• Hello Summoners! Beef up your Guild Raid squads as Keres is now available in the Divine Summon gate!

    Featured Unit(s):

    Summon Mechanics:

    • Increased rates with each summon up to x10 on your 9th summon onwards with no reset.
    • 1 Premium Elgif every 6 Summons.

    Feel free to discuss anything about the unit(s), the rates, anything, in this thread!

    Have you summoned? Wanna share what your pulls were from that gate? Please use the following format:

    Total Summons: <no. of summons>

    1. <unit1> (type)
    2. <unit2> (type)
    3. <unit3> (type)
    4. <unit4> (type)
    5. ...

    Total Summons: <no. of summons>
    #<unit1> (type)
    #<unit2> (type)
    #<unit3> (type)
    #'''<unit4>''' (type)

    Placing the type for the unit is optional. Please bold on featured units.

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    • I got keres on my 15th summon, other pulls were just useless 5 stars and a rayla (free merit points)

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    • 1. Keres (Anima)

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    • An Anonymous Summoner
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