Item frame 2 Materials
Red Drop
Item thum 400
Item Lore:
These drops can be drawn from springs in the depths of the Morgan region or the mountains in the St. Lamia region. They're known to be slightly red. They're more effective than Green Drops, and more so when synthesized with Cures or Blue Grass. They're also well-known for making up hot springs.
Slight red drops from famed springs with a powerful recovery effect.
Sale Price: Zell thum 8 Zel
Extra Skill:

Crafts Into
Item thum 20001 High Cure 1

How to Obtain
  • Morgan - Destroyed Cathedral - The Peculiar Black Knight (88)
  • St. Lamia - Volcano Eldent - The Banished Fire Dragon
  • Vortex - Wandering Spirit lv. 2
  • Cordelica - Tower of Light - Dance of the Knight
  • Cordelica - Tower of Light - Howl and Gunshots
  • Aldahlia - Ogurono Desert - Desert Hound
  • Bariura - Ancient Dragon's Wood - The Dragon's Welcome (16)