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Element Secret Unknown
Gender Gender female Female
Eyes Light Purple
Hair Pale Purple
Currently Vilanciel (deceased)

Selvia is a NPC from (Bariura GQ). She is the First Imperial Princess of Bariura Empire, as well as the oldest child of the Emperor of Bariura.


Selvia remains inside the castle during the Great War, preparing things to depart to another world. At a point, she orders Melina to spread the rumor that the Emperor disappeared, in order to call her brother back. She also entrusts a bracelet, her heirloom, to Berdette, asking Feleen to deliver it to the Third Princess in the middle of the war. When Sirius arrives at the castle, Selvia asks him about his decision. At first, Sirius is still hesitated, but Selvia forces him to go by saying that if they don't defend the Empire, then there is nothing left to protect. Afterwards, Sirius has no other choice but to obey his older sister. Selvia then accompanies her father and younger brother to Vilanciel. It is implied that Selvia is the one who made Balamgram.




  • In her last scene in the gold achievement route, it is revealed that Selvia once saved Feleen's life, and thus gained Feleen's loyalty to her.