• GameUpdate

    Here’s a summary of the game updates for this week!

    Version Update -

    Guild Raid Season 3 Preparation and Bug Fixes

    • Players will no longer encounter Boss Guardian dying after 1 turn.
    • Loss of internet connection will no longer result in moving without deducting AP.
    • Player Units will get accurate HP at start of each battle.
    • Other Guild related crash and UI bug fixes.

    Other Bug Fixes

    • Fixed inaccurate squad cost and disappearing units in Trial.
    • Fixed typing for Cotton. All Cotton unit were set to Lord type regardless of rarity and unit level.
    • New Achievements added on Randall Records.

    Please note that will be available later for Amazon players. Meanwhile, Grand Quest will not be available for Amazon players and will only be available once the new version is up.

    GR S2

    Guild Raid Season 2 Update

    • Sending of Season 2 Rewards completed.
    • Recall of Season 1 Rewards that were sent Apr. 18, 20:00 PST is still on-going. Please stay tuned for updates.

    Grand Quest: End of An Empire

    • Prepare for new challenges at the new Grand Quest and defeat those overthrowing an empire at Grand Quest - The End of an Empire!

    Unlock Requirement:

    • Quest Completion: Bariura Clearance


    • Clearing First Quest: 1 Gem
    • 100% Completion: Imperial Savior (40% boost to Def, max HP, considerably boosts Atk, Def, Rec when BB gauge is over 50%, boosts BB gauge at each turn's start & reduces BB gauge required for BB)
    • 40% Completion: Almighty Imp Arton x1

    Go forth and prove your worth!


    Frontier Hunter EX Season 37

    • Apr. 19, 20:00 PST - Apr. 24, 19:59 PST

    Brave Frontier Global x Europe Collaboration


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