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See also: Permanent Events, Guild Events, Frontier Hunter, Raid Battle

The following events are all ongoing events in Brave Frontier. If a Vortex event is not here, it is likely not available at the moment. See Past Special Events for a list of Vortex events that have happened in the past.

Guardians of Lore, Grand Gaia Chronicles and Parades appear in Permanent Events.

Brave Frontier X THE ALCHEMIST CODE Collaboration

Legendary Dungeons

Duration: Jun. 7, 00:00 PST - Jun. 24, 23:59 PST

Anticipate the spectacular returns of the Elemental Heroes, Sibyl Sisters, and the Leaders of Elgaia. Take up the challenge as the dungeons of legends are once again available for all within this limited period!

Dungeon Type Phase 1:
7-9 Jun.
Phase 2:
10-12 Jun.
Phase 3:
13-15 Jun.
Phase 4:
16-18 Jun.
Phase 5:
19-21 Jun.
Phase 6:
22-24 Jun.
Elemental Heroes Fire Water Earth Thunder Light Dark
Sibyl Sisters Water Earth Thunder Light Dark Fire
Leaders of Elgaia Earth Thunder Light Dark Fire Water

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