• Summoners! Here’s the summary of the game updates for this week!

    New Features:

    • Frontier Hunter Season 40
    • Omni Unlock: Shida & Lilith


    Frontier Hunter EX Season 40

    Event Period: July 12, 20:00 PST - July 17, 19:59 PST

    Make your Rank higher at the Randall City Survey Office by taking on its Quests for the Frontier Hunter Season 40. Earn higher rewards as you climb up the ranks with additional +20 Hunter Ranks!


    Omni Evolution Unlock

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    • forgive me im late

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    • No problem whats the point

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    • Thanks, Lin.  The point is some of us don't get game updates on our devices.   This really helps.

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    • An Anonymous Summoner
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