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The following events are all ongoing events in Brave Frontier, whether in the Vortex or in Quests. If a Vortex event is not here, it is likely not available at the moment. See Past Special Events for a list of Vortex events that have happened in the past.

Event Duration: Dec 19 2:00 ~ Dec 23 23:59 PST

Sp quest banner varena4

Sp quest banner 800100
Event Duration: Dec 16, 06:00 ~ Dec 19, 05:59 PST
Quest / Boss Energy Battles EXP EXP/Energy Rare Captures
Shadow Fields 15 5 3,000 200
Unit ills thum 860034 


Unit ills thum 860034 
Unit ills thum 870034 
Misty Fields 15 5 3,000 200
Unit ills thum 820034 


Unit ills thum 820034 
Unit ills thum 870034 
Crimson Fields 15 5 3,000 200
Unit ills thum 810034 


  • Boss battle includes 2x Miracle Bulb and one Fire Bulb.
  • Ifrits may appear and are capable of AoE attacks.
  • Both the Miracle Bulb and Fire Bulb only attack once per round.
  • Sparkle Burst - AoE light atk that inflicts random status ailments
  • Fiery Burst - AoE fire atk that inflicts random status ailments


Unit ills thum 810034 
Unit ills thum 870034 
General Zone Details
  • Capturing of bulbs is NOT guaranteed (you might not get any bulbs at all).
  • Bulbs may not appear at all leading up to the boss round.
  • Boss encounter consists of formations containing at least one Bulb that can be previously encountered.
  • Bulbs may appear either in groups of various bulbs or one bulb with two units of the same element.
Rare Drops:

Event Duration: Dec 3 0:00 ~ Dec 31 23:59 PST

Banner levelup

Awesome rewards await our aspiring Summoners! Play BRAVE FRONTIER and reach the following level milestones during the event period!

(Visit the link for info about rewards by clicking here)

Level up from 1 to 50 during the "Level Up Campaign" event period and get ALL the rewards!


Players' level milestone during the event will be measured and rewards will be sent to players who met the milestone requirements mentioned above (period when rewards will be given).

Player's will only get rewards upon reaching the specific level. The rewards are not retroactive.

Rewards will be sent directly to qualified players' Presents Box.

Invite your friends and play Brave Frontier now!

Event Details:

Header magress

The former knight of Bariura Empire and one of the Legendary Six Heroes has finally arrived in the Vortex! Relive Unholy Magress' past and feel his wrath as he seeks revenge for the murder of his parents.

Grand Gaia Chronicles Event details:

Previous "Grand Gaia Chronicles" vortex challenges will still be available at the Vortex! Starting December 9, 0:00 PST, Unholy Magress' chronicle will be available in three volumes (Vol. 1 - 3, with increasing difficulty levels)

Possible rewards: Experience, Gems (Vol. 2 & 3), Zel, Karma, & a unique sphere! (Vol. 3 only)

Black Lance - Boosts HP & Rec by 30%, HP absorption & boosts BB gauge when attacking
Note: Rewards for each level can only be obtained once.

Event Duration: 1 hour after the player has used the key

In order to obtain a Metal Key or Jewel Key, one must go to the Akras Summoners' Hall Administration Office in Imperial Capital Randall and tap Receive Key. Metal Keys are distributed every day except for Wednesdays and weekends. On Wednesday, instead of Metal Keys, Jewel Keys are distributed instead. No keys are available for claim on weekends. Up to 10 Metal Keys and Jewel Keys can be kept respectively.

Note: 1 Gem will be awarded for the first time completion of each Parade.

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