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  • I live in Grand Gaia
  • I was born on June 19
  • My occupation is Summoner
  • I am Male
Legendary Thief Zelnite

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ID: 10046057

You MUST message me your IGN and ID if you want to friend me!

ID: 20325150

I am not active on my JP account and thus, I will not be accepting any requests.

ID: thelinathan

Display: Linathan

Available for messaging only. You must message me that you are from Wikia.

ID: linathanzel

Available for messaging only. You must message me that you are from Wikia.

ID: Linathan#3109

Available for messaging only. You must message me that you are from Wikia.

When contacting me through Skype, LINE, or Discord you must message that you are from the Wikia. This will help me to better identify you. Also, introduce yourself too! I don't want to talk to random strangers around so be sure to let me know who you are first before adding me.

When asking me for squad advice, please be sure to list your units by elements or provide screenshots! This will make squad compositions a lot easier!

Legendary Thief Zelnite sprite by D Man o3o

Unit ills anime 50131
Unit ills anime 50132
Unit ills anime 50133
Unit ills anime 50134
Unit ills anime 30443
Unit ills anime 30444
Unit ills anime 30445
Unit ills anime 30446
Unit ills anime 30447
An Anonymous Summoner
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  • Hey there,

    My name's Ryan and I'm a member of Fandom's Community Development team. I wanted to say hello, introduce myself and offer my services for any help you might need on the wiki. Everything looks great and it seems like this is a pretty thriving community, but if you're interested, I'd certainly be willing to help out; maybe freshen up the main page design, or come up with a new wordmark or anything else you might need some assistance with. Let me know if that's something you'd like me to work on and I'll get right to it. Thanks!

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    • An Anonymous Summoner
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  • I made a LINE account literally hours ago in order to join our guild chat group (per your encouragement). I successfully made my account and asked you to join in. Next thing I know, I cannot login back to my LINE account.

    I made the account using Windows app, and I had to use a random phone number on the internet to get through the sign up since I don't have a phone number. I am aware of the option to sign in using my email, but after numerous attempts (including changing password), I still cannot go log in. I also absolutely cannot use LINE on my tablet because it ran out of memory (I even had to uninstall Brave Frontier on there and play on Windows version instead).

    So now, I have no accessibility on that account anymore, whereas I may also can't make another LINE account due to the previous one binded to my email and such. So you might wanna disregard that account of mine, or propose whatever methods you have?

    In any case, I can't afford to join our guild chat group :(. If there's any saving graces, I use Discord or Skype. Or I can be more active on our own Guild Board.

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    • That really sucks... LINE is our main means of communication. I do have Discord and Skype if you want to contact me there (Discord is probably better for my convenience) in case you want to keep updated with guild. I'll probably be making more announcements on the Guild Board if you also want to keep yourself updated with that too; though, I wouldn't rely on that too too much.

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    • I'm pretty sure we have a whole community over LINE already, so it would just be a hassle for you to just update individually for me on Discord or Skype (Also I agree Discord is more convenient). If in a utopian world where we managed to get our whole guild to Discord, I'll definitely consider it.

      But for now, I'll just have to look at the guild board more often then.

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    • An Anonymous Summoner
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  • hey lin, did you mind if i ask you some questions i am curios on your option on the following question

    what did you think of that globa exclusive idea of omni plus? i am not going to complain or anything afer more power the better right?

    did you saw the omni design of Xie’ Jing? in my´s kind of lazy i mean she just change pose! for someone who just came back from the dead(according to her lore) they wasted a great chance for a crazy design wise unit art 

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    • I actually like the concept of Omni Plus. Increasing imp and SP caps sound really convincing. It's unknown how exactly it's going to work. I wouldn't want to go and summon multiple copies of LE units when their rates are so low anyway.

      As for Xie'Jing, I guess they have a reason for not changing her design too much. Apparently, they're not going to spoil it until the actual release. She didn't really change much from the time Fang rescued Fei to the Feng timeline.

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    • An Anonymous Summoner
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  • IGN: Bujungju

    ID: 5049006975

    Leads: Avant / Kira (FH) || Zelnite || Ark / Holia / Rozalia (trials.FG,etc)

    I've seen your post via reddit, and same as you, I'm looking for active friends for this and every FH season. ^_^ I've sent you a friend request you're currently maxed out. Hope you can free up a slot. ^_^

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  • IGN dueba


    leads: lauda, eerikki, juno-seto/alessa

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  • ING: ThatJace

    ID: 8912391756

    Current Leads: Rozalia, Holia, Feng

    Possible Replacements: Lara, Eleanor

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  • Hi Linathan, I was wondering if you can friend me. My ID is 1146649258 and my IGN is Hikari. Some units I have are Galtier, Juno-Seto, Ensa-Taya, Zeruiah, Ark, Avant, Kanon, Elimo, Holia, Felice, Zelnite, Lauda, and Feeva (Avant, Zeruiah, and Galtier are the most common.) Thanks if you accept.

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  • hey lin, remenber that i was having trouble with seria trial in Strategy Zone?

    well i may be crazy for thinking about this but WHAT IF.....if i were to put Weaver s artifide in all my units, the mains ones at least...did you think that would make my chances of survive better when they decide to spam AOE attacks on me?

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  • Hi Linathan, I was just wondering if you can friend me. My ID: 5028771772 My in game name is Antonio Thanks

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  • hey lin, i need help with seria in Strategy Zone

    i really don´t know what am i doing wrong i use

    rosaria + ark or regil lead, and holia for the reduce fire damege + 10 % all stats and yet seria and hisui do ONE combo and everyone dies! i don´t know what to do, i try nuke and go to phase 2 but there is seria goes overdrive and i screw, i then tried to take the phane 1 slowly and kill hisui first but it is only a matter of time before they do a combo and kill the whole team, and then there is the probem when her units go overdrive i use overdrive myself to survive but then seria USES her overdrive right next after that, really i am so confuse and angry right now, i don´t know what to do

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    • What is your squad composition? It could be possible that the execution is not there. Are you making sure Angel Idol UBB is up?

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    • rosaia and regil lead, second friend is ark for the all stats buff and for the healing on bb

      fina for healing and add overdrive guage(toki is also there for the overdrive gauge)

      juno seto/kranzt as the midllegators

      holia and gabriela for support

      lauda for the bb add gauge and damege and rize(i am thinking about switching her for arus for od gauge and single target damege)

      and yeah the ubbs buffs were all there but they said "screw your buff we are going to nuke you" and then everyone dies even with all the buffs and fully heal

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    • An Anonymous Summoner
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