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Sp quest banner 802000
Element Water
Element Water
Quest / Boss Energy Battles EXP EXP/Energy Rare Captures
Waves of Fury Lv. 3 35 7 3,700 105.71 (BEST)
Unit ills thum 820005 


  • Chance to capture Maiden Serin and small chance for Gun Lady Serin.
  • Room 4 contains spawns of either:
    • 1. Gun God Luwi with 2 Bandit Zaza Luwi can attack with random AOE BB Shining Zork. Luwi himself has low attack and his BB is random AOE so focus on the two Zazas first.
    • Twin Shot Rica with 2 Pirate Verica. Rica can attack with STBB Ancient Bullet that can cause Paralysis and/or Poison. Since Rica's BB can only attack your teammate once at time, eliminate the Vericas first before they inflict weaknesses is the key.
  • Stage 6 has an encounter with 6 Gunner Douglas or Twin Flash Rickel.
  • 1 Gem upon first clear. Lv.1 and Lv.2 do not need to be completed to earn the gem.
Unit ills thum 820004 
Unit ills thum 820003 
Unit ills thum 20011 
Waves of Fury Lv. 2 25 7 1,800 72
Unit ills thum 820004 


Unit ills thum 820003 
Waves of Fury Lv. 1 15 7 800 53.33
Unit ills thum 820003 


Unit ills thum 820003 
General Zone Details
  • Thunder-only squads are not recommended due to the high appearance rate of strong earth units.
  • If you do decide to bring a thunder-only squad, placing a Red Axe Michele or Lotus Axe Michele in your squad is an effective way of fighting Douglas.
  • Serin can cast her BB, Ripple Shot or Ripple Rampage (Lv. 1), Tidal Discharge (Lv. 2), Gattling Tsunami (Lv. 3). All have the potential to cause Injury. She casts AoE BB every fourth turn.
  • It's possible to paralyze Serin.

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