Item frame 2 Materials
Miasma Bug
Item thum 1005
Item Lore:
A nocturnal demon bug said to appear during the downpours of purple miasma in Wulgee. When it has found its prey, this bug emits a demonic light that calls for lightning from the heavens. The lightning then strikes its target directly, rendering it completely numb and paralyzed after the initial pain, which helps the bug to consume it without much effort. Never in one place for too long, the Miasma Bug is constantly moving and wreaking havoc. Many advise that it's best to run after encountering it, as a confrontation could prove far too dangerous.
A nocturnal demon bug said to appear during downpours of miasma
Sale Price: Zell thum 50 Zel
Extra Skill:

Crafts Into
Sphere thum 2 6 Wulgee Gem 5

How to Obtain
  • Wulgee
    • Wulgee Flower Bed
      • Rotting Body - Decay Demon Melord
    • Avor Lightning Bridge
      • Lightning Run - Rashil
      • Someone Draws Near - Shusui
      • Within the Electricity - Bran and Lodin
        • Someone else drops Miasma Bug in this run, up to 3 can be captured in one run.
    • Forsaken Disciple's Lair
      • Overflowing Light - Mireia
      • Within the Flashes - Melchio
    • Demon Cavern Feig
      • Falling Shadow
      • Within the Darkness - Eric and Duel-SGX II
    • Forsaken Castle Biorad
      • Arrogance - Mireia, Zelha, and Lymle
      • Beacon of Opposition - Mau, Lionel, and Neid
      • Submissive Power - Douglas
      • Scorn and Envy - Emilia
      • Shining Lamp - Will and Lava
      • Losing Oneself - Melord