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Element Water
Gender female
Twin Gem Rickel

Dungeon battle arena
Unit ills anime 20212

Unit ills full 20212

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Rickel is not her name, but in fact the name of the guns she carries. In her native country's language, Rickel means "holy ice bullet," and as the name suggests Rickel is able to fire such bullets. However, the guns she holds choose their bearer, and normal folk aren't even able to hold them. Because of this, Rickel has taken on the same name as her guns, and is both feared and respected by those around her as "one chosen by the gods."

No. Element Rarity Max Lv. Cost
290 Water ★★★ 40 7
Base 2,000 900 510 780
Lord 3,100 1,197 703 1,326
Anima 3,393 1,197 703 1,248
Breaker 3,100 1,275 625 1,326
Guardian 3,100 1,119 781 1,326
Oracle 2,983 1,197 703 1,443
Final, in-game stats may differ slightly.
Leader Skill: Intense Light
Small boost in damage dealt during Spark
Brave Burst: Crystal Bullet
6 combo Water elemental attack on single enemy & probable Paralysis and Poison effect
BB Gauge Fill: Battle crystal icon26 BC
Normal Attack BB SBB
Hit Count 6-Hit Combo 6 --
Chain Unit ills thum 20212 Evolve arrow sm Unit ills thum 20213 Unit ills thum 20214 Unit ills thum 20215
Cost Unit ills thum 20132 Unit ills thum 20131 Unit ills thum 20131 Unit ills thum 20130
+Zell thum100,000 Zel
How to Obtain

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