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Breeze Beach
Element Water
Element Water
Quest / Boss Energy Battles EXP EXP/Energy Rare Captures
Princess of the Icy Blade 9 9 650 72.22 (BEST)
Unit ills thum 20013 


  • Cannot be captured.
  • Attacks up to 3 times.
  • Uses BB every 3rd round. Guarding is recommended.


Unit ills thum 20131 
Incarnation of Water 7 8 380 54.29
Unit ills thum 20081 
Unit ills thum 20081 


  • Cannot be captured
  • Guard every 3rd round against AoE BB.
  • Each Rantoul attacks twice.
Unit ills thum 20131 
Knight of the Ripples 7 8 310 44.29
Unit ills thum 20022 
Unit ills thum 20041 


  • Zephu cannot be captured
  • Zephu and Merith may attack twice.
  • Zephu uses single target BB (Raging Ballad) every 4th round.
  • Zephu's BB causes weakening.
  • Merith uses AoE BB (Icicle Edge).
  • A chance to encounter usually 2 Water Spirits instead of 1.
  • Zephu can be paralyzed.
Unit ills thum 20131 
Pirate of the Shallow Waters 5 7 260 52
Unit ills thum 20062 
Unit ills thum 20040 
Unit ills thum 20040 

Unit ills thum 20131 
The Endless Shores 5 7 220 44
Unit ills thum 20102 

General Zone Details

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