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    Greetings, Summoners!

    The tales of gallantry and courage from across the ocean have arrived in Grand Gaia! As part of our Brave Spring Festival, NeoAvalon units have joined us in the battlefield - will you be part of the stories that they will tell? Our Brave Frontier Global x Europe collaboration kicks off on 21 April 00:00 PST till 13 May 23:59 PST! You can find the details below, so check it out!


    Collab Campaign Period:
    Apr 21 00:00 PST - May 13 23:59 PST

    The legends spoke of a squire with a dream and a legendary blade who would put everything on the line to build a kingdom of justice and peace! Join Arthur in his adventure as he establishes the kingdom of NeoAvalon! Who knows? You might just lock blades with Lancelot and succeed in finding the ultimate artifact of power! Put your skills to the test and gain new spheres in this journey!

    Obtain Arondight, Lancelot’s ES Sphere that grants 30% boost to max HP, boosts Atk relative to how high remaining HP is [0-100%], boosts BB gauge each turn [6 BC] & boosts BB gauge when attacked [3-4 BC]!

    See more information about NeoAvalon HERE!


    Collab Campaign Period:
    Apr 21 00:00 PST - May 2 23:59 PST

    A powerful deserter of the royal army, he climbed all the way up the ranks and was naturally named as the head of the Armored Division, peerless for the position. Summon this new limited edition unit from Apr 21 00:00 PST - May 2 23:59 PST!

    See more information about Lancelot HERE!


    A fully fledged and seasoned knight, Arthur served the kingdom as both its sword and shield, defending its people from dark forces that seek to invade the land.

    Arthur will be joining Lancelot in Brave Frontier Global on a later date. Stay tuned for more information about Arthur soon!

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