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Unit No. 201
Data ID 60142
Element Element Dark Dark
Gender Gender none Genderless
Rarity 3
Max Lv. 1
Cost 2
Arena Type 3
Hit Count/BB Fill
Normal 1
Drop Check/Modifier
Normal 2Icon dc(2Icon dc/hit)
BB Icon dc —%

Unit ills thum 60142
Unit ills full 60142

Unit ills anime 60142

"Feed me... growl rowl!
Work, magic, bright, gold, element.
Feed me something... growl grrr!"

Unit Lore:
A monster that mimics a treasure chest. It is extremely powerful, and is always looking for something to put in its belly. It's not fussy about its prey, and the summoners who suffer the most are those who let their guards down. It naturally uses mimicry to lure in the unprepared, but some aggressive Mimics will even try to get attention by calling people.
Base 1,188 666 666 666
Leader Skill: None
Brave Burst: None
Frame Data (click to view)
Animation Frame Data
Move Idle Attack
59 52 85
Movement Speed/Type
Normal Attack Skill (BB/SBB/UBB)
Move Speed 8 8
Speed Type 1 1
Move Type Teleporting Teleporting
Effect Delay
Normal Attack
Frames 63
Distribution (%) 100

How to Obtain
Trivia, Additional Information & Notes

Mimics are used as ingredients to evolve units. When used as an ingredient in fusing, it provides a base 1,004 XP (1,506 XP to Dark element units). It sells for 1,000 Zel.

A chest containing a Mimic (or Bat Mimic) will sporadically shake. Having a large pool of health, capable of attacking multiple times and inflicting Curse, weak parties may want to skip opening the chest if they worry that the Mimic will impede dungeon progress.

Capture of these units is almost always guaranteed, even if the player has already captured a different unit earlier in the round.

Encountering and defeating a Mimic in the Summoner Arc yield 100 experience points for your Summoning Arts.