Noble Fist Dilma
Unit No. 557
Data ID 30285
Element Element Earth Earth
Gender Gender male Male
Rarity 6
Max Lv. 100
Cost 24
Arena Type 4
Hit Count/BB Fill
Normal 4
BB 2 25Battle crystal icon
SBB 2 15Battle crystal icon
(40Battle crystal icon total)
Drop Check/Modifier
Normal 20Icon dc(5Icon dc/hit)
BB 30Icon dc(15Icon dc) 230%
SBB 30Icon dc(15Icon dc) 580%

Unit ills thum 30285
Unit ills full 30285

"Okay, lead the way!
Take me where my fists are needed.
They're ready!"

"I can feel it!
My new power throbbing!
Get me to the battlefield now!"

"Now I understand.
Power isn't just for attacking.
It's also vital for defense."

Unit Gallery

Unit Lore:
A martial artist from the Toltya School of Martial Arts. Experiencing a crushing defeat for the first time while on a quest for the girl of his dreams, he became irate with his own weaknesses. Returning to his old dojo, he immersed himself in his training again, this time discovering a new doctrine: devoting himself to others gave him a new kind of power. The war with the gods was commencing when he set out to find his love again. It is said that he saved countless lives with his new power and techniques.
Base 4,240 1,622 999 1,624
Lord 6,055 2,203 1,481 2,037
Anima 6,798 2,203 1,481 1,839
Breaker 6,055 2,401 1,283 2,037
Guardian 6,055 2,203 1,679 1,938
Oracle 6,055 2,203 1,382 2,334
Final, in-game stats may differ slightly
Max Imp Unit ills thum 40432 750
Unit ills thum 10452 400
Unit ills thum 20442 200
Unit ills thum 30432 300
Leader Skill: Intense Pulse
Boost in damage dealt during Spark & greatly fills BB gauge after each turn
30% boost to Spark damage, 2 BC fill per turn
Brave Burst: Chaos Strike
2 combo powerful Earth attack on all enemies & adds chance of ignoring opponents' Def when attacking for all allies for 2 turns
Super BB: Grave Gazer
2 combo massive Earth attack on all enemies, adds chance of ignoring opponents' Def when attacking for all allies for 2 turns & fully recovers own HP for 3 turns
Animation Frame Data
Move Idle Attack
10 54 188
Movement Speed/Type
Normal Attack Skill (BB/SBB/UBB)
Move Speed 0.0024 0.0024
Speed Type 4 4
Move Type Moving Moving
Normal Attack
Frames 77, 124, 130, 136
Distribution (%) 30, 50, 10, 10
Brave Burst
Frames 75, 122
Distribution (%) 50, 50
Total Distribution: 100%
Effect Delay 1
Super Brave Burst
Frames 79, 130
Distribution (%) 50, 50
Total Distribution: 100%
Effect Delay 1
Chain Unit ills thum 30283 Unit ills thum 30284 Evolve arrow sm Unit ills thum 30285
Prev Cost Unit ills thum 50354 Unit ills thum 30133 Unit ills thum 30132 Unit ills thum 30132 Unit ills thum 60224
Zell thum500,000 Zel
Next Cost n/a
How to Obtain (besides Evolving)
Trivia, Additional Information & Notes

Grave Gazer has a 20% bonus critical hit chance & 20% bonus BC generation.