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Item frame 2 Materials
Rouge Stone
Item thum 1100
Item Lore:
A crimson mineral ore extracted from the lands of Agni. It exists within the core of a rock eroded by the wind and rain, thus it looks like a lofty tower standing among the wilderness. When heated, its red color turns a bright crimson shade, but when cooled, it is said to become clear like a crystal. Due to its characteristic of changing forms through heating, it can be used in a multitude of ways and has been highly valued because of that since ancient times.
A mineral ore extracted from a red rock found in the wastelands of Agni.
Sale Price: Zell thum 50 Zel
How to Obtain
  • Ryvern
    • Glomore Hallow
      • Dragon Captain's Roadblock: Aisha
    • Snow Area Khelne
      • The Swift Marksman: Rickel
    • Stokhelna Forest
      • The Sal Trees: Il & Mina
    • Azura Ruins
      • The Spear of Justice: Amy
    • Ryvern Mountains
      • Evil Conviction: Sefia
    • The Abyss Caves
      • A Glorious Bloody End: Kikuri
    • White Tower
      • Fletchings of Anticipation: Loch
      • The Indestructible Formation: Edea
      • Freezing Stillness: Dean
      • Wedging Deep: Lorand
      • Rallying Spirits: Aisha, Amy, Il & Mina, Rickel
      • Exceeding Defiance: Kikuri, Sefia
  • Mirvana
    • Cave of Darkness
      • Sword of Fire: Lorand
    • Arvest Snowfield
      • The Blizzard Begins: Dean
    • Marleg Ocean of Trees
      • Showdown Under the Flowers: Edea
    • Bog of Eternal Rain
      • Terminal Thunderstorm: Loch
    • Tower of the Gods
      • The Golden Halo: Melchio
      • The Rainbow Battlefield: Duel-GX, Lodin, Michele, Tiara, Zelban (Best with Farming Leader, 5 per run)
  • Rakshult
    • Gadoum Furnace
      • Flowing Heat
      • Sickening Heat
      • Burning Splash
      • Within the Melting Point
      • Endless Fire
      • Within the Light
      • Outrageous Torrent
    • Luminous River Falun
      • Dancing Lights
    • Botanical Garden
      • Growing Power
      • Circle of Life
      • Fragrance of Nature
    • Gimo Junkyard
      • Rumbling Earthquake
      • Scattered Past
    • Shining Capital
      • Brilliant Megalopolis
      • Ten Thousand Lights
      • Nightless Castle
    • Rakshult Underground
      • The World Below
      • Suppressive Corruption
      • Treacherous Heart
      • City of Shadows
    • Weather Tower
      • Clear Skies
      • Enshrouding Clouds
      • Blowing Wind
  • Hostile Relics - Lv 5
  • Raid Battle - RC 3 - Mission 11 Welcome to Hades
  • Raid Battle - RC 4 - Mission 6 Underworld Messenger