• Hello Summoners! Looking for friends? Then this is the place to do so!

    Please use the following format (copy and paste the WHOLE ENTIRE PORTION in the box):

    • In-Game Name: input
    • Player ID: input
    • Player Level: input
    • Leaders Available: input
    • Leaders Wanted: input

    *'''In-Game Name:''' input
    *'''Player ID:''' input
    *'''Player Level:''' input
    *'''Leaders Available:''' input
    *'''Leaders Wanted:''' input


    • In-Game Name: ABCD
    • Player ID: 1234567890
    • Player Level: 123
    • Leaders Available: Silvie, Zeruiah, Rain
    • Leaders Wanted: Allanon, Nyami, Zelnite

    If possible, contact the user by sending a message through their Message Wall if you have saved a friend slot to them or friend requested to them.


    • Do not reply with junk posts here. Junk posts found will be removed without notice.
    • Thread will be closed at the end of the month. That said, a new thread will be open again.
    • Please only input your Global ID to minimize confusion. Player IDs of other servers will be removed.
    • Do not make a new thread or blog post of looking for friends.
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    • Hello, summoners! Good day! (ovo)/

      In-Game Name: KKytes

      Player ID: 0654652315

      Player Level: 489 (And rising! (o3o)/)

      Leaders Available: Shion, Natalame OR Ravea; Juno-Seto, Feng, or Summoner on occasion.

      Leaders Wanted: Your preference/setup; low bias towards current meta (i.e. Limited Edition units). I will say though - currently looking for Ceulfan friends.

      S-Arc Avatar: Ex Deus Gladius (lvl. 100) with Ultraboost Serum

      S-Arc Avatar Wanted: Your preference! I don't mind helping out players who are starting out. (o3o)/

      Current Spaces Available: 3 spaces~

      Note: I don't really care much about your level and stuff, what matters to me is that you're going to continue to be active. I really don't care too much about gifts either, and if you need anything (e.g. Leader Change), feel free to message me on my message wall! A list of feasable Omni leads can also be found on my Profile Page. I look forward to working with you! (^^)/

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      • In-Game Name: Flamie
      • Player ID: 8514985986
      • Player Level: 466
      • Leaders Available: Silvie, Zeruiah, Janice, summoner lvl 21 hehe
      • Leaders Wanted: linlin, zeru or Any Daily Gifter
      • Another Acc
      • In-Game Name: Nyuuu
      • Player ID: 0509034947
      • Player Level: 350
      • Leaders Available: Zeruiah, Nyami, summoner lvl 94 ex deus gladius equipped, leader skill sphres star-cather
      • Leaders Wanted:  linlin, zeru or Any Daily Gifter

      NOTE : Sorry, unactive ATM, thanks 03/02/2018 server time

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      • In-Game Name: Boss
      • Player ID: 1580401189
      • Player Level: 561
      • Leaders Available: Tridon, Ravea and Zelion
      • Leaders Wanted: I just need a Natalame with 0 BC cost, But feel free to add me!
      • Summoner Avatar: Level 120, Ex deus Gladius Level 100, Star-Catcher LS, "I completed 3rd arc!" I accept any friends with an avatar and feel free to add me!
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      • In-Game Name: Alesta
      • Player ID: 2115557826
      • Player Level: 602 (still going up)
      • Leaders Available: Ravea (main), Shion, Alza Masta, Ezra, sometimes Maxwell for FH
      • Leaders Wanted: Bjorn and Linlin with Exp boost :3
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      • In-Game Name: Calypso
      • Player ID: 4555565246
      • Player Level: 570
      • Leaders Available: Summoner (Light/Ex Deus Gladius (lvl. 100)), Daltisk & Cleria (+3)
      • Leaders Wanted: Alza Masta, Omni Tridon, Amus, Nagid, Segrud, Eriana, Reseus, Beatrix & Erza (+mitigation & parameters boost [SP])
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      • In-Game Name: Machine
      • Player ID: 6221562103
      • Player Level: 754
      • Leaders Available: Ezra(with BB cost reduce and boost OD SP), Shion, Ravea, Persenet, Regil, Alan and Priestess Miku for fh
      • Leaders Wanted: Robe or Ezra(with BB cost reduce and boost OD SP)
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      • In-Game Name: ZeroX
      • Player ID: 426543559
      • Player Level: 680
      • Leaders Available: Ezra (BB reduction & Add OD Guage per ally SP), Ravea, Shion, Crash Belt, Regil.
      • Leaders Wanted: Ezra (Same built as me), Karna Masta. 
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      • In-Game Name: Kofn
      • Player ID: 53940208
      • Player Level: 743
      • Leaders Available: Alza, Karna, Alan, Ravea, Natalame, Shion, Ezra
      • Leaders Wanted: Daily gifter and atleast one EXP Lead

      Ravea,Nata,Ezra are spec'd for iUBB

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      • In-Game Name: Proper
      • Player ID: 83054452
      • Player Level: 650
      • S-Arc Avatar: Level 112, with Ex-Deus Gladius (lvl. 82) equipped
      • Leaders Available: Karna Masta, Alza Masta, and a third depending on what's happening in-game. During exp events, I switch out Alza Masta for any non-dark unit and have Bjorn up for those who're auto-battle grinding levels. I also have Ravea, Savia, Natalame, and Ezra, amongst many others. 
      • Leaders Wanted: Karna Masta for FH mainly. 
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      • In-Game Name: Frosty
      • Player ID: 1236678642
      • Player Level: 397
      • Leaders Available: Alan, Wintia, Savia, Shion
      • Leaders Wanted: Anything, just daily gifter :)
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      • In-Game Name: Rathalia
      • Player ID: 6769580911
      • Player Level: 427
      • Leaders Available: Priestess Snow 39, Baiken, Alza/Karna Masta,
      • Summoner Level: 130
      • Summoner Weapon : Junkyard Dawg atm.
      • Leaders Wanted: Ravea/Arthur is highly appreciated, else's fine
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      • In-Game Name: AlifBroB
      • Player ID: 8957192734
      • Player Level: 501
      • Leaders Available: Ravea,Wintia,Daltisk,Summoner lvl 40+
      • Leaders Wanted: Juno-Seto,Feng,Alza Masta,Summoner Robe.
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      • In-Game Name: Misery
      • Player ID: 7966336548
      • Player Level: 406
      • Leaders Available: Shion, Zegstia, Alan
      • Leaders Wanted: Any, just need active daily gifters. Dont care what level you are either.
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      • In-Game Name: Zell
      • Player ID:  7391101862
      • Player Level: 535
      • Leaders Available: Randolf and Ravenna, Ravea, Shion
      • Leaders Wanted: Gifters
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      • In-Game Name: Mistickal
      • Player ID: 3709340470
      • Player Level: 553
      • Leaders Available: Daltisk,Zegstia,Wintia and occasionally shion for exp grind. Could also use Natalame if you need, or Yan/Yuan. update 2/18/18->soon to be Alan+2(A) lead as well.
      • Leaders Wanted: The main lead i need atm is Rain for Battle 001. Other than that, a good Holia or ezra with reduced BB cost would also be beneficial.Please be active^^
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      • In-Game Name: Chris
      • Player ID: 0778501863
      • Player Level: 999
      • Leaders Available: Shion, Arthur, Snow Miku (all maxed and Omni+3) 
      • Leaders Wanted: High level summoners in summoner arc. I accept beginners too (for normal).

      Currently working on summoner arc.

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      • In-Game Name: Doreen
      • Player ID: 2985367369
      • Player Level: 306
      • Leaders Available: Shion,Kira,Felice,Rhoa
      • Leaders Wanted: Anything, just want daily gifters
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      • In-Game Name: Shirou
      • Player ID: 7836026799
      • Player Level: 659
      • Leaders Available: Priestess snow miku, Twinkle snow miku, Zelion/Natalame/Chloe/Baiken/Zelnite/Persenet/Ezra(BB OD -> SP)/Regil/Enile/Ciardha
      • Leaders Wanted: im looking for Ravea with 40% BB reduction cost and Ezra BB Reduction cost + OD 12% boost also im looking for Summoner Robe

      i just want to clear AM and KM SZ with iUBB :v 

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    • In-game Name: Hybe

      Player ID: 0818789694

      Player Level: 350

      Leaders Available: Ravea, Randolph & Ravenna, Zelion / Tridon / Vikki / Zelnite

      Leaders Wanted: Anything useful. Exp lead or nuke lead units like that. I just wanted some daily gifts. Thank you.

      P.S.: Their spheres are pretty decent too.

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    • In-Game Name: phalanx Player ID: 7131368582 Player Level: 147 Leaders Available: jireid/Fiona/ephelt/zeleste/becstain/zalzard/ linasera/belfura/and azuria Leaders Wanted: alza and karna ( maxed) please

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    • An Anonymous Summoner
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