Item frame 2 Materials
Seph Feather
Item thum 205
Item Lore:
The day that the first emperor of the region of Agni was crowned, a seph bird came to visit the palace. This bird had purple feathers with red spots, and was quite common in the Agni region, but the bird that visited the palace that day had red feathers that seemed ablaze. It is said that the people took this as a sign of the gods' blessing upon the emperor, and from that day hailed the seph bird as an auspicious creature.
A feather dropped from an auspicious bird in the Agni region.
Sale Price: Zell thum 50 Zel
Extra Skill:

Crafts Into
Sphere thum 5 3 Summoner Hat 20

How to Obtain
  • Agni - Agni Empire - Hotatsu Dance: Phoenix
  • Agni - Agni Empire - Fire Maiden's Table: Lava
  • Agni - Agni Empire - Wild Bravery: Vargas
  • Agni - Agniria Coast - Serenade in the Waves: Loch Ness
  • Agni - Agniria Coast - The Limits of Wisdom and Courage: Mega
  • Agni - Granasta Plateau - Overwhelming Green: Altro
  • Agni - Granasta Plateau - Noble Roar: Douglas
  • Agni - Thunder Summit Navara - Sound of Destruction: Behemoth
  • Agni - Thunder Summit Navara - Pulverizing Combo: Emilia
  • Agni - Thunder Summit Navara - Time to Vanquish: Mare
  • Agni - King's Tomb - Soaring through the Sky: Wyvern
  • Agni - King's Tomb - The Royal Bodyguard: Will
  • Agni - King's Tomb - Tombstone of Light: Mare
  • Agni - Lognea Cove - Undying Wish: Hades
  • Agni - Lognea Cove - Bound by Darkness: Alice
  • Agni - Ocean Shrine Albina - Trespasser into the Mind: Mare
  • Mirvana - Cape Narasta: Al-mi'raj, Mimir (Best)
  • Mirvana - Mirvana Ruins: Imp, Lily
  • Mirvana - Tower of the Gods - The Divine Emperor: Zevalhua
Trivia, Additional Information & Notes

Mirvana - Cape Narasta Is best due to 2 mobs having the ability to drop.