Unholy Tower
Element Dark
Element Dark
Quest / Boss Energy Battles EXP EXP/Energy Rare Captures
Unholy Tower Floor 81-90 25 10 1,400 56
Unit ills thum 860015 


  • Sir Sancus Xenon Lv9 can be encountered more than once or not at all.
  • Sir Sancus Xenon Lv9 will start using Soul Smite and Soul Desecration after his HP decreases below half.
  • After dropping his HP to below 50%, he has a chance to use 3 AoE BB in the same turn.
  • Sir Sancus Xenon Lv9 has 3 BB:
    • Soul Smite - A one hit BB that does massive damage to the whole party.
    • Soul Desecretion - An AoE BB that does a huge amount of damage (around 4000+) to the whole party (may be used more than once on the same turn). Usually used every 3 turns.
    • Ardent Soul Slash - A single target BB that can cause Weakness or Paralysis
  • Mono-Teams with Seals and Ores are highly recommended to withstand back to back AoE. 
  • Note: Sir Sancus Xenon Lv9 will most likely unleash his 3 AoE BB the next turn after the turn he previously used his Soul Smite BB. Guarding is advised.
  • His 3 AoE BB might be used any time after his HP is reduced to below 50% , Recommended to use Seals right after his hp is reduced to below 50%.
  • Sir Sancus Xenon gets an ATK, DEF and CRIT buff when HP < 50%
  • Chance to capture Xenon.
  • Xenon is immune to critical hits.


Unit ills thum 860013 
Unit ills thum 10312 
Unit ills thum 30324 
Unit ills thum 40324 
Unit ills thum 30133 
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