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Unholy Tower - Dark Side -
Element Dark
Element Dark
Quest / Boss Energy Battles EXP EXP/Energy Rare Captures
Unholy Tower Floor 151-160 25 10 1,500 60
Element Light Cursed Estia Lv6

Monster ills anime 87600100


  • Cursed Estia Lv6 may appear more than once, or not at all.
  • Estia has a BB called Cursed Vengeance which can inflict any status effect.
  • Also has a Single Target BB which deals massive damage.
  • Susceptible to Poison & Paralysis.
  • Chance to capture Estia.
  • End boss of this stage is Time Mage Claris & two Fairy. Claris has an AOE BB.
  • Estia is immune to critical hits.
Unit ills thum 850013 
Unit ills thum 50354 
General Zone Details
  • Sylph, Sky Pirate Grafl, Polevik, Rantoul, Pirate Verica, Salamander, Thief Leon, Priestess Maria, Sage Mimir, Fairy, Head Thief Leon, Sky Boss Grafl, Time Mage Claris, various elemental Idols, Kings, and Gods.
  • Red Pelt, Red Bug, Red Claw, Red Bone, Thunder Eye, Earth Eye, Koka Nut, Hoku Nut, Green Drop, Water Eye, Red Fang, Green Grass, Fujin's Eye, Yomi Feather, Light Eye

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