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Sp quest banner 804000
Element Thunder
Element Thunder
Quest / Boss Energy Battles EXP EXP/Energy Rare Captures
Bolts and Bombs Lv. 3 35 7 3,700 105.71 (BEST)
Unit ills thum 840005 
Raid Bolt Fennia
HP: 140,000


  • Chance to capture Maiden Fennia, and less likely chance to capture Raid Bomb Fennia instead.
  • The Trents encountered in the regular formations can attack twice, including using the AOE, Whirlwind.
  • Round 4 elite encounter can either be:
    1. Fire Knight RaMu (represented by Fire Knight Agni) and two Cyclops. The Dragon's Execution attack can inflict Injury.
    2. Bolt Mallet Aya (represented by Bolt Mallet Elulu) and two Witch Liza. The Witch Lizas can attack twice with area-of-effect attacks, and Aya's normal attack and AOE attack, Light Smash, can inflict Injury.
    3. Both Fire Knight RaMu and Bolt Mallet Aya can be poisoned for 8,500 points per turn.
  • Round 6 elite encounters:
    1. Ifrit and four Sylphs, all of which can attack multiple times per round. The Ifrit is capable of an AOE, Eruption.
    2. Royal Dancer May and four Head Thief Leons, all of which can attack multiple times per round. The Leons can inflict Poison, which can really wear the party down before the fight with Fennia. Dancer May has AOE attacks.
  • Raid Bolt Fennia has 140,000 HP, as determined by the successful application of Poison, which she is very resistant to. In addition to Shock Bomb and Electric Explosion, Raid Bolt Fennia attacks with an AOE, Voltage Storm, every 4 turns that can cause Paralysis. The party should either guard or use DEF boosters in preparation of Voltage Storm, which is capable of doing 3,000 to 4,000 damage to each party member. Like the level 2 version, Stimulants are highly recommended. Tonics can negate the Weakness effect, but guarding and healing can offset the damage wrought on afflicted units.
  • A gem will be rewarded upon completion of Level 3, without the need to complete Lv. 1 and Lv. 2 versions of this event dungeon.
Unit ills thum 840004 
Unit ills thum 840003 
Unit ills thum 40011 
Bolts and Bombs Lv. 2 25 7 1,800 72
Unit ills thum 840004 


  • Small chance to capture Maiden Fennia.
  • Round 4 elite encounter can either be:
    1. Knight Josh (represented by Knight Agni) and two Minotaur. Knight Josh can attack up to 3 times, inflicting about ~800 damage to units with DEF 1000. His Dragon Expulsion attack can inflict over 1,500 damage to a single unit and possibly inflict the Injury status effect.
    2. Inventor Lans (represented by Inventor Elulu) and two Witch Liza.
  • Round 6 elite encounters:
    1. Salamander with four Aeros. The Salamander can attack twice, including an area-of-effect attack.
    2. Dancer May accompanied by four Thief Leons. Dancer May and Thief Leon can attack twice per turn, but Dancer May is capable of attacking the entire party at once.
  • Raid Bomb Fennia is very similar to her Level 1 version, except her attacks do more damage, especially her Electric Explosion AOE attack. Fennia can destroy even the highest DEF units in a single round if they are afflicted by her Weakness. Stimulants are highly recommended because units suffering Paralysis cannot attack, thus prolonging the fight and allowing Fennia to defeat the player's party through attrition.
  • Captured units are levels 6 or 8.
Unit ills thum 840003 
Bolts and Bombs Lv. 1 15 7 800 53.33
Unit ills thum 840003 
Maiden Fennia
HP: 78,000


  • Very small chance to capture Maiden Fennia.
  • Maiden Fennia can attack up to 3 times per turn, and both her single-target attack, Shock Bomb, and area-of-effect attack, Electric Explosion, can cause both Paralysis and Weakness.
  • Maiden Fennia will cast Electric Explosion every 4 turns.
  • Captured units are levels 4 or 5.
Unit ills thum 840003 
General Zone Details
  • Hoku Nut, Koka Nut, Don Nut, Buru Nut, Blue Grass, Red Grass, Blue Bug, Red Bug, Green Fang, Red Fang, Light Eye, Dark Eye, Fire Eye, Water Eye, Red Claw, Green Drop, Purple Drop, Red Pelt, Blue Bone, Red Bone, Yellow Bone, Theo Feather