• Greetings Summoners! Hetepheres is now available in Summer Summon! Summon units from Kulyuk's batch onward + Rahotep, Neferet, and Hetepheres!

    Featured Units:

    Unit ills thum 830358 Divine Rogue Hetepheres

    Summon Mechanics:

    Note: Elgif pages are currently a Work-in-Progress.

    Feel free to discuss anything about the unit(s), the rates, anything, in this thread!

    Have you summoned? Wanna share what your pulls were from that gate? Please use the following format:

    Total Summons: <no. of summons>

    1. <unit1> (type)
    2. <unit2> (type)
    3. <unit3> (type)
    4. <unit4> (type)
    5. ...

    Total Summons: <no. of summons>
    #<unit1> (type)
    #<unit2> (type)
    #<unit3> (type)
    #'''<unit4>''' (type)

    Placing the type for the unit is optional. Please bold on featured units.

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    • Total Summons: 3

      1. Ravishing Hetepheres (Anima)
      2. Golden Mage Eleanor (Guardian)
      3. Battle Fanatic Zeek (Guardian)
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    • Total Summons: 5

      5. Hetepheres (L)

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    • Total Summons : 20

      1. Adriesta

      2. Rayla

      3. Sonia

      4. Baro

      5. Hisui

      6. Janice

      7. Ragra

      8. Solos

      9. Rozalia

      10. Neferet - At least I got her.

      11. Malef

      12. Holia

      13. Daze

      14. Mora

      15. Freed

      16. Rozalia

      17. Hugh

      18. Baro

      19. Zeek

      20. Johan

      Got Brave Contemplation and Terra Aeterno...

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    • 1.Mordlim-nice, good mitigator

      2.Belardo-why, just why? you fking chicken!!!!!!

      3.Holia-ok my fifth



      6.Freed-Ooooooorrrrrrraaaaaaccccclllllleeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Real men use oracle!-Milko

      7.Hetepheres-Lord yeeeessssss, good bye mother ******!!!!!

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    • An Anonymous Summoner
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