4 Water 10​
Crystalline Blue Azalea 4 Water 10​
Cosmic Being Amu Yunos 4 Water 9​
Terra Halcyon Lance 4 Earth 10​
Gaia Bow Lario 6 Earth 10​
Kaiser Mossy 3 Earth 3​
Time Lord Claris 3 Earth 5​
Leshy 3 Earth 4​
Wild Bandit Zaza 4 Earth 6​
Finkell 4 Earth 5​
Xipe Totec 4 Earth 6​
Elf Queen Arbonella 6 Earth 10​
Goddess Lidith 6 Earth 13​
Gaia Tree Vertri 7 Earth 8​
Holy Arms Douglas 6 Earth 14​
Earth Nymph 1 Earth 3​
Earth Spirit 2 Earth 5​
Earth Idol 3 Earth 5​
Earth Totem 4 Earth 4​
Dahlia Fist Nemia 6 Earth 9​
Pixy Lord Leore 6 Earth 9​
Dwarf Prince 3 Earth 1​
Bard Elton 3 Earth 4​
Earth Pot 3 Earth 5​
Earth King 4 Earth 2​
Earth God 5 Earth 3​
Gaians Il & Mina 6 Earth 8​
Phantom Ristrall 4 Earth 6​
Seismic Fury Lugina 7 Earth 14​
Beauty Sibyl Paula 6 Earth 10​
Blade Emperor Zelban 6 Earth 7​
Woodland Fairy Finia 3 Earth 4​
Colossal Vars 7 Earth 10​
Noble Fist Dilma 6 Earth 4​
Supreme Lawmaker Aneil 6 Earth 10​
Mayhem Empress Luly 7 Earth 9​
Earth Crystal 5 Earth 4​
Earth Mecha God 5 Earth 5​
Cyclonic Heroine Ophelia 7 Earth 9​
Impenetrable Darvan 6 Earth 7​
Logistics Support Lin 5 Earth 15​
Robot Maniac Heins 6 Earth 10​
Ivy Goddess Nalmika 6 Earth 8​
Healing Imp Fwahl 3 Earth 3​
Chivalrous Thief Zelnite 4 Earth 15​
Flora Goddess Faris 6 Earth 13​
Guardian Goddess Tia 6 Earth 10​
Maestro Goddess Miku 6 Earth 12​
Deity Ruler Lucca 6 Earth 8​
Divine Dragon Ragzbyul 4 Earth 15​
Rita (6★) 6 Earth 9​
Floral Princess Rosetta 7 Earth 14​
Rose Empress Tora 7 Earth 13​
Heroic Leader Quaid 4 Earth 15​
Impal 4 Earth 5​
Wild Beast Mau 4 Earth 6​
Gaia Sennin Oguro 7 Earth 8​
Feral Katana Toutetsu 7 Earth 10​
Quatre Marinus Duran 7 Earth 11​
Wildcat Lindsey 6 Earth 10​
Wargloon 3 Earth 6​
Gracious Madam Cyan 7 Earth 9​
Heavenly Claymore Dolk 7 Earth 10​
Malachite Pike Drevas 7 Earth 10​
Peacock Xena Estelle 7 Earth 12​
Venomous Echo Isterio 7 Earth 10​
Tartarus Demolition Dure 7 Earth 7​
Tempest Dragon Bestalg 7 Earth 10​
Nozomi (6★) 6 Earth 8​
Natural Whip Leona 7 Earth 10​
Eternal Goddess Felice 4 Earth 14​
Emerald Tusk Daze 4 Earth 1​
フィリップ 5 Earth 7​
Heavenly Spiral Hisui 4 Earth 8​
BG-ELG9040 4 Earth 12​
Wind Princess Rozalia 4 Earth 8​
Silva Khopesh Serge 4 Earth 9​
Victorious General Gyras 4 Earth 10​
Malachite Steel Lanza 4 Earth 14​
Viridian Flag Freed 4 Earth 10​
Ruling God Zevalhua 4 Earth 11​
Mademoiselle Mariletta 4 Earth 14​
Bizarre Sight Baro 4 Earth 9​
Golem Megalam 3 Earth 3​
Colossus Megalam+ 4 Earth 5​
Sacred Flora Mordlim 4 Earth 9​
Fulgur Halcyon Eze 4 Thunder 2​
Gilded General Weiss 6 Thunder 8​
Kaiser Sparky 3 Thunder 3​
Royal Dancer May 3 Thunder 5​
Ocypete 3 Thunder 6​
Sky Emperor Grafl 4 Thunder 6​
Gigas 4 Thunder 5​
Crow Tengu 4 Thunder 6​
Bolt Phoenix Ardas 6 Thunder 10​
Sky God Falma 6 Thunder 11​
Holy Shock Emilia 6 Thunder 10​
Thunder Nymph 1 Thunder 3​
Thunder Spirit 2 Thunder 5​
Thunder Idol 3 Thunder 5​
Thunder Totem 4 Thunder 4​
Storm Roundhouse Zeln 6 Thunder 7​
Tesla Club Elulu 6 Thunder 4​
Gorgon 3 Thunder 3​
Thunder Cat Parmi 3 Thunder 8​
Thunder Pot 3 Thunder 5​
Thunder King 4 Thunder 2​
Thunder God 5 Thunder 3​
Heaven's Bolt Amy 6 Thunder 9​
Slicing Bolt Raiden 4 Thunder 5​
Radiating Grandeur Paris 7 Thunder 11​
Echo Sibyl Zele 6 Thunder 10​
Empyreal Drake Lodin 6 Thunder 9​
Catoblepas 3 Thunder 3​
Valkyrie Archangel Griel 7 Thunder 11​
Sky Mage Rashil 6 Thunder 7​
Lightning Speed Lucana 6 Thunder 10​
Gilded Dogma Rina 7 Thunder 8​
Thunder Crystal 5 Thunder 4​
Thunder Mecha God 5 Thunder 5​
Optimum Mecha Grybe 7 Thunder 11​
Blaze Guru Bran 6 Thunder 8​
Demolishing Roar Rutheon 6 Thunder 6​
Crusher God Uda 6 Thunder 7​
Vigor Imp Molin 3 Thunder 3​
Immortal Beast Sargavel 7 Thunder 12​
God Engineer Garnan 6 Thunder 11​
Lightning Gun Rowgen 6 Thunder 1​
Shocking Beauty Orna 7 Thunder 13​
Radiant Guardian Shera 4 Thunder 13​
Arche (6★) 6 Thunder 9​
Dragoon Soul Bargus 6 Thunder 9​
Divine Law Kanon 4 Thunder 13​
Thunderbird Sabre Diana 7 Thunder 11​
Bagura Nagia 4 Thunder 3​
Static Monk Neid 4 Thunder 5​
Eternal Radiance Rize 4 Thunder 12​
Dragon Scroll Kagura 7 Thunder 6​
Storm Chieftess Mahalu 7 Thunder 12​
Holy Knight Symphonia 6 Thunder 8​
Volteg 3 Thunder 6​
Electrical Storm Eldora 7 Thunder 11​
Thunder Champion Rahgan 7 Thunder 8​
Prism Lightning Reud 7 Thunder 12​
Double Voltage Julius 7 Thunder 15​
Galvanic Belle Lafiel 7 Thunder 8​
Tartarus Sacrifice Radia 7 Thunder 10​
サマサ・Λ 6 Thunder 10​
Steel Automaton Voldoga 7 Thunder 5​
Merkabah 6 Thunder 12​
Lightning Menace Silas 4 Thunder 12​
Supreme Thunder Pamela 7 Thunder 10​
Bennu Edge Rayla 4 Thunder 11​
レオナルド博士 5 Thunder 9​
Menacing Ragbarrett 4 Thunder 6​
Flashing Thief Fizz 4 Thunder 14​
Roaring Thunder Viktor 4 Thunder 2​
Gracious Champion Licht 4 Thunder 9​
Auric Echo Eleanor 4 Thunder 11​
Magnanimous Bolt Ewan 4 Thunder 10​
Bitter Manipulator Zora 4 Thunder 7​
Furious Thunder Cleria 4 Thunder 10​
Celestial Plate Beiorg 4 Thunder 8​
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exceeded|Celestial Wings Lara| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Divine General Izuna| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Godly Command Izuna| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Roaring Beast Zekt| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Howling Wolf Zekt| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|総統| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|貴光誓神ラーム| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|貴皇の神誓司ラーム| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|False Demon Lauda| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ideal Subject Lauda| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Azure King Garrel| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Brave Emperor Garrel| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dawn Emperor Agress| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Supreme Emperor Agress| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lovely Comet Janice| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Angelic Star Janice| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Alien Light Diastima| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Third Eye Diastima| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kitsune Gin| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kyuubi Ginryou| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Emperor Slayer Regil| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Pure General Regil| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Tech Craze Ionia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Metal Flower Ionia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Inception God Maxwell| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Guile Demon Mora| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Glorious Shine Mora| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Adjutant Mel| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|聖冠の神綺リナセーラ| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|綺邏奏神リナセーラ| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Elphelt| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark: Shida| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Iron Magress| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Heavy Magress| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Black Magress| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Death Magress| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Unholy Magress| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Legend Magress| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Umbra Halcyon Magress| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mifune| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Samurai Mifune| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|God Blade Mifune| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ryujin Mifune| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shadow Ronin Mifune| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Heavenless Bushi Mifune| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gloomy| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|King Gloomy| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kaiser Gloomy| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sorceress Lily| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Magician Lily| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Arts Lily| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Skeleton| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Skeleton King| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Skull Lord| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Medusa| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Zahhak| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lulujann| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lilin| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Succubus| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Nyx| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Vampire| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lich| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Legion| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Lord Zaboeth| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shida| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Garroter Shida| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Executioner Shida| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Death God Shida| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Omega Demise Shida| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Memetes| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Hell King Hades| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Death God Lodaga| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Hellborn Dilias| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Alice| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Scythe Alice| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Scythe God Alice| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Hell Keep Alice| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Inferno Princess Alice| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lovely Princess Alice| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Nymph| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Spirit| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Idol| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Totem| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Metal Ghost| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Metal King| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Metal God| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mimic| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bat Mimic| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dragon Mimic| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ninja Oboro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Assassin Oboro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shadow Oboro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Red Shadow Oboro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shadow Chakra Oboro| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lemia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Necromancer Lemia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Soul Keeper Lemia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Soul Vortex Lemia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kikuri| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Goth Kikuri| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Goth Idol Kikuri| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Death Idol Kikuri| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Demonic Idol Kikuri| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Imp| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Incubus| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gambler Zeul| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|High Roller Zeul| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Pot| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bahvel| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Black Emperor Bahvel| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Metal Mimic| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Disciple Zebra| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mad God Zebra| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Madia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Night Sibyl Madia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Eclipse Sibyl Madia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Duel-GX| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Duel-GX II| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Duel-SGX| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Spider| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Arachna| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Half Blood Lira| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Magistra Lira| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|God Eater Lira| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Swords Logan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Evil Blades Logan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Inferno Swords Logan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Vicious Twin-Edge Logan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dual Blade Eru| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dual Blade God Eru| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Twin Dragons Eru| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Charm Lunaris| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Curse Lunaris| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Black Lotus Lunaris| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Midnight Allure Lunaris| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Grahdens| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Twilight God Grahdens| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Effulgent Dusk Grahdens| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Crystal| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Mecha God| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Blade Zephyr| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Warrior Zephyr| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Warlord Zephyr| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Phantom Victor Zephyr| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Magic Riffs Eric| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Tunes Eric| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Arcane Solo Eric| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cardes the Malevolent| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Zevalhua the Supreme| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Beast God Afla Dilith| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Criminal Warrior Jade| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sinful Edge Jade| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Wicked Demon Jade| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kajah| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Evil Kajah| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Evil God Kajah| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shadow Retribution Kajah| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Disciple Mare| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Blazing Mare| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dictator Lilly Matah| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Empress Lilly Matah| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Tyrant Lilly Matah| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Inferno Elza| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Inferno Queen Elza| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Inferno Goddess Elza| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Marzanna Reaper Elza| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Graceful Princess Elza| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Assassin Kuda| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Loyal Assassin Kuda| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Master Assassin Kuda| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shadow Assailant Kuda| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Disciple Zurg| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|God of Decay Zurg| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Lantern Lumie| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ominous Lantern Lumie| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Grudge Flail Sylvia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Vengeance Flail Sylvia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Duetto Megurine Luka| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dolce Megurine Luka| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Crescendo Megurine Luka| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Winged Ardin| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Seraph Ardin| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Demigod Ardin| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Graham| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Treacherous Graham| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Keeper Iidor| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Draconian Varfed| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Demon God Borgeus| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Yuri (4★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Yuri (5★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Yuri (6★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Blades Zergel| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Penta Blade Zergel| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Blade Master Zergel| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|MST_UNIT_60655_NAME| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|MST_UNIT_60656_NAME| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Misfortune Feeva| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Devastation Queen Feeva| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cataclysm Empress Feeva| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sublime Darkness Feeva| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Void Pearl Ivris| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Nebula Pearl Ivris| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Galactic Treasure Ivris| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bilmera| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Baldeura| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lymle| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Demon Bow Lymle| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ominous Slasher Aaron| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Phantom Fissure Aaron| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Grave Carver Aaron| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Laevateinn (4★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Laevateinn (5★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Haunting Curse Yuura| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Eerie Possession Yuura| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Grand Malediction Yuura| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Armor Reis| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Demon Armor Reis| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Hellion Armor Reis| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Snake Kafka| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shadow Serpent Kafka| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sinister Basilisk Kafka| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shadow Collector Charis| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Spirit Master Charis| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Soul Covenant Charis| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mirfah| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Retribution Demon Mirfah| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Phoena| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Chronographia Phoena| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|MST_UNIT_60806_NAME| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Void Tablet Emgif| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Goetia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Grimoire| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Onyx Dragon Rugrow| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Crusher Regarus| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Tenebrous Wings Reviora| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Metal Forger Chrome| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shadow Alloy Chrome| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Calamity Steel Chrome| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Deemo and the Girl (5★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Deemo and the Girl (5★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Demon Knight Febros| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Centaur Paladin Febros | }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sacred Kinnara Febros| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cursed Sword Laberd| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Doomed Edge Laberd| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Soul Reaver Laberd| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Unworldly Guns Malbelle| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Occult Arms Malbelle| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ghastly Blaster Malbelle| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Inferno Melina| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Hades Slayer Melina| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Tartarus Burial Melina| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|魔瘴の冥貴神ディノ| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Oracle Knight Ark| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Oracle Knight Ark (Guest)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mysterious Knight Zeal| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Hollow Darkness Zeal| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mauve Tenebrosity Zeal| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dagda (5★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dagda (6★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Divinity Eclise| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Somber Goddess Eclise| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dusk Artemis Eclise| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Soil Mizerka| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Murky Pond Mizerka| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shadow Ocean Mizerka| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|菩薩峠| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Heresy Demon Kalon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Destruction Kalon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|High Commander Rahnas| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Militant Leader Rahnas| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Wicked Sorcerer Gregor| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Treasure Demon Gregor| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lion Princess Sonia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Roaring Empress Sonia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Noble Links Johan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Imperial Chain Johan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Calm Triumph Zekuu| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Halting Victory Zekuu| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Battle Fanatic Zeek| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|War Maniac Zeek| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Yuurei Sayori| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Oni Kageri| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Judgment Demon Zalvard| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Soul Eater Zalvard| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Pioneering Leader Shion| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Disnomian Emperor Shion| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sovereign God Cardes| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|竜徒リオメルグ| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|煉魔竜神リオメルグ| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Avalon Arthur| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Path Arthur| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Corporal Lancelot| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kingslayer Lancelot| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Maiden Cayena| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Hot Rocket Cayena| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|War Rocket Cayena| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Flare Justice Cayena| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fire Bulb| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fire Tone| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Crimson Wing Blaze| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Titan Wing Blaze| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Red Hood Ciara| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Scarlet Hood Ciara| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Crimson Hood Ciara| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sanguine Hood Ciara| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Abyssal Witch Ciara| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Nick| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Furious Nick| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Raging Nick| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cyclaw| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Turbo Cyclaw| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ultor| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Valiant Ultor| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cyclopean Ultor| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Herculean Ultor| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mai Shiranui (6★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mai Shiranui (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mai Shiranui (Omni)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kyo Kusanagi (6★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kyo Kusanagi (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Meiko| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cantata Meiko| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Passion Soprano Meiko| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Nice Burny| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Aludra| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Universal Mage Aludra| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Starflare Zeis| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Starpyre Lancer Zeis| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Berserker Korzan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Blood Destroyer Korzan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Infernal Ravager Korzan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Randolph| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ensorcelled Randolph| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lycanthrope Randolph| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Overlord Azurai| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Doombringer Azurai| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Royal Blade Rahotep| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sunless Warden Rahotep| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Rain (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Rain (Omni)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Rogue Inquisitor Adriesta| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Scourgemistress Adriesta| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ardent Soul Feng| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Blazing Phoenix Feng| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Grandt| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mercenary Grandt| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Slayer Grandt| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Flame-Tailed Lucia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Perdition Goddess Lucia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Brave Kurewa & Kuraginn| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Maiden Serin| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gun Lady Serin| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gun Goddess Serin| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gatling Soul Serin| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Water Bulb| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Water Tone| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lapis Wing Sae| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Abyssal Wing Sae| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Jack| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Jack Frost| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Avalanche Jack| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Hydraloid| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Turbo Hydraloid| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Tridon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Merciless Tridon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Colossal Tridon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Neptunian Tridon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Egg Seeking Cotton| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Autonomous Cotton| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mad Whizz Vikki| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ebil Genius Vikki| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kula Diamond (6★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kula Diamond (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kula Diamond (Omni)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Kaito| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sonata Kaito| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Digital Rhapsody Kaito| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Frosty| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Storm Shatterer Galea| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Tidal Stormsurge Galea| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Battlemage Haile| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gelid Arcane Haile| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Boreal Tempest Haile| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Charlotte (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Charlotte (Omni)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lasswell (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lasswell (Omni)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Worldwalker Ilm| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fate-Eater Ilm| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cursed Fei| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Blighted Fei| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Execrated Fei| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Maiden Bayley| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Nyan Slash Bayley| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Wild Slash Bayley| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Indomitable Cat Bayley| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Earth Bulb| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Earth Tone| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Royal Wing Dranoel| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Regalia Wing Dranoel| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ageless Keeper Zeruiah| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Timeless Warden Zeruiah| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Eternal Guardian Zeruiah| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Infinity Starsage Zeruiah| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Euryalis| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Turbo Euryalis| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Andaria| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Swiftshot Andaria| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fatalshot Andaria| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ruinous Andaria| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Terry Bogard (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Terry Bogard (Omni)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Leona (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Leona (Omni)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Commander Wannahon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Blightblade Wannahon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Chieftain Avani| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Beast Master Avani| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Monster Hunter Avani| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Deranged Pugilist Nyala| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Black Enforcer Nyala| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Terror Fist Nyala| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dizzy (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dizzy (Omni)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Wulf Aspirant Faelan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|White Wulf Faelan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Huntress Fang| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Heroine Fang| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fei and Fang| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Heroes Fei and Fang| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Elaina| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mercenary Mage Elaina| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Chrono Mage Elaina| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Maiden Fennia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Raid Bomb Fennia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Raid Bolt Fennia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunderous Oracle Fennia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder Bulb| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder Tone| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Storm Wing Cerise| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Vorpal Wing Cerise| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Deadly Bonnie| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fatal Spark Bonnie| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lethal Cannon Bonnie| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Plasma Blaster Bonnie| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Grievesnare| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Turbo Grievesnare| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Resurrected Silvie| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Silent Sentinel Silvie| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Zedus| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Boltstrike Zedus| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Boltdrive Zedus| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Imperator Zedus| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mira| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Demon Mira| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Benimaru Nikaido (6★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Benimaru Nikaido (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Benimaru Nikaido (Omni)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Vocals Kagamine Rin| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gemini Kagamine Rin| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Melody Kagamine Rin| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder Sentinel Deimos| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Storm Warden Deimos| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Deimos Thunderborn| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Bright Warrider Durumn| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Viper Blitzkrieg Durumn| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Chevalier Mikael| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Thunder Paladin Mikael| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Storm Champion Mikael| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ravenna| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Star-Crossed Ravenna| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Landeythan Ravenna| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Hallelujah (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Hallelujah (Omni)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Millia (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Millia (Omni)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lid (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Lid (Omni)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Uncrowned Lord Eerikki| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Owlrider Jute Eerikki| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Joyous Dragon Long| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Laughing Devil Long| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Maiden Vanila| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sky Queen Vanila| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sky Angel Vanila| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Inimical Valkyrie Vanila| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Estia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Damsel Estia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Princess Estia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Xenon & Estia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Light Bulb| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Light Tone| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Eva| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Snow Princess Eva| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Snow Queen Eva| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Stormwing| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Turbo Stormwing| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Aurelia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Elegant Aurelia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Statuesque Aurelia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Archangel Aurelia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Cottontail Carrol| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Egg Hunter Carrol| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Eggsecutioner Carrol| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Eggstra Colorful Carrol| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Eggspert Huntress Carrol| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Juno-Seto| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dawnbearer Juno-Seto| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Empyrean Juno-Seto| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Athena Asamiya (6★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Athena Asamiya (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Athena Asamiya (Omni)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sakura Miku| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Blooming Sakura Miku| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mankai Sakura Miku| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Clavier Kagamine Len| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gemini Kagamine Len| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Harmony Kagamine Len| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Barienna| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Silver Wolf Barienna| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Artificer Ceulfan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Grandmagos Ceulfan| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Librarian Allanon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Chronicler Allanon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Loremaster Allanon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gazia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Mad Heretic Gazia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gaston (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Gaston (Omni)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fina (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fina (Omni)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Matriarch Gabriela| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Silver Queen Gabriela| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Maiden Lico| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Blade Lico| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Demon Blade Lico| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Infernal Phantasm Lico | }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Xenon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Royal Guard Xenon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Sir Sancus Xenon| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Bulb| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Dark Tone| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Semira| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Pumqueen Semira| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Pumpress Semira| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Pumleficent Semira| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Netherhound| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Turbo Netherhound| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Toy Soldier Haido| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Eldritch Rocker Haido| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Hadaron| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Heartless Hadaron| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Netherking Hadaron| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Deathless Hadaron| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Temptress Xie'Jing| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Demonic Witch Xie'Jing| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ensa-Taya| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Umbral Bloom Ensa-Taya| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Void Pasha Ensa-Taya| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Iori Yagami| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Iori Yagami| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Omega Rugal| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Omega Rugal| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Zero (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Zero (Omni)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shadow Blade Zenia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shadow Stalker Zenia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Obsidian Seraph Zenia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Void Walker Zenia| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Giantkiller Keres| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Titanbane Primus Keres| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Alley Cat Nyami| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Wild Cat Nyami| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Shadow Cat Nyami| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Twilight Priestess Neferet| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Midnight Judge Neferet| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Toki (7★)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Toki (Omni)| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Seductive Enticer Luina| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Hellborne Honeypot Luina| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Fallen Knight Galtier| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Ruinous Despoiler Galtier| }}{{Node-count limit exceeded|Miracle Bulb| }}