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Emoticon exclamation This page contains unreleased information to Brave Frontier Global.
This page contains information that is currently not official to Brave Frontier Global.
The final, released content may differ from the current information presented here.

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"I am the War Demon Shusui. I seek the utmost in strength."


This challenge can only be accessed once Round No. 002 has been cleared.


  • 300,000 Summoner XP
  • 1 Gem
  • Protagonist Axe Summoner Weapon


You may use 1 squad for this battle. Leaders are locked to Summoners and all Summoning Pedestals are available. Element Mastery restrictions are still in place so plan accordingly to defeat the foes ahead. You are allowed 1 item set for all battles. There is no cooldown when using a friend.

Recommended Weapons

Recommended Units


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