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The following events are all ongoing events in Brave Frontier, whether in the Vortex or in Quests. If a Vortex event is not here, it is likely not available at the moment. See Past Special Events for a list of Vortex events that have happened in the past.

Header 20mil

Event Duration: Jan 20 ~ Feb 8 PST

Summoners! The party in Grand Gaia never stops! Let us all celebrate as we hit 20 MILLION DOWNLOADS across all platforms!

As a token of our appreciation for everyone's effort, ALL Summoners will receive the following rewards everyday:

  • Day 1 (Jan. 20): 1 Gem
  • Day 2 (Jan. 21): 1 Set of Crystals
  • Day 3 (Jan. 22): 1 Gem
  • Day 4 (Jan. 23): 1 Burst Frog
  • Day 5 (Jan. 24): 1 Gem
  • Day 6 (Jan. 25): 10 Crescent Dew
  • Day 7 (Jan. 26): 1 Gem
  • Day 8 (Jan. 27): 1 Metal Mimic
  • Day 9 (Jan. 28): 1 Gem
  • Day 10 (Jan. 29): 1 Sphere Frog
  • Day 11 (Jan. 30): 2 Gems
  • Day 12 (Jan. 31): 1 Set of Imps
  • Day 13 (Feb. 1): 2 Gems
  • Day 14 (Feb. 2): 2 Golden God
  • Day 15 (Feb. 3): 3 Gems
  • Day 16 (Feb. 4): 2 Burst Frogs
  • Day 17 (Feb. 5): 3 Gems
  • Day 18 (Feb. 6): 1 Set of Bulbs
  • Day 19 (Feb. 7): 1 Summon Ticket
  • Day 20 (Feb. 8): 1 Sphere Frog

NOTE: All gifts will be sent via Presents Box. Be sure to log in DAILY to claim your rewards!

Make the most out of these gifts as greater adventures are just around the corner. LOG IN NOW!

Header EvolutionDungeon

In line with our celebration the following has also been implemented:

  • Half Energy on Vortex Dungeons and the first 3 quest maps until Jan. 31, 23:59 PST!
  • Super Fusion Rates Up from Jan. 28 ~ Jan. 31 23:59 PST!
  • Increased Capture Rates for Zebra, Mare and Zurg!
    • Note: Special Units such as Zegar and Lario also have been affected by the increased drop rates.

Enjoy these 20 Million Download Celebration events exclusively for you! #BeALegendNow

Event Duration: Jan 26 0:00 ~ Feb 1 23:59 PST

Event Details:

Header ggc atro

The swordsman of ruined La Veda Republic and the last of the Legendary Six Heroes has finally arrived in the Vortex! Relive Holy Light Atro'spast and dare to challenge the newest addition of Grand Gaia Chronicles!

Grand Gaia Chronicles Event details:

Previous "Grand Gaia Chronicles" Vortex challenges will still be available at the Vortex!

Starting January 23 PST,Holy Light Atro's chronicle will be available in three volumes (Vol. 1 - 3, with increasing difficulty levels).

Possible rewards: Experience, Gems (Vol. 2 & 3), Zel, Karma, & a unique sphere! (Vol. 3 only)

Description: Boosts both Atk & Def by 30%, BB gauge fills faster when obtaining BC

Note: Rewards for each level can only be obtained once.

Event Duration: 1 hour after the player has used the key

In order to obtain a Metal Key or Jewel Key, one must go to the Akras Summoners' Hall Administration Office in Imperial Capital Randall and tap Receive Key. Metal Keys are distributed every day except for Wednesdays and weekends. On Wednesday, instead of Metal Keys, Jewel Keys are distributed instead. No keys are available for claim on weekends. Up to 10 Metal Keys and Jewel Keys can be kept respectively.

Note: 1 Gem will be awarded for the first time completion of each Parade.

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