• Summoners! Here’s a summary of the game updates for this week!

    Version 1.9.3

    Winter Celebration

    • Dec. 21, 00:00 PST - Dec. 31, 23:59 PST

    Winter is here! In this chilly weather, grab some hot chocolate and enjoy the Winter Celebration events with many rewards lined-up for you!

    Winter Login Campaign

    • Dec. 21, 00:00 PST - Dec. 31, 23:59 PST

    Catch some holidays cheer as you login daily during the Winter Holidays! Obtain goodies such as exclusive Wintertime sphere materials, Gems and a Summon Ticket! Don’t miss out on these rewards!

    Midwinter's Tale

    • Dec. 21, 00:00 PST - Jan. 3, 23:59 PST

    Amidst the snowy winter comes the heart-warming tale of a fox, a bear and a fairy! Slide into the world of Midwinter’s Tale featuring Kitsu, Bjorn & Linlin as they search for each other in the wintry land! Reunite Kitsu with his unusual companions and recruit him to your squad!

    Winter Bazaar

    • Dec. 21, 00:00 PST - Jan. 10, 23:59 PST

    Revel in Kitsu, Bjorn & Linlin’s Midwinter’s Tale and earn tokens to redeem awesome rewards from the Winter Event Bazaar, including multiple Kitsus!

    Other Notes

    • Ortus released
      • Achieve Summoner Level 300.
    • In-Game News now appears in the Title Screen
    • STP Lab glitch no longer works
      • Upon crashing in a quest in Summoners' Training Camp, re-entering the game will give an "Unexpected error has occurred." message and will redirect you to the Home page upon logging in.
      • There are reports of this glitch still working.


    • Clicking on the Title Screen to log in, but fails to properly transition to a Connecting request to log in
      • To fix this, restart the app.
    • "Unexpected error has occurred" message loop after "Checking files..."
      • To fix this, log in and before the "Checking files..." bar reaches 100%, close the app, then log back in.
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