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Ninja Oboro
Unit No. 218
Data ID 60151
Element Element Dark Dark
Gender Gender male Male
Rarity 2
Max Lv. 30
Cost 4
Arena Type 3
Hit Count/BB Fill
Normal 3
BB 4 20Battle crystal icon
Drop Check/Modifier
Normal 6Icon dc(2Icon dc/hit)
BB 4Icon dc(1Icon dc) 85%

Unit ills thum 60151
Unit ills full 60151

Unit ills anime 60151

"Are you my new master?
I have nothing more to say.
Just give me my mission."

So you will give power to me,
one who lives in the dark?"

Unit Lore:
A ninja said to have lived in the ruined Bariura Empire. There was an incident where this man in a strange outfit suddenly appeared in the empire. A rumor spread that this strange person, known as a shinobi, had come from another world. However, afterwards, almost no one saw him again. Later, scholars surmised that this was because of his pride and dislike for standing out.
Base 1,180 500 430 450
Lord 2,259 725 624 720
Anima 2,477 725 624 662
Breaker 2,259 783 566 720
Guardian 2,259 725 682 691
Oracle 2,259 725 595 807
Max Imp Unit ills thum 40432 250
Unit ills thum 10452 100
Unit ills thum 20442 100
Unit ills thum 30432 100
Final, in-game stats may differ slightly
Leader Skill: Ares' Light
Small boost in the BB Gauge fill rate
20% boost
Brave Burst: Ninjitsu: Blade Drop
4 combo Dark elemental attack on all enemies & probable Curse effect
45% chance
Hidden buff value(s) is/are based on unit's max levelled BB/SBB (10).
Value(s) may be lower if the level is not at max.
Frame Data (click to view)
Animation Frame Data
Attack Idle Move
62 52 7
Movement Speed/Type
Normal Attack Skill (BB/SBB/UBB)
Move Speed 8 8
Speed Type 1 1
Move Type Teleporting Teleporting

Chain Unit ills thum 60151 Evolve arrow sm Unit ills thum 60152 Unit ills thum 60153 Unit ills thum 60154 Unit ills thum 60155
Prev Cost n/a
Next Cost Unit ills thum 60121  Unit ills thum 60120 Unit ills thum 60120 Unit ills thum 60120 Unit ills thum 60142
Zell thum50,000 Zel