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Element Earth
Gender female
Queen Lidith

Dungeon battle arena
Unit ills anime 30103

Unit ills full 30103

A princess of the ruined Vriksha Duchy, and one of the country's most prominent swordswomen. She took to the battlefield when the gods invaded her country. With the Earth Sword Vriklius in hand she engaged in battle. However, due to her inexperience, she became isolated on the battlefield. Many sacrificed themselves to save her, but their efforts came to a tragic end.

No. Element Rarity Max Lv. Cost
128 Earth ★★★★ 60 8
Base 2,497 900 591 1,012
Lord 3,585 1,179 845 1,425
Anima 4,013 1,179 845 1,306
Breaker 3,585 1,298 798 1,425
Guardian 3,585 1,060 957 1,425
Oracle 3,163 1,179 845 1,539
Final, in-game stats may differ slightly.
Leader Skill: Royal Power
15% boost to Atk Power of all types
Brave Burst: Royal Slash
8 combo Earth elemental power attack on single Enemy & boost to HC droprate
BB Gauge Fill: Battle crystal icon20 BC
Normal Attack BB SBB
Hit Count 8-Hit Combo 8 --
Chain Unit ills thum 30102 ➨ Unit ills thum 30103 Evolve arrow sm Unit ills thum 30104
Cost Unit ills thum 30130 Unit ills thum 30130 Unit ills thum 30132 Unit ills thum 30133 Unit ills thum 30191
+Zell thum200,000 Zel
How to Obtain

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