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Friend Recruit (March 2017)

  • Hello Summoners! Looking for friends? Then this is the place to do so!

    Please use the following format (copy and paste the WHOLE ENTIRE PORTION in the box):

    • In-Game Name: input
    • Player ID: input
    • Player Level: input
    • Leaders Available: input
    • Leaders Wanted: input

    *'''In-Game Name:''' input
    *'''Player ID:''' input
    *'''Player Level:''' input
    *'''Leaders Available:''' input
    *'''Leaders Wanted:''' input


    • In-Game Name: ABCD
    • Player ID: 1234567890
    • Player Level: 123
    • Leaders Available: Silvie, Zeruiah, Rain
    • Leaders Wanted: Allanon, Nyami, Zelnite

    If possible, contact the user by sending a message through their Message Wall if you have saved a friend slot to them or friend requested to them.


    • Do not reply with junk posts here. Junk posts found will be removed without notice.
    • Thread will be closed at the end of the month. That said, a new thread will be open again.
    • Please only input your Global ID to minimize confusion. Player IDs of other servers will be removed.
    • Do not make a new thread or blog post of looking for friends.
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    • In-Game Name:Aztech
      Player ID: 4563515879
      Player Level: 178
      Leaders Available: Avant, Krantz, then (varying) Nyami, Quaid, (usually) Kanon
      Leaders Wanted: Any 7☆ or omni leads that are active


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      • In-Game Name: Teras
      • Player ID: 4120676290
      • Player Level: 664
      • Leaders Available: Expnite (always up), Zeruiah, Silvie, Fei & Fang
      • Leaders Wanted: Exp leads and 3rd arc summoners
      • Additional Note: I'm primarily looking for active 3rd arc players. My summoner is currently level 72, Falcon Blades level 17, and has Lupine Mantle.
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    • *In-Game Name: e2s
      *Player ID: 9358476317
      *Player Level: 261
      *Leaders Available: Avant for FH and Zelnite for other days.
      *Leaders Wanted: don't care
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    • In Game Name: Al

      Player ID: 3840321213

      Leads: Regil, Feng, Eleanor

      Level: 277

      Leader Wanted: Regil, Feng, Omni Kira (When Released), 

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    • in-game name: dueba

      Player ID:9754952824

      Player level: 214

      omni units: mainly juno-seto, rize, eeriki but i can put in gregor alessa gabriella lauda felice silas rengaku melord holia zekuu and izuna if you ask

      Leaders wanted: lyonesse, feng

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      • In-Game Name: Alesta
      • Player ID: 2115557826
      • Player Level: 166
      • Leaders Available: Feng (mostly used), Lauda
      • Leaders Wanted: Zeruiah, Ensa-Taya
      • This is my second account lol
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    • Shattering Torrent Fai
      Shattering Torrent Fai removed this reply because:
      My friend list now is full. It'd be a waste of time for anyone to send me a request.
      13:50, March 10, 2017
      This reply has been removed
      • In-Game Name: kazu
      • Player ID: 9797076636
      • Player Level: 154
      • Leaders Available: omni ver and eleanor
      • Leaders Wanted: ani omni unit active player
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      • In-Game Name: karias
      • Player ID: 4360545457
      • Player Level: 333
      • Leaders Available: Avant, Ark, Zenia, Sirius, Holia, Kanon, Lara, Kulyuk
      • Avatar: Lv66  weapon: lv 30 whip, 22 great sword, lv6 katana, sphere: Automated Warrior
      • Leaders Wanted: Anything is okay but i prefer support units. Strong avatar unit 
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      • In-Game Name: Dakota
      • Player ID: 97868949
      • Player Level: 150
      • Leaders Available: Brave Leader Alessa (Breaker lvl150)
      • Leaders Wanted really bad: Vermilion
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      • In-Game Name: Avent
      • Player ID: 2299889692
      • Player Level: 178
      • Leaders Available: Regil, Feng and Eerikki
      • Leaders Wanted: Zeruiah, Zelnite and any Single target SBB OMNI unit
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    • *In-Game Name: Alex
      *Player ID: 0554533062
      *Player Level: 415
      *Leaders Available: Zelnize Eerikki Kanon (many more, but those are the current 3)
      *Leaders Wanted: anyone, really. just make sure you gift daily!
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      • In-Game Name: Skafir
      • Player ID: 5112868391
      • Player Level: 423
      • Leaders Available: Zelnite (EXP), Rain and Feng once maxed out
      • Leaders Wanted: Zeruiah/Zelnite (EXP), Feng and Regil
      • 3rd Arc: Lvl 67, Automated Warrior and Falcon Blades (lvl 40)
      • At least be active on 3rd arc and have one EXP leader.
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      • In-Game Name: Hikari
      • Player ID: 1146649258
      • Player Level: 463
      • Leaders Available: Galtier, Juno-Seto, Ensa-Taya, Zeruiah, Ark, Kanon, Elimo, Holia, Felice, Feeva (Avant, Zeruiah, and Galtier are the most common.)
      • Leaders Wanted: Regil, Ark, Zeruiah, and  Feng.
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    • In-Game Name: Pirate Player ID: 0497132180 Player Level: 195 Leaders Available: Kira, Krantz, Lauda Leaderz Wanted: Any, just be active

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      • In-Game Name: Bujungju
      • Player ID: 5049006975
      • Player Level: 447
      • Leaders Available: Zelnite (daily) | Avant / Kira (FH) | Ark / Holia / Rozalia (trials,FG,etc.) or you can PM me for a lead request ;)
      • Leaders Wanted: nothing in particular, but preferably be active and have an FH lead (Avant, Kira, etc.)
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      • In-Game Name: Alski
      • Player ID: 4963164064
      • Player Level: 74
      • Leaders Available: Shura and Melord
      • Leaders Wanted: anyone, just started a new acc after a long break
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      • In-Game Name: Pendalis
      • Player ID: 1364858938
      • Player Level: 222
      • Leaders Available: Sirius, Quaid, Krantz and Gaston
      • Leaders Wanted: Ideal Subect Lauda, Zekkuu, Zelnite and anything to boost exp or spark dmge
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      • In-Game Name: hoshi007
      • Player ID: 2797728040
      • Player Level: 576
      • Leaders Available: avant, alfa dilit OE, zelvahua OE, zeruhia,  rosalia, kira, holia, lyones, sirius, krantz and many others
      • Leaders Wanted: OE from lauda batch onwards 
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      • In-Game Name: Wilhelm (I change my player name from time to time)
      • Player ID: 0895401688
      • Player Level: 333+
      • Leaders Available: Main Leads: (All Omni) Ark, Krantz, Zelnite. Other Possible Leads: Vargas, Lance, Avant, Selena, Elimo, Kulyuk, Arus, Ciara, Adriesta, Vern, Azami, Mariela, Rize, Elza , Alice, Eze, Daze, Atro, Mifune, Magress, Haido, Zenia, Zekt, Sirius, Silas, Rayla, Rozalia, Quaid, Felice, Lava, Lyonesse, Charlotte
      • Leaders Wanted: any omni units
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      • In-Game Name: Zalver
      • Player ID: 4733454431
      • Player Level: 208
      • Leaders Available: Main Leads : [Abyssal Witch Ciara, Divine Law Kanon, Graceful Princess Elza] Chivalrous Thief Zelnite, Sacred Emperor Sirius, Chain Magister Hugh
      • Leaders Wanted: Any units as long as you gift me :)
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    • in-game name: Dueba

      Player ID:9754952824

      Player level: 215

      omni units: mainly juno-seto, eerikki, alessa but i can put in gregor rize gabriella lauda felice silas rengaku holia izuna melord zekuu

      leaders wanted :regil, zeruiah, feng  

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    • Infamous0ne


      Lvl 114

      Dragon God ragshelm 

      Looking for gifts

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    • IGN - justbeho


      lv 150

      leaders available - gabby, felice, holia, glenn, zekt, and more to come

      wanted - just come and add me~. I only give people gifts if they gift me first btw

      will kick if inactive > 2 days

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    • An Anonymous Summoner
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