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Element Element Dark Dark
Gender Gender female Female
Eyes Magenta
Hair Dark Purple, Magenta on the end of her hair
Currently Bariura (deceased)
Unit Counterpart Melina

Melina is a NPC from the Grand Quest: The End of An Empire. She is the Sixth Princess of Bariura Empire, who mastered numerous assassination skills and known as someone who cares for her uncle deeply.


Like the Eighth Princess, Melina received the training to be an assassin since her early years. During the training, Melina showed great enthusiasm, so much that she quickly mastered the art of assassination. Her father's appreciation enchants her ability further, so much that the Emperor then gives her the tasks to gather intelligence and infiltration. Everytime Melina brags about her achievements to her beloved uncle, though, he couldn’t help but feel troubled.

Melina is supposed to be in touch with prominent figures such as her uncle, or a dark magician in charge of all the empire’s magicians, and the former commander of the imperial knights. As the result, she is familiar with the inner workings of not only the nations she infiltrated, but the Bariura Empire as well, including the personal information of many people. She is feared by many, not only for her role as an assassin, but for the secrets she possesses.

When the Great War breaks out, at first, Melina works alongside the First Imperial Princess, mainly looking for a space distortion, and reports it to her half-sister. After she relays the information about the disappearance of the Emperor to Sirius, Melina reveals that she will go to “her uncle Chrome”, and states that she will never come back to Bariura. She doesn’t want to fight for the Empire, so she chooses to chase Chrome instead.


Melina is known as a manipulative person who tends to hide her real objections behind sweet words.



Chrome is Melina's favorite uncle. Melina cares for him deeply to the point that she chooses to chase him instead of defending Bariura Empire from the God's Army, going as far as to claim that the only thing the country had ever done for her was giving her uncle Chrome. In the Japanese only Brave Frontier/Thousand Memories Grand Quest collaboration, Melina describes Chrome as strong, kind, and handsome.


  • Before Melina makes her short appearance in The End of An Empire, she appeared in the collaboration Grand Quest between Brave Frontier (Japanese Server) and Thousand Memories.
    • That time, her name was written as "Sixth Imperial Princess" (第六皇女).
  • Melina's Grand Quest portrait first appears in Global on the banner for the collesseum despite it first appearing in the Japenese only Grand Quest and Thousand Memories collaboration Grand Quest.