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    Hello Summoners! Here is a thread dedicated to advertising your very own guild to other players!

    Please use the following format (copy and paste the WHOLE ENTIRE PORTION in the box):

    • Guild Name: input
    • Guild Leader & ID: input
    • Guild Level: input
    • Requirements: input
    • Contact Info: input

    *'''Guild Name:''' input
    *'''Guild Leader & ID:''' input
    *'''Guild Level:''' input
    *'''Requirements:''' input
    *'''Contact Info:''' input


    • Guild Name: Example 
    • Guild Leader & ID: ABCD (ID: 1234567890)
    • Guild Level: 10
    • Requirements: Active players Lv150 or higher. Must have Discord app.
    • Contact Info: Please contact ABCD on his Message Wall for more information.

    If possible, contact the user by sending a message through their Message Wall if you wish to join their guild.


    • Guild Names can only contain up to 8 characters.
    • Do not reply with junk posts here. Junk posts found will be removed without notice.
    • Thread will be closed at the end of the month. That said, a new thread will be open again.
    • Do not make a new thread or blog post looking for guilds. Guild advertisement is strictly prohibited. The only exceptions to this are this thread and Discussions.
    • Strictly no referral posts on this thread or anywhere else on the wiki.
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      • Guild Name: Eternal.  (Yes, there is a period)

      • Guild Leader & ID: Scythia (0202809975)

      • Guild Level: 144 (Zel 130%, Karma 130%, EXP 80%)

      • Requirements:

        • Level 300+ in order to assess amount of activity.

        • Donate 500 CP per week. Failure to do so incurs one strike. Three strikes will result in a kick. Donate 700 CP in a week to reduce one strike counter.

        • Guild Raid actives will be PRIORITIZED in order to maintain top 1% position

      • Contact Info: Must contact Scythia (Kik: Lucina_Balcoria  ///  Discord: Lucina#8123) or Gray (Kik: bgiron95 /// Discord: Gray#2981)

      • Additional Note: We try to provide the best, top-quality experience for our guild members and strongly encourage members to be active participants in guild events. To do this, communication via Kik or Discord is NECESSARY in order to have ideal coordination during such events. However, it is NOT NECESSARY to be an active speaker in the guild chat, should you choose not to be.

      Additional “Additional Note”: We want GR goodies. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

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      • Guild Name: Akras01
      • Guild Leader & ID: Minotaur
      • Guild Level: 104
      • Requirements: As long as active
      • Guild Buff : Zel 70%, Karma 60%, EXP 55%
      • Guild Rank : Top 400
      • Contact Info: Just search "Akras01" on the guild list, or pm me your ID so I can add you

      Greeting! Just need you to invite you to join our guild Akras01, be part of the guild and get all those bonuses, only one condition: Active. Apply and we will approve for you, remember to drop a message at guild notice there if need guild member accept friend request/ change leader for your trial.

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      • Guild Name: Kor abs
      • Guild leader: Schist
      • Guild level: 85
      • ​No requirements: None, welcomes anyone even if they can't contribute all the time
      • Contact Info: ​Message wall.
      • Extra: Kor abs is a cult... i mean guild that worships... i mean respects Korzan's abs. It is a guild welcome to new players
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      • Guild Name: Texas
      • Guild Leader & ID: HQDom (me) ID: 4223405053.  I'm technically VGM, but I handle all the recruiting.
      • Guild Level: 118
      • Buffs
        • Zel: 70%
        • Karma: 60%
        • EXP: 65%
      • Requirements: Not much, contribute a couple times a day is all I don't check too often.
      • Contact Info: Comment on my Message Wall
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      • Guild Name: NukeRz
      • Guild Recruiter & ID: (ID: 3379382686, no name since it's changeable)
      • Guild Level: 134 (Zel 80%, Karma 70%, EXP 70%)
      • Requirements: The only requirements to enter are having LINE app and ready to join our LINE group. Levels no longer matter, we welcome anyone and we'll help you grow as long as you're active and contribute a lot. Those that are truly active and those who aren't will eventually be "sorted" internally.
      • Contact Info: Message my wall. Do not send a direct request to the Guild, it will take a long time to be accepted and it may bug the officer's invite function

      Current member count: 43/45. Trust me, we're awesome!

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      • Guild Name: WikiChat
      • Guild Leader & ID: Linathan (10046057) - Lv.999 Thanatos
      • Guild Level: 137
      • Requirements: Level 300+ active players (if lower level but really active, that's still negotiable). Guild Raid is a requirement and being active to contribute to guild events and guild bonuses is crucial to improvement. We also aim to reach Top 10 + 1% for Guild Raids. We encourage players to help each other to improve all-around so we encourage discussion and help regardless of skill level. Contributing 200 CP per week is required, which is only four contribution cycles out of the 42 available time slots. Discord is our choice of communication. Please download Discord to keep yourself updated with the guild.
      • Contact Info: Please message me on my Message Wall so we can negotiate.

      We are currently at 34/45 members and rebuilding into a competitive guild! We are currently recruiting members who are competitive and willing to improve. We hope you apply to WikiChat!

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      • Guild Name: Crus4der
      • Guild Leader & ID: H.Rumble (4342135490)
      • Guild Vice Leader & ID: Leonidas (3143761339)
      • Guild Level: 121
      • Requirements:
      * Players need to be Lv100 or above to be able to join the guild. 
      * Members have to show very constant activity. After 3 days of inactivity without prior notice will be dismissed.
      * Every member MUST join guild's group chat on Discord upon recruitment. Additional rules will be detailed there.
      • Contact Info: Contact any of the leaders on Discord at
      * HideousRumble #0497
      * Leonidas3468 #1949
      • Additional Notes: Nothing shall stop the crusade!!!
      * Zel: Lv9 (90%)
      * Karma: Lv9 (90%)
      * EXP: Lv11 (55%)
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      • Guild Name: DogeLand
      • Guild Leader & ID: KY27 / 2740809554
      • Guild Level: 90
      • Members: 35/40 (planning to expel some soon)
      • Requirements: At least level 120 / Active in Guild Research Center / Active in Guild Raid (Other event is optional)
      • Buffs: Zel 80% / Karma 60% / EXP 40%
      • Contact Info: Message me on My Wall Burniez (in wiki), or message me on my Discord DiscoMonkey#5900, or send direct request to guild. Feel free to join, we are friendly community and will help you out if you have any problem or question :)
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      • Guild Name: Ochre
      • Guild Leader & ID: Morgiana (6128557636)
      • Guild Level: 53
      • Requirements: Just have fun. Will accept anyone, so long as you stay active (30 days inactive = dropped). Donations and participation in Guild Raid is highly recommended, but not required.
      • Contact Info: Apply in-game. Currently have 7 open spots.
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    • Guild Name: Sanctum. 

      Guild Leader & ID: JumbuckJ (1917622455) - Level 275 

      Guild Level: 1

      Requirements: Currently there is no level requirement seeing as this is intended for new players just as much as it is for older ones. All that is asked of you is that you have fun, remain active in playing the game, be polite to the other members, and donate whenever you have the spare time and availability to do so. I recommend contributing 250 CP a week to keep the guild growing, but any extra contributions would be greatly appreciated. If anyone fails to meet these requirements they will be contacted and given a fair chance to explain themselves. I understand that everyone has their own life to manage and that it can get hard, so it's important to communicate. I will always try my best to be understanding and fair with those I come across. Although multiple instances of this will likely result in being removed from the guild.

      Contact Information: I recommend messaging me on Kik (as I check it frequently). My Username is "TheMajesticNarfi". There will also be a group chat there, which is recommended to join as it will make communication much easier. While joining the groupchat is important, it is by no means a requirement to speak in this groupchat. I understand that some players are shy and there is no need to punish them for this.  

      Final Note: This guild is brand new and needs new people to help it grow. Meeting new players and having the experience of leveling up a guild from the very bottom to the very top sounds great to me, and here I want to offer everyone a place where they can to do the same. So if you're interested in this experience, feel free to message me. I'm dediated to this idea and am eager to hear some responses. It would truly mean a lot. Thanks for checking this out!

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    • The Brave Frontier Alliance is Recruiting!

      The Brave Frontier Alliance is a guild network that was created by DarkZero, Sam, Chang, and Potatos on 3-11-2017 to help cater to a wide variety of play styles.

      The Brave Frontier Alliance currently has 4 member guilds, Hideout, Khancer, KoG Army, and Potatos. We welcomed Argent and Hatsukoi to the Alliance on 3-14-2017.

      All of our guilds have individually decided their own guidelines and expectations, which can be found below.

      Our Member Guilds

      We are currently made up of 6 member guilds, catering to various play styles:

      Khancer - Most competitive guild, ranks top 1-2% in guild raids and expects very active participation. Very hardcore guild.

      Hideout - Competitive guild, ranks top 2-3% in guild raids and expects very active participation. Hardcore guild.

      KoG Army - Competitive guild, ranks top 2-3% in guild raids and expects very active participation. Moderate hardcore guild.

      Hatsukoi - Moderately competitive guild, ranks top 5% in guild raids and expects active participation. Casual/hardcore guild.

      Argent - Moderately competitive guild, ranks top 7% in guild raids and expects active participation. Casual/hardcore guild.

      Potatos - Mentor guild for new and returning players. Helps players get stronger in order to join one of the above guilds.

      Guild Name: Hideout

      Guild Master: DarkZero

      Vice Guild Master: Lord TazZer

      Guild Level: 157

      Guild Skills: 170% Zel, 150% Karma, 80% XP boost

      Members: 43/45

      Guild Name: Khancer

      Guild Master: Sam

      Vice Guild Master: Beatz

      Guild Level: 140

      Guild Skills: 80% Zel, 70% Karma, 70% XP boost

      Members: 44/45

      Guild Name: KoG Army

      Guild Master: ChaosUnity

      Vice Guild Master: Chang

      Guild Level: 140

      Guild Skills: 60% Zel, 50% Karma, 65% XP boost

      Members: 44/45

      Guild Name: Potatos

      Guild Master: Arisumi

      Vice Guild Master: Lodin

      Guild Level: 84

      Guild Skills: 20% Zel, 20% Karma, 30% XP boost

      Members: 30/35

      Guild Name: Argent

      Guild Master: ConnorTsunami

      Vice Guild Master: R.Y.N.O.

      Guild Level: 159

      Guild Skills: 140% Zel, 130% Karma, 80% XP boost

      Members: 40/45

      Guild Name: Hatsukoi

      Guild Master: Shirona

      Vice Guild Master: MrMeSeek

      Guild Level: 141

      Guild Skills: 160% Zel, 120% Karma, 80% XP boost

      Members: 41/45

      Guild Join Requirements (Applicants, please read before deciding which guild you would like to join)

      1. Must contribute 1000+ CP a week.

      2. Participation in guild events is mandatory.

      3. Must be level 300+ with full OE squad.

      4. 3 days of inactivity without reason is grounds for removal.

      1. Must contribute 1000+ CP a week.

      2. Participation in guild events is mandatory.

      3. Must be level 300+ with full OE squad.

      4. 5 days of inactivity without reason is grounds for removal.

      5. Content Requirement: Ishgria, Menon EX

      6. Guild Raids Minimum: 500k per match.

      KoG Army
      1. Must contribute 250+ CP a week.

      2. Participation in guild raids is highly encouraged, but we do not like to see people joining rooms to get 0 points.

      3. No minimum level, but we expect newer players to be more active to raise their level.

      4. 7 days of inactivity without reason is grounds for removal.

      1. Contribute CP when/if you can (no minimum requirement).

      2. Participating in events is not required, but is encouraged.

      3. No minimum level. This guild welcomes new and returning players.

      4. 14 days of inactivity without reason is grounds for removal.

      1. Must contribute 700+ CP a week.

      2. Participation in guild events is mandatory unless otherwise stated or under leave of absence.

      3. Must be level 300+ with full OE squad.

      4. 5 days of inactivity without reason is grounds for removal.

      5. Any leave of absence must be reported and will be monitored actively, however length of time specified for any given reason will be respected if time is required.

      1. Must contribute 700+ CP a week.

      2. Participation in guild events is mandatory unless a valid reason is given to not be able to participate.

      3. Must be level 200+ with full OE squad.

      4. 4 days of inactivity without reason is grounds for removal.

      Guild Event Rankings


      Guild Raid Season 1: Rank 26

      Guild Raid Season 2: Rank 61


      Guild Raid Season 1: Rank 62

      Guild Raid Season 2: Rank 32

      KoG Army

      Guild Raid Season 1: Rank 249

      Guild Raid Season 2: Rank 54


      Guild Raid Season 1: Rank ~500

      Guild Raid Season 2: Rank 667


      Guild Raid Season 1: Rank 289

      Guild Raid Season 2: Rank 177


      Guild Raid Season 1: Rank 109

      Guild Raid Season 2: Rank 103

      Brave Frontier Alliance Discord:

      Thank you for your interest in the Brave Frontier Alliance! We hope to get an application from you soon!

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    • Join our guild D3MONS, The most sparkable guild in Brave Frontier. We are now looking for some fresh blood and we’re striving to be the best & competitive guild in Brave Frontier even if we are a bit semi-casual and make the Demon Lords proud of your achievements and hardwork!!!!

      Guild Name: D3MONS


      Guildmaster: BLKD3VIL. The demon king

      VGM: Eriaz, The Devil consort/The best succubus

      Zel Level: 70%

      Karma Level: 60%

      EXP: 60%


      -Must be always active in Guild Raid and always Contribute in Research Center

      -Level doesn’t matter as long as you’re contactable in Discord and try at your best to contribute to Guild Events and the research Center

      -Contribute +750 CP a Week

      -Must have a Discord account. It’s Madatory

      -If most of you is inactive for 5 days or more. You will be kicked for sure.

      Contact Info: Please contact me in Discord (Discord name is: xX ElfenLiedFan90 Xx#8618),Eriaz (Her discord account is Eriaz#2999) or BLKD3VIL (His Discord account is B_D3VIL (aka 13D)#4904)

      Additional Info: We are trying to be the best guild in the game and being a competitive guild at that and we need some strong and motivated players. If you’re interested. Try to contact me if you want to and try to appease our Lord BD and Eriaz! You will be happy in your lifetime. D3MONS Guild will be Sekai Ichi!!!!!!! The most Sparkable guild in Brave Frontier..........Please most of you have a Discord account. It’s mandatory!!! And please try to be active in Guild Raids and contribute in Guild Research Center.

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      • Guild Name: We Can
      • Guild Leader & ID: Ken 6185162718
      • Guild Level: 111
      • Requirements: no requirements but we would like you to be active for guild events
      • Contact Info:  Discord:
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    • last updated 25APR17

      • Guild Name: GRAY_FOX
      • Guild Leader & ID: Aurelius
      • Guild Level: 169 (we have 1 space left)
      • Requirements: join and use our discord for chat, contribute when able, participate in guild events when able. level 400+ and P2P if possible but definitely not required (most people in the guild are F2P or minimal P2P though we need more P2P players to help us perform better in guild events). we fill up every time there are open slots because we are still quite active despite being "casual" so if you're interested in joining please let me know. until we reach guild level 180, we won't be getting any new member slots past 45. please help participate in events to obtain guild rewards! we placed between 11th and 50th for the "race to fastest leveling guilds" event so that was pretty exciting. and here was past guild record for all the previous FG events; top 50 on global is not too shabby for a casual guild!

      in guild raid season 1 we placed 33rd and in season 2 we placed 23rd (we got zeis).

      • Contact Info: please locate the guild in-game and send a request, then message me here on my wall to notify me.
      • Additional Note: i have been playing for over 2.5 years (970+ days logged as i author this). i'm level 999, arena 100 x2 (global no. 50), colosseum 70, and HR 50. besides me, there are a few other P2P grinders as well. we play just about every day and use a discord server for communication (which i will ask that you join and participate). for real, no drama here. we are friendly and just like playing BF -- really just want to level up the guild and have fun earning rewards. we have members from all over the world. we also have discord chats for people who also play FFBE and FEH. if you have a smaller guild you're welcome to merge and join us while we have room! instant zel/karma/exp upgrades! thanks for reading and have a good one! good luck too all guilds out there!
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      • Guild Name: VII Deadly Sins
      • Guild Leader & ID: Lunastar, 97183187
      • Guild Level: 70
      • Exp Boost: LV6 Zel: Lv2 Boost: Lv2
      • A Little Note FROM US 2 YOU: We are friendly active down to earth players on brave frontier. We are currently looking for members who also love the game as much as we do. Our members love to help new members out! But we are no ordinary guild your use to. . . We also will be doing GEM Giveaways on special occasions to our members. WE have so much planned for this guild we quickly grew. 
      • Requirements: Our requirements our simple. You must download the app called BAND and join our chatroom, and your in! Having this app allows us to post high priority messages to all of our members. Such as if when an event happens. It also gives us an edge on communicating while doing a guild event. We accept ALL levels just as long as your active, friendly, & contribute as much as you can. Please check out our simple rules to our complex guild. 
      • TO APPLY: Download BAND search Brave Frontier, find our guild (Seven Deadly Sins) 
      • Rules-01
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      • Guild Name: BluStorm
      • Guild Leader & ID: Aqua, 37516094
      • Guild Level: 151 (110% zel, 90% karma, 85% exp); 32/45 members
      • Requirements: No level requirement; but having higher lvl members for guild raid would be nice. Friendly and active players. Interested in guild raid is a plus.  Discord is a must for communication, especially for guild raid, and since we rarely use guild board now.
      • Extra: Also, contribute 2 times a day(100CP) and a total of 650CP weekly. My guild ranked 106(2%-10%; gold chest) last season with about 10 active raiding members; not the best, but the outcome was still pretty good overall with that many participating; so hoping to get more that enjoys a good competition. This guild is not too hardcore, but if determined, we can get the 1% guild rewards.
      • Contact Info: Message me here or message me on Discord. Discord is the best option for faster contact, since it'll be awhile before I see your message here. Discord: Aqua#7833
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    • Hey Aqua, just added you on discord and sent a guild request. :) 

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    • Looking for the spirit of fresh start? Bored because your guild's powerful, but stagnancy fills the air? Be a real brave and join our brand new guild!

      Guild Name: Sanctum. (yep, there's a dot)

      Guild Leader & ID: JumbuckJ (1917622455)

      Guild Level: 9

      Requirements: No level requirements whatsoever. We welcome new players looking for a starting point, average players looking for a suitable guild, veteran players bored from their stagnant guild and looking for a new challenge, basically any player interested to join us. We dream to rise to the top, while maintaining a casual, fun guild experience. Further CP and activity requirements are regulated inside the guild

      Contact Information: Message my wall, direct request to the guild in-game, or join our Didcord at

      Member count: 3/15. Consistent to our specific player targets, we start with an average, a veteran, and a new players. And consistent to our dream, we definitely will rise to the top :)

      Be a real brave and join Sanctum. now!

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      • Guild Name: Royal
      • Guild Leader & ID: FaNAtiiK 2426162911
      • Guild Level: 76
      • Requirements: To be active in at least donation, guild raid is even better
      • Contact Info: On the wikia if needed.

      Hello, I'm searching for new members to join our guild and helping us on the guild's skill and guild raid. Right now, we are like 14 members but only 1 member and I are really active. We accept anyone and everything as long as you are active :)

      Thank you guys.

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