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    New monthly thread available
    03:03, April 2, 2017

    Hello Summoners! Looking for friends? Then this is the place to do so!

    Please use the following format (copy and paste the WHOLE ENTIRE PORTION in the box):

    • In-Game Name: input
    • Player ID: input
    • Player Level: input
    • Leaders Available: input
    • Leaders Wanted: input

    *'''In-Game Name:''' input
    *'''Player ID:''' input
    *'''Player Level:''' input
    *'''Leaders Available:''' input
    *'''Leaders Wanted:''' input


    • In-Game Name: ABCD
    • Player ID: 1234567890
    • Player Level: 123
    • Leaders Available: Silvie, Zeruiah, Rain
    • Leaders Wanted: Allanon, Nyami, Zelnite

    If possible, contact the user by sending a message through their Message Wall if you have saved a friend slot to them or friend requested to them.


    • Do not reply with junk posts here. Junk posts found will be removed without notice.
    • Thread will be closed at the end of the month. That said, a new thread will be open again.
    • Please only input your Global ID to minimize confusion. Player IDs of other servers will be removed.
    • Do not make a new thread or blog post of looking for friends.
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    • In-Game Name:Aztech
      Player ID: 4563515879
      Player Level: 178
      Leaders Available: Avant, Krantz, then (varying) Nyami, Quaid, (usually) Kanon
      Leaders Wanted: Any 7☆ or omni leads that are active


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      • In-Game Name: Teras
      • Player ID: 4120676290
      • Player Level: 664
      • Leaders Available: Expnite (always up), Zeruiah, Silvie, Fei & Fang
      • Leaders Wanted: Exp leads and 3rd arc summoners
      • Additional Note: I'm primarily looking for active 3rd arc players. My summoner is currently level 72, Falcon Blades level 17, and has Lupine Mantle.
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    • *In-Game Name: e2s
      *Player ID: 9358476317
      *Player Level: 261
      *Leaders Available: Avant for FH and Zelnite for other days.
      *Leaders Wanted: don't care
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    • In Game Name: Al

      Player ID: 3840321213

      Leads: Regil, Feng, Eleanor

      Level: 277

      Leader Wanted: Regil, Feng, Omni Kira (When Released), 

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    • in-game name: dueba

      Player ID:9754952824

      Player level: 214

      omni units: mainly juno-seto, rize, eeriki but i can put in gregor alessa gabriella lauda felice silas rengaku melord holia zekuu and izuna if you ask

      Leaders wanted: lyonesse, feng

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      • In-Game Name: Alesta
      • Player ID: 2115557826
      • Player Level: 197
      • Leaders Available: Feng (mostly used), Lauda
      • Leaders Wanted: Zeruiah, Ensa-Taya
      • This is my second account lol
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    • Shattering Torrent Fai
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      My friend list now is full. It'd be a waste of time for anyone to send me a request.
      13:50, March 10, 2017
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      • In-Game Name: kazu
      • Player ID: 9797076636
      • Player Level: 154
      • Leaders Available: omni ver and eleanor
      • Leaders Wanted: ani omni unit active player
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      • In-Game Name: karias
      • Player ID: 4360545457
      • Player Level: 333
      • Leaders Available: Avant, Ark, Zenia, Sirius, Holia, Kanon, Lara, Kulyuk
      • Avatar: Lv66  weapon: lv 30 whip, 22 great sword, lv6 katana, sphere: Automated Warrior
      • Leaders Wanted: Anything is okay but i prefer support units. Strong avatar unit 
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      • In-Game Name: Dakota
      • Player ID: 97868949
      • Player Level: 150
      • Leaders Available: Brave Leader Alessa (Breaker lvl150)
      • Leaders Wanted really bad: Vermilion
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      • In-Game Name: Avent
      • Player ID: 2299889692
      • Player Level: 178
      • Leaders Available: Regil, Feng and Eerikki
      • Leaders Wanted: Zeruiah, Zelnite and any Single target SBB OMNI unit
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    • *In-Game Name: Alex
      *Player ID: 0554533062
      *Player Level: 415
      *Leaders Available: Zelnize Eerikki Kanon (many more, but those are the current 3)
      *Leaders Wanted: anyone, really. just make sure you gift daily!
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      • In-Game Name: Skafir
      • Player ID: 5112868391
      • Player Level: 423
      • Leaders Available: Zelnite (EXP), Rain and Feng once maxed out
      • Leaders Wanted: Zeruiah/Zelnite (EXP), Feng and Regil
      • 3rd Arc: Lvl 67, Automated Warrior and Falcon Blades (lvl 40)
      • At least be active on 3rd arc and have one EXP leader.
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      • In-Game Name: Hikari
      • Player ID: 1146649258
      • Player Level: 463
      • Leaders Available: Galtier, Juno-Seto, Ensa-Taya, Zeruiah, Ark, Kanon, Elimo, Holia, Felice, Feeva (Avant, Zeruiah, and Galtier are the most common.)
      • Leaders Wanted: Regil, Ark, Zeruiah, and  Feng.
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    • In-Game Name: Pirate Player ID: 0497132180 Player Level: 195 Leaders Available: Kira, Krantz, Lauda Leaderz Wanted: Any, just be active

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      • In-Game Name: Bujungju
      • Player ID: 5049006975
      • Player Level: 447
      • Leaders Available: Zelnite (daily) | Avant / Kira (FH) | Ark / Holia / Rozalia (trials,FG,etc.) or you can PM me for a lead request ;)
      • Leaders Wanted: nothing in particular, but preferably be active and have an FH lead (Avant, Kira, etc.)
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      • In-Game Name: Alski
      • Player ID: 4963164064
      • Player Level: 74
      • Leaders Available: Shura and Melord
      • Leaders Wanted: anyone, just started a new acc after a long break
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      • In-Game Name: Pendalis
      • Player ID: 1364858938
      • Player Level: 222
      • Leaders Available: Sirius, Quaid, Krantz and Gaston
      • Leaders Wanted: Ideal Subect Lauda, Zekkuu, Zelnite and anything to boost exp or spark dmge
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      • In-Game Name: hoshi007
      • Player ID: 2797728040
      • Player Level: 576
      • Leaders Available: avant, alfa dilit OE, zelvahua OE, zeruhia,  rosalia, kira, holia, lyones, sirius, krantz and many others
      • Leaders Wanted: OE from lauda batch onwards 
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      • In-Game Name: Wilhelm (I change my player name from time to time)
      • Player ID: 0895401688
      • Player Level: 333+
      • Leaders Available: Main Leads: (All Omni) Ark, Krantz, Zelnite. Other Possible Leads: Vargas, Lance, Avant, Selena, Elimo, Kulyuk, Arus, Ciara, Adriesta, Vern, Azami, Mariela, Rize, Elza , Alice, Eze, Daze, Atro, Mifune, Magress, Haido, Zenia, Zekt, Sirius, Silas, Rayla, Rozalia, Quaid, Felice, Lava, Lyonesse, Charlotte
      • Leaders Wanted: any omni units
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      • In-Game Name: Zalver
      • Player ID: 4733454431
      • Player Level: 208
      • Leaders Available: Main Leads : [Abyssal Witch Ciara, Divine Law Kanon, Graceful Princess Elza] Chivalrous Thief Zelnite, Sacred Emperor Sirius, Chain Magister Hugh
      • Leaders Wanted: Any units as long as you gift me :)
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    • in-game name: Dueba

      Player ID:9754952824

      Player level: 215

      omni units: mainly juno-seto, eerikki, alessa but i can put in gregor rize gabriella lauda felice silas rengaku holia izuna melord zekuu

      leaders wanted :regil, zeruiah, feng  

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    • Infamous0ne


      Lvl 114

      Dragon God ragshelm 

      Looking for gifts

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    • IGN - justbeho


      lv 150

      leaders available - gabby, felice, holia, glenn, zekt, and more to come

      wanted - just come and add me~. I only give people gifts if they gift me first btw

      will kick if inactive > 2 days

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    • In-Game-Name: Mateo01

      Player ID: 7046440478

      Player Level: 182

      Leaders Available: Felice, Krantz, Elimo, Zenia, Vargas

      Leaders Wanted: Nyami, or any other unit that can cast stealth

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      • In-Game Name: CondomXL
      • Player ID: 2797728040
      • Player Level: 288
      • Leaders Available: Regil (MAX)
      • Leaders Wanted: Regil & Daily/Active Gifter
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    • *In-Game Name: Jandrico
      *Player ID: 35132828
      *Player Level: 758
      *Player Arena Level: Eris(Almost Thanatos)
      *Leaders Available: Ark,Zeru(XP lead),Holia/Avant. Will change depends on content release
      *Summoner Level: 65
      *Summoner Weapon : Bow(lvl.40) with automatic warrior sphere
      *Leaders Wanted: Regil/Current Meta Unit if possible, active player
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    • IGN: Prodigu

      Player ID: 9703282456

      Level: 189 (And counting)

      Leaders Available: Avant, Asto (Soon)

      Leaders Wanted: Lauda, and Zelnite (In particular) Otherwise I just want some active friends :)

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