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Weapons are obtainable items that the Summoner Avatar can equip. Each weapon carries a unique variety of different effects and stat distributions that help benefit the Summoner.

Weapon Experience

Weapon Experience is EXP for the Summoner's weapons. EXP can be acquired by questing or by fusing Enhance materials, such as Gods and Crystals.

Weapons have a chance of earning bonus EXP through GREAT SUCCESS! and SUPER SUCCESS!!, multiplying the initial EXP yield by 1.5 and 2 respectively. However, Super Fusion Rate Up events do not affect the fusion rates.

Unit Fused Zell thum Cost (each) Effect Given (each)
Unit ills thum 10202Unit ills thum 20202Unit ills thum 30202Unit ills thum 40202Unit ills thum 50202Unit ills thum 60132 2000 +5 EXP to Weapon equipped
Unit ills thum 10203Unit ills thum 20203Unit ills thum 30203Unit ills thum 40203Unit ills thum 50203Unit ills thum 60133 20,000 +50 EXP to Weapon equipped
Unit ills thum 10204Unit ills thum 20204Unit ills thum 30204Unit ills thum 40204Unit ills thum 50204Unit ills thum 60134 100,000 +750 EXP to Weapon equipped
Unit ills thum 10344Unit ills thum 20334Unit ills thum 30324Unit ills thum 40324Unit ills thum 50364Unit ills thum 60334 300,000 +2000 EXP to Weapon equipped

Extra Skill

Much like 7★ and Omni Rarity units, the Summoner can acquire Extra Skills by leveling up weapons. Upon unlocking these Extra Skills, the Summoner may select up to two different Extra Skills to equip.

For a list of Summoner Extra Skills, see List of Summoner Extra Skills.

Weapon Skill

Weapon Skills are unique skills specific to the weapon the Summoner is wielding. These skills can range from passive bonuses onto the Summoner to enhancements to certain skills the weapon carries. Upon equipping a weapon, the Summoner will use all of the Weapon Skills that have been unlocked for the equipped weapon only.

List of Weapons

Weapon How to obtain
Weapon thum 0010 Brave Sword Start of Bectas
Weapon thum 0020 Brave Spear Clear the mission "Battle Playbook" in Bectas's Iron District
Weapon thum 0030 Great War Axe Clear the mission "Wildfire Lotus" in Bectas's Michele's Sepulcher
Weapon thum 0040 Twin Pistols Clear the mission "Encroaching Threats" in Vilanciel's Subzero Road
Weapon thum 0050 Great Sword Clear the mission "Defiled Soul" in Vilanciel's Mystical Wolf's Lair
Weapon thum 0060 Yearning Scythe Clear the mission "Ancient Relics" in Vilanciel's Divine Beast's Prison
Weapon thum 0070 Savage Whip Clear Round No. 001 in the Battle Hall
Weapon thum 0080 Star Bow Clear the mission "Pent-Up Winds" in Ohbanahara's Defensive Checkpoint
Weapon thum 0090 Falcon Blades Clear the mission "Chaos in Heaven" in Ohbanahara's Phoenix Tower
Weapon thum 0100 Dark Blossom Clear the mission "Relentless Training" in Ohbanahara's Fields of Despair
Weapon thum 0110 Crystal Staff Clear Round No. 002 in the Battle Hall
Weapon thum 0120 Dancing Blades Clear the mission "Common Front" in Rokkzalm's Ankash Ruins
Weapon thum 0130 Thundering Maul Clear the mission "The Land's Center" in Rokkzalm's Armor Hall
Weapon thum 0140 Radiant Longsword Clear the mission "Awakening Puppets" in Rokkzalm's Demolished Tomb
Weapon thum 0150 Godslayer Axe Clear Round No. 003 in the Battle Hall
Weapon thum 8010 Junkyard Dog Clear the mission "HEAVY DAY Lv.1" in Neo New York Again (Special Event)