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  • I live in Grand Gaia
  • I was born on June 19
  • My occupation is Summoner
  • I am Male
Legendary Thief Zelnite

NOTE: My response rate on Message Wall posts is very slow.

  • If you need help with Squad Building, please use the Squad Building Threads or join our Discord Server and ask for help there.
  • Do not ask me if you can join my guild! I am not a Guild Leader.
  • I am not adding Friends at this time.

Yes, I am a busy guy and I am filled with work on my shoulders. If you are asking for squad help, guild requests, or friend requests, I will ignore your post.


Unit ills anime 50131
Unit ills anime 50132
Unit ills anime 50133
Unit ills anime 50134
Unit ills anime 30443
Unit ills anime 30444
Unit ills anime 30445
Unit ills anime 30446
Unit ills anime 30447
An Anonymous Summoner
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