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    Hello Summoners! Here is a thread dedicated to advertising your very own guild to other players!

    Please use the following format (copy and paste the WHOLE ENTIRE PORTION in the box):

    • Guild Name: input
    • Guild Leader & ID: input
    • Guild Level: input
    • Requirements: input
    • Contact Info: input

    *'''Guild Name:''' input
    *'''Guild Leader & ID:''' input
    *'''Guild Level:''' input
    *'''Requirements:''' input
    *'''Contact Info:''' input


    • Guild Name: Example 
    • Guild Leader & ID: ABCD (ID: 1234567890)
    • Guild Level: 10
    • Requirements: Active players Lv150 or higher. Must have Discord app.
    • Contact Info: Please contact ABCD on his Message Wall for more information.

    If possible, contact the user by sending a message through their Message Wall if you wish to join their guild.


    • Guild Names can only contain up to 8 characters.
    • Do not reply with junk posts here. Junk posts found will be removed without notice.
    • Thread will be closed at the end of the month. That said, a new thread will be open again.
    • Only one guild recruitment post can be made on this thread per user. Duplicate advertisements of the same guild will be deleted.
    • Your post (in Visual Mode) is limited to a maximum of 2500 characters (including spaces), regardless if you're advertising for multiple guilds in one post. Any post that exceeds this limit will be deleted. This is to give every guild that is advertised here an equal opportunity to recruit other players.
      • We encourage users advertising multiple guilds to use a Google Doc with their list of guilds they want to advertise.
    • Do not make a new thread or blog post looking for guilds. Guild advertisement is strictly prohibited. The only exceptions to this are this thread and Discussions.
    • Strictly no referral posts on this thread or anywhere else on the wiki.
    • Strictly no links of any kind except for Google Docs pertaining to advertising multiple guilds. If you are recruiting players using a messaging app, please provide your contact info rather than an invite link.
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      • Guild Name: Emperors
      • Guild Leader & ID: Angel (ID: 1587964127)
      • Guild Level: 134
      • Requirements:
        • CP requirement: 300+ weekly
        • MUST be active
        • Level 100 is the minimum but i must see an increase in levels to know one is being active
        • Discord is required
        • 5 days max of inactivity
        • MUST participate in guild raid
      • Contact Info: Message me on discord if interested, Angel#0435
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      • Guild Name: Dungaia
      • Guild Leader & ID: DenOUT(ID:7493974689)
      • Guild Level: 44
      • Requirements: everyone can join
      • Contact Info: contact through guild board or message me on discord (Ilce#9145)
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      • Guild Name: D3MONS
      • Guild Leader: BLKD3VIL
      • VGM: Eriaz
      • Zel Level: 70%
      • Karma Level: 70%
      • EXP Level: 70%
      • Requirements:
        • Must be always active in Guild Events or Guild Raid and always contribute in Research Center
        • Level doesn't matter as long as you're contactable in Discord and try at your best to contribute to Guild Events and the research center
        • Contribute +750 CP a week
        • Must have a Discord account. It's mandatory!!!
        • If most of you are inactive for 5 days or more and didn't ask any permission or tell the reason why are you inactive.....You will be kicked for sure.
      • Contact Info: Please contact me on Discord (Discord name is: xX ElfenLiedFan90Xx#8618) or Eriaz (Her discord account is Eriaz#2999).
      • Additional Info: We are trying to be the best guild in the game and strifing to be the most competitive guild at that and we need some strong and motivated players. If you're interested, Try to contact me in my wikia message wall/Discord if you want to and try to appease BD and Eriaz tyvm.

      P.S. I will sang the theme song of Persona 5 if u join and here it is LOL:

      (enacted - Admin's note: Please no links of any kind on this thread)

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      • Guild Name: GUMINITE
      • Guild Leader & ID: MissionX (5617370405)
      • Guild Level: 99
      • Requirements:
      • Everyone can join
      • Contribute as often as you can.
      • Contact Info: You can contact me on Discord (Chronos#2419) or on my Message Wall
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      • Guild Name: Nekos
      • Guild Leader & ID: MAHOU (6029453198
      • Guild Level: 115
      • Requirements: Must be an active player and its important to contribute in Research Center at least twice per day. Participate in guild raids while the player can its the most important requirement and we understand real life issues so we allow players to take some time off if they need to.
      • Contact Info: Message me on discord! (Evil Pancake#9475)
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      • Guild Name: Kor abs
      • Guild leader: Schist
      • Guild level: 96
      • ​No requirements: None, welcomes anyone even if they can't contribute all the time 
      • Contact Info: ​Message wall. (If you ask to join guild through message wall please post your IGN as well)
      • Extra: Kor abs is a cult... i mean guild that worships... i mean respects Korzan's abs. It is a guild welcome to new players. Also we now have a discord chat which you can join once you're in the guild. 
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    • Guild Name: FunkDunk

      Guild Leader/ID: Magic (7253822018)

      Guild Level: 95

      Requirements:  -Dont be inactive for 7 days without notice. -500CP weekly minimum. -Participate and be active in all guildraid and guild events.  -Join and participate in guild chat through discord

      Contact Info:  Contact me through this site or discord.  My discord ID is Magic#1528

      More Info:  We are a fairly new guild working our way to the top.  We have made huge improvements in the last two months.  Ranked 144 this season and looking to be at least top 100 for next.  We have a nice team oriented community in guild chat with a couple squad building gurru's.  Looking forward to having new team members that will help us get to the next level.

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    • Wanna join a more relaxed guild while still being able to get the guild raid exclusive units? Look no further! DMP Team will be glad to have you in!

      Guild Name: DMP Team 

      Guild Master: Rhea (999) 

      Vice Guild Master: Dori_666 

      Level: 178, Our Boost: 150% Zel, 120% Karma, 90% EXP 

      Member Capacity: 44/45 but we're planning to kick multiple members 

      REQUIREMENTS: Must be active both in-game and in the discord guild chat during guild raid. 2 daily donations are encouraged but not required

      ACHIEVEMENTS: We got Ceulfan and Dessit by placing 36th in both season 3 and 4, and plan to score even higher next season by getting our third room up and running! Pm me on reddit (u/Simonthedragon) if you're interested!

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      Guild Name: Extavius

      Guild Master: Zander

      Level: 169, Our Boost: 150% Zel, 100% Karma, 90% EXP

      Member Capacity: 20/45

      Top 1.5% ranked 62nd in season 4 [with only 20 participating members!! Yea we know we're that good😎]

      Looking for Communicative, Active, Strong, and experienced members!

      We recently revised our member requirements and removed those who didn't make the cut.

      Here are those requirements:

      -Must HAVE TIME to invest on Guild Raid [essential] -Must love to play Brave frontier. -Must JOIN Discord: No exceptions, may put chat on silent except @ mentions -Must be active in our chat while guild raiding. -Must be able to score 250k per guild raid match / 1 mil per season.

      Think you got what it takes to be a member of Extavius? Then get on discord and pm Zander#5711 or wilzard#5945 with the following :

      -ID + Your Current Level + Time you have been playing + Current Arena Rank? -What was your Score on Season 1,2,3 and 4 of Guild Raid? Please provide screen shots -How much time do you play per day ? -Semi / P2P / F2P? -Do you come from another guild group? If yes, why do you want to join us?

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    • Guild Name: Touhou

      Guild Leader: Floopy (ID: 138588100)

      Guild Level: 107

      Requirements: At least a full omni team, be active (30 days inactivity = kicked), donate as often as possible, participate in Guild Raid as possible, Discord is also encouraged but is not required.

      Contact Info: Talk to me on Discord if interested (Floopy#8095), or just add me in-game and join the guild.

      One of the first guilds, we've been in a poor situation due to many users either not participating as they should, being inactive due to life, or both. We need active members to help flourish our stagnant guild. There's lots of free spaces up for takes, so feel free to join as you wish!

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    • last updated: 17JUL17


      Guild Name: GRAY_FOX

      Guild Leaders: Aurelius (me), Desmond

      Guild Level: 180 (zel +140%/karma +110%/exp +90%)

      Member Capacity: 2 slots available from removing inactive members (48/50)

      Looking for: active players who will 1) earn CP when able 2) participate in guild events 3) join and use our discord chat server. if you have discord please find me and message me there: @Aurelius#7486

      level 400+ and P2P if possible but definitely not required (most people in the guild are F2P or minimal P2P though we need more P2P players to help us perform better in guild events). we fill up every time there are open slots so if you're interested in joining please let me know! for a "casual, try-hard" guild we placed between 11th and 50th for the "race to fastest leveling guilds" event so that was exciting.

      • 33rd in guild raid season 1
      • 23rd in guild raid season 2 (we got zeis)
      • 23rd in guild raid season 3 (we got ceulfan)
      • 24th in guild raid season 4 (we got dessit)

      Extra Notes: i have been playing for almost 3 years (1061 days logged). i'm level 999, arena 100 x2 (global no. 50), colosseum 70, and HR 60. besides me, there are a few other P2P grinders as well. we play just about every day and use a discord server for communication.

      no drama here. really. we are friendly and just like playing and talking about BF -- really just want to level up the guild and have fun earning the rewards. we have members from all over the world. probably the most lax 1.5% guild in existence.

      we also have discord chats for people who play FFBE, FEH, and other games as well. if you have a smaller guild you're welcome to merge if we have room! instant zel/karma/exp upgrades! please message me if you plan to join so that i can separate you from the random requests. i'll send you a message (or check the in-game guild chat board) for the discord server address so you can join. thanks and have a good one! good luck to all the guilds out there!

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    • Guild Name: Cat Army

      Guild Leader: GreyCat(ID: 4825248494)

      Guild Lv: 118 ( Zel boost lv6, Karma boost lv 6, Exp boost Lv11)

      Menber Capacity: 11/40

      Looking for: Anyone, our guild is a for everybody. Join us and have a good time. Feel free to chat with our other guildie. We just need active menber, that is all. Also if you can join us in raid, if you don't feel like it and that is fine too.

      Send me a request here at my wiki page's message wall, i will prioritize those who do. That is all, thanks for your time and i hope you'll join us. :3

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    • Guild Name:Shinuka Guild Leader & ID: Rezorark (3602064109) Guild Level: 139 (Zel 120% Karma 70% EXP 80%) 36/45 members Requirements: Active Players (you don't have to be like everyday active, just don't join and quit, y'know?) Contact Info: Your best way to contact me is on Kik. My Kik is @Rezorark and I will also be able to get you into our group chat room if you'd like. Feel free to message me on there if you want to join or have any further questions. Thank you so much!

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    • Guild Name: TriAlpha

      Guild Leader & ID: Hyru ( 5684876153)

      Guild Lv: 72 ( Zel boost Lv.5, Karma boost Lv.4, EXP Boost Lv.7)

      Member Capacity: 11/35

      Requirements: Active player (7 day max offline unless you notify me prior), participate in Guild raids (or raids) and help upgrade guild boost. Discord is highly recommended but not required, you can contact me via Guild board or Discord.

      Discord Info: Hyru#2961

      I look forward to seeing you join my guild

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    • Guild Leader: Aqua

      Guild Level:152

      Member Capacity:41/45

      Looking for: Active, friendly players; also, be willing to come and join us for any upcoming guild raids.

      Extra Notes: Zel 110%, Karma: 90%, EXP: 80%

      The guild does require you to contribute at least 100 points per day, and 650 points weekly.

      Players are also required to join our discord chat, for easier communication with members and especially guild raids.

      There is no level requirement, as long as you enjoy the game, that’s all that matters.

      Please message me here or on discord. Aqua#7833

      Hope to have you in the guild raids.

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    • Guild Name: .Avalon. Guild Leader & ID: Blockade - 7007778093 Guild Level: 70 Requirements: be active, help leveling skills and have discord Contact Info: Blockade#8141 asuna-san#9307 (discord)

      We are looking for new active members who can help level skills and participate in the guild raid. Currently, 3 of us ( Blockade-leader, Swifft-vice leader and Asuna-me) have made it to 254th place and are eager to recruit players who can help us climb the leaderboard as we progress throughout the guild raid seasons. Direct message me or blockade for additional information or screen shots. Thank you! ~

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      • Guild Name: Wikia
      • Guild Leader & ID: Nova, ID: 7303943827
      • Guild Level: 146
      • Requirements:
        • Must be at least level 100
        • Must contribute at least 500 CP every week
        • Must participate in GR
        • Must have a GR score of at least 100,000 when under level 300
        • Must have a GR score of at least 200,000 when over level 300
        • If you are inactive for over 7 days without telling any of the officers a reason, you will be dismissed
        • Must have Discord for communication
      • Contact Info: Please send me a message if you want to join
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