Item frame 5 Raid Materials & Items

Shock Heart
Item thum 1100
Item Lore:
According to studies conducted by Summoners' Hall, the thunder beast this heart belongs to is believed to have incredible amounts of stamina. This beast is able to run around the mountainside for seven straight days without resting once. The source of the endless stamina it holds seems to be connected to the electrical charge it carries, which may be causing its heart to behave erratically. It is speculated that this electricity causes the heart to keep beating infinitely, giving the beast unlimited energy.
The electrified heart of a thunder beast that still beats postmortem
Sale Price: Zell thum 50 Zel
Extra Skill:

Crafts Into
Sphere thum 4 3 Guard Brace 4
Sphere thum 1 4 Sky Blade 2

How to Obtain
  • Raid Battle - Golvorg
  • Colosseum
    • Stage 21, Blue Chest, 600 CBP (2 pieces)
    • Stage 31, Green Chest, 2,000 CBP (2 pieces)
Trivia, Additional Information & Notes
  • Best place to farm - Waxing Danger (RC5/3): Main Body (20%), highly recommended to kill Golvorg in RC5/3 to also obtain Shock Core