Item frame 2 Materials
Phoenix Bone
Item thum 900
Item Lore:
A long time ago, there was a beautiful crimson phoenix which had pledged its service to a goddess. The phoenix granted its divine protection to the goddess over the span of many years, until a demon appeared from another world and ended the goddess's life. Mad with anger, the Phoenix pursued the demon back to its world, and achieved vengeance in exchange for both of its own wings. Unfortunately, however, the Phoenix was unable to return to its home without the ability to fly, forcing it to live in solitude in the demon's world until nothing but its vibrantly colored bones were left.
The beautiful and vibrant remnants of a Phoenix
Sale Price: Zell thum 50 Zel
Extra Skill:

Crafts Into
Sphere thum 2 7 Rakshult Gem 5

How to Obtain
  • Rakshult
    • Gadoum Furnace
      • Burning Splash
      • Endless Fire
    • Luminous River Falun
      • Shining Ripples
      • Solemn River of Light
    • Botanical Garden
      • Jumping Plants
      • Artificial Nature
    • Gimo Junkyard
      • Accumulating Wreckage
      • Broken Order
      • Ruins Full of Power
    • Shining Capital
      • Nightless Castle
      • Towards the Light
      • Dashing Ray of Light
    • Rakshult Underground
      • Secret in the Dark
      • Treacherous Heart
      • City of Shadows
    • Weather Tower
      • Clear Skies
      • Pouring Rain
      • Freedom - up to two per run
      • Master of Creation