• Hello Summoners! Here is a thread dedicated to advertising your very own guild to other players!

    Please use the following format (copy and paste the WHOLE ENTIRE PORTION in the box):

    • Guild Name: input
    • Guild Leader & ID: input
    • Guild Level: input
    • Requirements: input
    • Contact Info: input

    *'''Guild Name:''' input
    *'''Guild Leader & ID:''' input
    *'''Guild Level:''' input
    *'''Requirements:''' input
    *'''Contact Info:''' input


    • Guild Name: Example 
    • Guild Leader & ID: ABCD (ID: 1234567890)
    • Guild Level: 10
    • Requirements: Active players Lv150 or higher. Must have Discord app.
    • Contact Info: Please contact ABCD on his Message Wall for more information.

    If possible, contact the user by sending a message through their Message Wall if you wish to join their guild.


    • Guild Names can only contain up to 8 characters.
    • Do not reply with junk posts here. Junk posts found will be removed without notice.
    • Thread will be closed at the end of the month. That said, a new thread will be open again.
    • Only one guild recruitment post can be made on this thread per user. Duplicate advertisements of the same guild will be deleted.
    • Your post (in Visual Mode) is limited to a maximum of 2500 characters (including spaces), regardless if you're advertising for multiple guilds in one post. Any post that exceeds this limit will be deleted. This is to give every guild that is advertised here an equal opportunity to recruit other players.
      • We encourage users advertising multiple guilds to use a Google Doc with their list of guilds they want to advertise.
    • Do not make a new thread or blog post looking for guilds. Guild advertisement is strictly prohibited. The only exceptions to this are this thread and Discussions.
    • Strictly no referral posts on this thread or anywhere else on the wiki.
    • Strictly no links of any kind except for Google Docs pertaining to advertising multiple guilds. If you are recruiting players using a messaging app, please provide your contact info rather than an invite link.
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    • Flamie bf 

      • Guild Name: Yu Mang
      • Guild Leader & ID: Flamie 8514985986
      • Guild Level: 47.  15% EXP boost, 10% zel boost
      • Requirements: Looking for daily player or weekly player.
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      • Guild Name: ESPARTA
      • Guild Leader: Ron4ldo
      • Guild Level: 84
      • Requirements:
      • ➤  Participate in Guild Raid
      • ➤  Have Facebook   ( Or other means of communication )
      • Contact Info:
      • Extra Info: 
      • Guild Skill
      • Zel 10%
      • Karma 30%
      • EXP 25%

      New members will always be welcome, even though they do not have strong units to join the Guild Raid, but they can still help you find the BOSS and BUFFs ...

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    • Guild Name: NoChance

      Guild Leader: Gluttony

      Guild Level: 75


      • Contribute once daily
      • Participate in guild raid
      • Be active on discord

      Contact Info:

      • Discord (ID: tingtingtoo#8608)

      Guild Skill

      • Zel 30%
      • Karma 40%
      • EXP 30%

      Level and experiance are not a huge concern because there are experienced players willing to give advice.

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    • HatsuKoi Recruiting!.

      • Guild Name: HatsuKoi
      • Guild Leader: Shiro
      • Guild Level: 180
      • Member Capacity: 48/50
      • Requirements:

      1. Decent mono-element team of each element (we'll help in building your squad if unsure)

      2. Must have time to commit to guild raid

      3. Usage of discord during guild raid

      • Extra Notes:

      - We were ranked 44th in season 8 and now 38th in season 9, within the top 1.5%.

      - Although the usage of discord is mandatory, feel free to mute it during the offseason. Be sure to check in daily for updates or news

      - Our gold and karma guild boosts aren't maxed because we want our new members to have some way to gain guild tokens.

      - Please message me with your imgur album of your 7 star units and omnis if you would like to apply.

      - Thanks for reading!

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      • Guild Name: Mystural
      • Guild Leader & ID: Ysvial (ID:9898987564)
      • Contact Info: Discord: Ysvial#5223
      • Guild Level: 29
      • Boosts: 20% Karma Boost, 10% Exp Boost, 10% Zel Boost
      • Looking for: Active begginers and veterans who are looking to help build up and be involved in making a lovely, warm community. So far we have a relatively small but very active community and we'd like more people to be a part of it.
      • Requirements: To donate Zel and Karma to Guild Skills, minimum of 250CP per week. Urged to use Discord as that contains a lot of useful information including guides (Do note that the guides I make are exclusively to the guild and are good quality) and other helpful content. Discord will be required during Guild Raid Seasons and you will also be required to be active during these times. 7 days inactivity on either Discord or In-game without prior notice results in a kick, contribution to Guild Raids is necessary, it is not only very enjoyable but also yields good rewards. If you do get kicked from the guild due to inactivity then you may stay on the Discord server, and also rejoin the guild once you're active again.
      • Additional Notes: Mystural is a warm and friendly created by two friends who have played various other games in which we have built clans with a strong, warm and active community. Guild management is taken very seriously and we are committed to ensuring that you enjoy your stay. We are highly active and the Guild is levelling exceptionally quickly, If you wish to be a part of a friendly, active and helpful community which is very casual and laid back off-season and extreemly active and competitive on-season then you are welcome to send an in-game application and join our Discord:
      • The Discord Server is publically available for you to join so you can get a bit of scope of how things operate and also to get a little perspective on what the community is like. Please also note that some channels will be restricted(such as the #guides channel) as they are exclusive to existing members of Mystural.
      • Our member capacity is 20/25 members, we'll put you on a waiting list if the guild is full and invite you as soon as a spot is made available.
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      • Guild Name: Apsara
      • Guild Leader & ID: Sukitsu (ID: 9592777916 )
      • Guild Level: 44 (Gold Boost:LVL 1, Karma Boost:LVL 3, EXP Boost:LVL 2)
      • Requirements: Daily Contributors,Active In Guild Events, Lvl 100+, Inactivity not more than a week (inform me if ur taking a break)
      • Contact Info: Add Me In Discord; RainDear#5585

      The Guild is Quiet rn... halp... *^*

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      • Guild Name: **Extavius**

      • Guild Master: **Zander** 
      • Guild Level: **180**
      • Boosts - **170% Zel / 140% Karma / 100% EXP** 
      • Member Capacity: **46/50**  

      Top 1.5% in season 4 [62nd] got Dessit. 

      Top 1.5% in season 5 [51st] got Ravea.  

      Top 1.5% in season 6 [43rd] got Savei. 

      Top 1.5% in season 7 [28th] got Voodoo Doll sphere. 

      Top 1.5% in season 8 [19th] got Jubilee Orb sphere. 

      Top 1.5% in season 9 [26th] got Snowbound Victory sphere.   

      We have improved every season and expect to remain top 1.5% for many seasons to come, top 10 someday. 

      We are seeking communicative, active, and experienced members. 

      We have very few openings so please meet these requirements prior to applying: 


      • Account level 500+ (NEGOTIABLE)
      • Must be able to communicate effectivity and work well with others in a team. 
      • Must have time to invest in Guild Raid. 
      • Must love to play Brave frontier. 
      • Must join Discord - no exceptions. 
      • Must be active in our discord chat during guild raid matches. 


      On Discord direct message **Zander#5711**, **wilzard#5945**, or **G-Monsta(Gee)#3268** to begin your interview. 

      We would like to know:  

      • In game ID. 
      • Your Current Level. 
      • Length of time you have been playing and consecutive logins (screenshot). 
      • Current Arena Rank. 
      • Average time spent per day playing bf. 
      • Current progression in Quest and Summoner Arc, and which SZ/FG/GGC/GQ completed. 
      • What was your round and total score during previous Guild Raid seasons?  
      • Semi / P2P / F2P? 
      • Screenshot of squads you will use in Guild Raid.
      • Anything else you think will increase your chance to get accepted.  

      (Screenshots help your cause!) 

      Think you got what it takes to be a member of Extavius? Please message us for a chat. Don't worry, even if you don't hit all the points we may still consider you.

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    • Guild Name: Squad-3

      Guild Leader(s):

      Sephirof (player ID: 9427379964)

      Wallahi (player ID: 12579719)

      Guild Level: 42

      Guild Skills: Zel-10% Karma-20% Exp-10%


      -500 cp minimum a week

      -Level 250+

      -Be active duhh

      -Participate in guild raid and try getting 400k points minimum each battle (if u don't know how to raid we can teach you)

      -Get discord too cuz communication is key. No homo

      Contact Info: Discord= Sandor1010#4225

      Extra Info: Ranking: Season 9= 515th

      Member Capacity: 23/30

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    • ÆDOOR Guild Application

      (ÆTHERNA Distant Oblivia Obsidium Ruined)

      We have a casual guild Distant that is not listed in here. Feel free to join Distant if you're not interested in any of the advertised guilds below.


      Level: 180

      GM / VGM: John / Jane

      Boosts: Zel 170%, Karma 170%, EXP 100%

      GR Rank: 20-30 (top 1% in all seasons)

      Requirements: Very active guild raid participation and communication


      Level: 180

      GM / VGM: Aztec / Xemta (new admins)

      Boosts: Zel 90%, Karma 80%, EXP 90%

      GR Rank: 50-60 (jumped 20 ranks to top 1.5% in S8)

      Requirements: Motivated strong newbie / veteran in guild raid


      Level: 180

      GM / VGM: Extort / *Feng*

      Boosts: Zel 110%, Karma 90%, EXP 95%

      GR Rank: 30-40 (jumped to top 1.5% in S6-S9)

      Requirements: Active guild raid participation and communication


      Level: 156

      GM / VGM: Chinakev / Shawn

      Boosts: Zel 70%, Karma 60%, EXP 80%

      GR Rank: 60-70 (just a few more ranks to top 1.5% in S9)

      Requirements: Motivated strong newbie / veteran in guild raid


      - Join our Discord server and there's an application form in there

      - You get to choose which guilds to join and we'll allocate you as best we can depending on experience and commitment

      - Please fill in the form truthfully or you might get disappointed if we placed you in the wrong guild

      - Server shared among 300 members from four guilds and more and it gets spammy sometimes, so feel free to mute the channels

      - If you prefer the WhatsApp group chat that we also have, do ask for my number in the server

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    • Guild Name: Scylence

      Guild Leader & ID: Progrex 5448028359

      Guild Level: 41

      Contact Info: Message me on discord~   l≡ >< T l l\| C T#0671


      ➤  Level 250+ 

      ➤  Have Discord 

      ➤  Will ask you some question aka interview

      ➤  High expections on how good the stats of the unit

      ➤  Active in contributing boost

      ➤  Like playing Brave Frontier!

      ➤  Must be active within 2 days, unless reason given (Shouldn't be a problem if you like playing Brave Frontier) 

      ➤  Participate in Guild Raid

      ➤  Don't know how to play Guild Raid? Can teach you how to play 😉

      Extra Info: 

      ➤  Limiting member to 20~25, or maybe less than 20

      ➤  Intent having a small but strong guild

      ➤  You are able to fulfill all requirement and you would like to join Scylence but your level is under 250? Contact me to reserve your place. Once you reach Level 250 and pass interview, you are able to join Scylence~! 😊

      ➤ Contact me via Discord first. 

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    • YrShadow
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      • Guild Name: RedKrem
      • Guild Leader & ID: Shadow - ID 4348042700
      • Guild Level: 12
      • Requirements: All players is accept
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      • Guild Name: Kor abs
      • Guild leader: Schist
      • Guild level: 140
      • ​No requirements: None, welcomes anyone even if they can't contribute all the time.
      • Contact Info: ​Message wall. (If you ask to join guild through message wall please post your IGN as well).
      • Extra: Kor abs is a cult... i mean guild that worships... i mean respects Korzan's abs. It is a guild welcome to new players. Also we now have a discord chat which you can join once you're in the guild. 
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      • Guild Name: NatBet
      • Guild Leader & ID: Zenislev
      • Guild Level: 81
      • Requirements: Participate in guild raid. Discord, Play the game more than once a week.
      • Contact Info: Discord: ZenislevVII#3031
      • Extra: Laid back guild looking for 5 more members before the next guild raid. We placed in the 1.5~5% bracket last guild raid. If you have questions about the game and just want a place to talk about BF, this is the place. No level requirement, just have fun and play the game! Discord is a must to be active in the guild.
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    • Guild Name: VoidGear

      Guild Master & ID: Yuuta (9211619108)

      Vice Guild Master & ID: Waffle (0250612109)

      Guild Level: 110

      Guild Boost: Zel-70%, Karma-70%, EXP-45%

      Requirements: A discord, participation in guild raids, donation to the guild research center, and an active member

      Extra Information:

      • all levels are welcomed
      • if you are interested in joining our guild, contact the guild master @ MountainDrew#6362 or the vice guild master @ Disgruntled Waffle#1473 on discord
      • one week (7 days) of uninformed inactivity will lead to dismissal
      • 2 spots opened
      • this post will be edited if something in the guild changes 
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    • An Anonymous Summoner
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