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  • Sorry about the blog post, I (stupidly) didn't realize that it was advertising, as blogs like it haven't been taken down in the past. Thanks for taking it down, and I won't do it again. (Obviously)


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  • Hey can i join your guild i'm still level 202 but i got shion, regil, agnia, cleria, diastima, velma, etc. I am a active player and I still finishing my quest. Thanks if you reply and accept my messages.

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  • Hi Lin, for Fizz SP is more which one is more convenient:

    • 10 SP - 20% boost to Def, max HP.
    • 20 SP - Adds enormous critical hit rate boost for 3 turns effect to BB/SBB.
    • 30 SP - Adds considerable BC, HC drop rate boost for 3 turns effect to BB/SBB.


    • 40 SP - Adds resistance against 1 KO attack when HP is below 20%.


    • 10 SP - 20% boost to Atk, Rec.
    • 30 SP - Adds critical hit damage boost for 3 turns effect to BB/SBB.
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  • Hello Lin and happy birthday(if june 19 is actually your birthday).Sorry if I didn't get the correct date to say this since I am busy with schoolwork.Anyways,my BF japan stopped working and I don't know who else to ask so can you help me?(yes I know that we should keep things global but who can I ask this question but you)

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  • Nice job on the Unit List(s).  They look great!

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  • Who would be better at general contents?

    Lauda has bb atk up+spark crit buff(might be a better nuker)

    Rhoa has spark vulnerability,atk at the end of turn,spark dmg boost,prob spark crit+Adds earth n thunder element 2 atk

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  • Hi! I'm new to the whole Brave Frontier thing about actually doing good. Before I knew how to do things I just liked playing because I didn't know that buffs mattered. I just need a bit of help because I'm also new to this wiki and it won't let me comment on the squad building thread. If you could help me comment or maybe even just help me build a quick squad made for quest, that would be wonderful. I have Fire - Vargas(omni), Kulyuk(omni), Adel(omni), Sol(omni), Korzan(7*), lyonesse(7*), Agnia(7*) . Water - Zalts(omni), Melord(7* about to evolve), Azalea(7*). Earth - Dizzy(7*), Lance(7*). Lightning - Eerikki(omni), Cleria(omni), Ewan(7*), Fizz(7*). Light - Janice(7*), Elphelt(omni). Dark - Magress(omni) Thanks in advance!

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  • hey lin, i need your help i want to nuke cardes but due to my lack of units i cannot nuku him effectivily

    so i plan to do somethin like this: fight the first battle normal and then switch the units and leader skill to nuke him on the second phase(i tried before but i think my spheres were not the best ones since i only got him to 60% and i lost)

    i pass phase 1 easy once but yesterday i keep getting nuke due to my buff getting wipe all the time by ulther

    and tips for passing phase one without trouble would leona friend be able to deal with ulhter and his buff remove spam attacks?

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    • no those were for the 1 phase

      for 2 phase

      the set up is going to be this:

      double shion lead(my shion is the same on above)

      savia: glower crown dragon´s amulet(maybe i should put somethin else on her?) she also has +hit count elgif

      zenia: her sphere and blight torment(she also has lv 800 elgif on her)

      janice explosive genoverse and variable arsenal(she is there to prevent status aligments and i also put dinive labor elgif on her + hit count enchan)

      llm: sky orb + Nougat P08? he is there for the atk conversion buff + elemental negation

      the problem is the fist phase which i wanted to do it without nuking becasue i don´t think i would be able to pull it off and still mange to pass phase two, so i want to do phase 1 without nuke so i can so it on phase 2

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    • You can still nuke Phase 1 and Phase 2 at the same time with what you have. Your OD gauge will be filled by the time you reach Phase 2, in which you OD Savia the first turn of Phase 2 and UBB Savia and normal attack on the second turn to push to idle phase. You don't need to go through Phase 1 normally to UBB second phase.

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    • An Anonymous Summoner
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  • You responded to me about my question on what to do for a 6 turn kill for the Cardes omni trial. It didn't really work. However, I noticed after trying the trial SOOOOOOO many times that I found a squad that would work. Cleria Lead, Leona, Savia, Mordlim, Shion and Zenia Friend Lead. I easily get pass battle 1 as long cardes doesn't hit a unit twice with a single target ultimate attack. Battle 2: switch cleria lead to Shion lead, can easily get OD gauge filled and savia's ubb filled with no units dead as long as Cardes doesn't hit my units twice with a single target ultimate attack.

    HERES THE PROBLEM: I give my units brute elixers, UBB Savia (previous turn fulll SBB on my units), and only bring Cardes down to around 62 - 65% HP. Instant death after I attack.

    My question: How can I bring him down below 60%?

    I guess it would be sphere related perhaps?

    I really want to beat Cardes and get my omni Cardes, so what can I do? Please help if possible.

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  • Thank you for making these! They're incredibly helpful. I've found some incomplete google docs that were similar (and I use the Squad Builder too), but breaking it down into specific buffs and putting it on the wiki is so much easier to edit and keep up with. I'm sure the initial effort is very time-consuming, but it's worth it. :)

    I don't know if you're already working on one, but may I suggest a BB on hit buff list next? There are a lot of units who only have it on BB or SBB, which makes it harder to keep track of, I think. You could add a subsection for LS too.

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    • You're welcome :)

      As for BB buffs, I'm likely going to either put subpages or all into one page. I'm leaning towards subpages for the grand scheme of things. The list is quite huge so it's still a WIP.

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    • Perhaps it would be easier to make a sub-category for all of the BB management buffs, and then make seperate list pages? I fear putting them all on one page would make it too monstrous to sift through, unless you can do something to make the tables extremely compact. This might be useful for other large categories, such as conversion buffs, stat buffs, and healing buffs. They're not as expansive, but it might be easier to break them down further into sub-categories anyway.

      For example, with stats you could also create seperate categories to make it easier to determine which units have multiple stat buffs and in what combination, which is a little harder to determine if it's each stat in it's own table. Not to mention, HP buffs will be a much smaller subsection, but Attack is going to get huge when you consider every evolution. It should make the process a lot easier too, since you can work on one sub-category at a time, rather than one massive document. :)

      (Edit: Although, having HP remain in it's own page might be sufficient, rather than figuring out all of the sparse combinations with it. Most of the concern is about having attack, defense, and recovery.)

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    • Subpages are pretty much a definite for stats if we do get to them. The list is only going to massively expand as more units come out due to its common nature. I might also integrate conversion buffs onto those lists too and have some redirects to make it easier to find.

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    • An Anonymous Summoner
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