• Changes to Unit Pages

    • Added Animation Frames info for Move, Idle, and Attack animations
    • Added Movement Data info for Normal Attacks and Skills
    • Added Effect Delays info for BB, SBB, and UBB
    • Added Damage Distributions info for BB, SBB, and UBB

    These changes are located in a collapsible menu located below the Skills section. To expand the menu, simply click on it.

    For more information regarding Frame Data, visit this article here.

    A demonstration is shown below: DamageDistributionCollapsable

    NOTE: A few reports show that Effect Delays and Damage Distributions will not show up on the Mobile Version of the page. The issue is being looked over. For now, please use the Desktop Version of the website to view Effect Delays and Damage Distributions.

    Effect Delays and Damage Distributions can now be viewed on Mobile Version.

    List of Units with X Effects

    Note these lists are a Work-In-Progress and will take some time to make.

    Coming Soon

    • Unit Galleries
      • Shows Unit Artwork, Unit Flair, Attack, Idle & Move Animations
      • Example Page: Link

    Guild Recruit Thread Rules Updated

    Guild Recruit Thread rules have been updated to give everyone an equal opportunity to recruit players. Please take a moment to read these rules. Rules will go in effect starting June 1, 2017.


    • Guild Names can only contain up to 8 characters.
    • Do not reply with junk posts here. Junk posts found will be removed without notice.
    • Thread will be closed at the end of the month. That said, a new thread will be open again.
    • Only one guild recruitment post can be made on this thread per user. Duplicate advertisements of the same guild will be deleted.
    • Your post (in Visual Mode) is limited to a maximum of 2500 characters (including spaces), regardless if you're advertising for multiple guilds in one post. Any post that exceeds this limit will be deleted. This is to give every guild that is advertised here an equal opportunity to recruit other players.
      • We encourage users advertising multiple guilds to use a Google Doc with their list of guilds they want to advertise.
    • Do not make a new thread or blog post looking for guilds. Guild advertisement is strictly prohibited. The only exceptions to this are this thread and Discussions.
    • Strictly no referral posts on this thread or anywhere else on the wiki.

    If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments below!

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    • So now I finally get to see more or less the damage multipliers for each individual hit. Cool. Mifune and Zekuu are probably like, 100. 

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    • Can you do a list (or category) of units with Item Drop Rate Boost in either leader skill and BB/SBB and a list (or category) of units with EXP Boost in either leader skill and BB/SBB? Thanks ^^

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    • I really like how you've got the unit pages set up now

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    • An Anonymous Summoner
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