Light up your path on your darkest nights & be guided by the moonlight! Ready your best festive look as you're all invited to the mid-autumn Moonlight Parade! Head to the Vortex & start gathering these unique synthesis materials!

The following items will be available in the Synthesize House for crafting during the event period:

  • Lunar Treat - Replenishes HP & slightly increases DEF, REC for 2 turns
  • Mooncake - Sufficiently replenishes HP & increases DEF, REC for 2 turns
  • Crescent Dew - Revives one ally from KO status to 75% HP

Complete the last mission of this mystical event & acquire the unique material to be used for crafting the festive Sphere: Mystic Lantern in the Spheres House!

Mystic Lantern - Boost ATK, DEF, REC, HP by 15%. Slight CRIT rate up.