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Artwork from Trial No. 003
Element Element Light Light
Gender Gender female Female
Eyes Gold
Hair White and Red
Currently St. Lamia (deceased)
Relatives Unknown
Unit Counterpart Creator Maxwell, Inception God Maxwell

Creator Maxwell is a Non-Player Character (NPC) in the game. She is one of the four Fallen Gods who rules over the land of Mistral, Morgan, and St. Lamia as well as a member of the Divine Ten.

Debut Appearance

In the storyline

Before the timeline of the game, Maxwell is considered by the masses by a prominent god in their beliefs, her powers were so great that it invited the attention of her soon-to-be disciple, eventually, he betrayed the Creator and almost killed her. The disciple was then exiled to Ishgria, where he was forced to kill other traitorous disciples for escape.

After the disappearance of one of the Divine Ten, Kulyuk, Maxwell became involved as one of the targets of his many disciples. The Creator then founded one of the god's disciple as well as her own follower, a magically-imbued robot. Maxwell soon attacked the disciple, but the battle was interrupted by the automaton, who tried to drive her attention away from its mistress. Maxwell managed to destroy the automaton, and she built a new robot from its scraps, which she named Juggernaut.

In the storyline, She cursed Tilith after player stepped into St. Lamia. After Tilith fell very ill in Secluded Sanctuary, the player headed to St. Lamia Palace to defeat her in order to liberate Tilith from Maxwell's plight.


She, like most other gods, places herself above humanity, and she tends to underestimate humans because of that.



As one of the Four Fallen Gods, Maxwell can use Endless, a massive AoE attack.

"Bearer of the burden of resurrection

With a memory that shall be soiled

Children worthy of my creation

My name is Maxwell

Release the God that craves destruction!"


Genesis, an ability unique to Maxwell, is a Light elemental attack that deals AoE damage to her opponents.


Other Artwork
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As Inception God Maxwell

Notable Relationships


Kanon was Her former disciple, who betrayed Her after he deemed that Maxwell was weak and thus, not fit to be his master. Kanon was then exiled into Ishgria.


  • The mock unit of Maxwell that Noel created is said to have the ability to rebuild Grand Gaia from scratch, suggesting that Maxwell is more powerful than she was perceived.
  • Maxwell was the first unit to drop as a 6*
  • On the official Brave Frontier YouTube, Maxwell has her own short comedy anime, titled "Maxwell Hits the City!"
    • Maxwell is voiced by Yume.
    • Maxwell has a programming job.
  • A segment in Episode 3 of "Maxwell Hits the City!" features Maxwell on a machine, hinting her Omni Evolution; though, it is stated that whether or not it is her Omni Evolution is up for a debate.
    • A later segment mentions that due to Maxwell's destructive singing skills, her Omni Evolution has been postponed indefinitely. This was intended as a joke, as Maxwell's Omni Evolution was announced in the Japan version.
      • Incidentally, Maxwell's Omni Evolution was postponed from February 2017 to March 2017.

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