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Marleg Ocean of Trees
Element Earth
Element Earth
Quest / Boss Energy Battles EXP EXP/Energy Rare Captures
Showdown Under the Flowers 16 11 4,450 278.13
Unit ills thum 30124 
Gun God Douglas
HP: 300,000

Unit ills thum 30164 


  • Edea inflicts Poison and Sickness.
  • Edea has a chance to take only 1 damage.
  • Edea can be cursed and poisoned.
  • Edea can spam a ST BB, Grand Cross, that can inflict injury.
  • Douglas can spam BB.


Unit ills thum 30222 
The Majestic Trees 15 10 4,150 276.67
Unit ills thum 30253 


  • Zelban has DEF buff at HP below 50%.
  • Zelban can cast an AoE BB.
  • Room 4 spawns Bard Elton and Xipe Totec.
Unit ills thum 30222 
Pretty Little Flowers 14 9 3,950 282.14
Unit ills thum 30114 
Unit ills thum 30213 


  • Room 6 spawns Dryad and 2x Dwarf Prince.
  • Focus on Il & Mina first as they're more dangerous than Eltri. Bring your own Twins, Reeze or Darvanshel for status immunity makes this battle easier.
  • Il & Mina get an Atk buff at < 50% HP. They can use AoE normal attack as well as BB Twin Radiation. All have chance to inflict Injury, Weakness and Sickness.
  • Eltri heals every 3 turns up to twice per turn around 8,000 HP and inflicts Weakness. He also has Aoe BB Vortex.
Unit ills thum 30222 
Trials in the Forest 13 9 3,750 288.46 (BEST)
Unit ills thum 30014 
Unit ills thum 30172 
Unit ills thum 30063 


  • Expect Lance to be the same as the Lance in the Lance's Chronicle vol 3.
  • Dwarf Prince inflicts Paralysis.
  • Zaza inflicts Weakness.
  • At 25% health,Lance's suffers an attack and defence drop.
  • When Lance's health is above 25%, he deals a lot of damage even to fire unit, regular attacks dealing 2k health and AoE BB dealing 3.5k health
Unit ills thum 30222 
Hunter in the Green 13 9 3,600 276.92
Unit ills thum 30024 


Unit ills thum 30222