Perpetual Darkness
Rarity 6
Trade Value Achievement p thum 600 Merit Points
Unit ills full 50792
Extra Skill
10% damage reduction & considerably restores HP and hugely boosts BB gauge each turn
Heals 1000-1200 + 10% Rec & fills 6 BC
How to Obtain
Mitigation Elgifs
Legendary Shield Legendary Shield Lv. 1Legendary Shield Lv. 2
Other Eternal SpiralHeavenly RecollectionLost RecordRebel God's ShieldFlowing MemoriesPerpetual Darkness
Global Exclusive Brave JubilationIgnis Aeterno Lv. 1Ignis Aeterno Lv. 2Ignis Aeterno Lv. 3Algor Aeterno Lv. 1Algor Aeterno Lv. 2Algor Aeterno Lv. 3Terra Aeterno Lv. 1Terra Aeterno Lv. 2Terra Aeterno Lv. 3Fulgur Aeterno Lv. 1Fulgur Aeterno Lv. 2Fulgur Aeterno Lv. 3Lux Aeterno Lv. 1Lux Aeterno Lv. 2Lux Aeterno Lv. 3Umbra Aeterno Lv. 1Umbra Aeterno Lv. 2Umbra Aeterno Lv. 3Brave Regalia
Unobtainable Elgifs
Healing Elgifs
Healer's Revelation Healer's Revelation Lv. 1Healer's Revelation Lv. 2Healer's Revelation Lv. 3Healer's Revelation Lv. 4Healer's Revelation Lv. 5
Angel Tears Angel Tears Lv. 1Angel Tears Lv. 2Angel Tears Lv. 3
Demonic Blood Demonic Blood Lv. 1Demonic Blood Lv. 2Demonic Blood Lv. 3
Hyperion Hyperion Lv. 1Hyperion Lv. 2Hyperion Lv. 3Hyperion Lv. 4Hyperion Lv. 5
Overwhelming Love Overwhelming Love Lv. 1Overwhelming Love Lv. 2Overwhelming Love Lv. 3Overwhelming Love Lv. 4
Other Divine Fountain's MemoriesGraceful MemoriesHealer's LamentDemon's TearsVictory SongBenevolent TearsDivine ComfortSoothing AnthemWondrous AegisIcy Battle RecordBrave RegaliaPerpetual Darkness
Unobtainable Elgifs
Sacred Blood's Oracle
BB Gauge Elgifs
Demonic Victory Song Demonic Victory Song Lv. 1Demonic Victory Song Lv. 2Demonic Victory Song Lv. 3Demonic Victory Song Lv. 4Demonic Victory Song Lv. 5
Warrior's Command Warrior's Command Lv. 1Warrior's Command Lv. 2Warrior's Command Lv. 3Warrior's Command Lv. 4Warrior's Command Lv. 5
Empress's Heartbeat Empress's Heartbeat Lv. 1Empress's Heartbeat Lv. 2Empress's Heartbeat Lv. 3Empress's Heartbeat Lv. 4Empress's Heartbeat Lv. 5
Prosperous Nobility Prosperous Nobility Lv. 1Prosperous Nobility Lv. 2Prosperous Nobility Lv. 3Prosperous Nobility Lv. 4Prosperous Nobility Lv. 5
Heroic Doctrine Heroic Doctrine Lv. 1Heroic Doctrine Lv. 2Heroic Doctrine Lv. 3Heroic Doctrine Lv. 4
Collaboration Eternal Sword
Other Empress's Victory SongDivine Flame's MemoriesDivine Light's MemoriesGraceful MemoriesDestructive NobilityEmpress's LegacyGoddess' PrayerLoki's HowlFallen God's MemoriesSoothing AnthemGlory's BountyImperial EncouragementHeavenly RecollectionVictory SongWails of LamentationBrave RegaliaPerpetual DarknessDemonslayer Bond
Unobtainable Elgifs
Serious Wound