Item frame 2 Materials
Sky Fang
Item thum 601
Item Lore:
Beautiful flying beasts used to reside in the Golzo mountains. Once, when the beasts were chasing each other among the clouds, they fumbled into the domain of one of the gods. Furious, the god took away the beasts' ability to fly, and the sky-soaring beasts started to fall from the sky. It's said that the fangs of these rare fallen beasts can be found in Lizeria.
The fang of an ancient beast, rumored to have fallen from the sky.
Sale Price: Zell thum 50 Zel
How to Obtain
  • Lizeria
    • Golzo Mountains
      • A Timeless Blaze: Lorand
    • Lodan Frozen Lake
      • The Bullet in the Ice: Heidt
      • The Frozen Surface: Dean
    • Lightning Forest Zaljiba
      • All-Piercing Lightning: Loch
    • Lost City La Veda
      • Sword of Protection: Sergio
    • The Black Bridge
      • A Hero's Destiny: Magress, Eze, and Lance (3 Sky Fangs maximum)
  • Wulgee
    • Avor Lightning Bridge
      • Thunder Path: Amy
      • Within the Electricity: Behemoth
    • Forsaken Disciple's Lair
      • Remaining Light - Jona
      • Luminous Tower - Sefia
      • Flickering Past - Del Bardo and Lotan
      • Within the Flashes - Melchio
    • Demon Cavern Feig
      • Hole of Darkness - Legion
      • Demon Crystal Cave
      • Secretive Demon - Baldeura and Granmeria
      • Within the Darkness - Lodaga