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Lin Merylham
Navi chara8 0
Element Element Earth Earth
Gender Gender female Female
Eyes Green
Hair Green
Age 21 in BF
41 in BF2
Currently Imperial Capital Randall
Unit Counterpart Lin

Lin Merylham is a Non-Player Character (NPC) in the game. She is the main operator of the Logistics Support Department in the Grand Gaia Survey Office Bureau of Investigation.

She serves as your operator in various optional dungeons in Grand Gaia and as well as the person in charge of the Akras Summoners' Hall Frontier Hunter Surveys.


For the first part of the story, Lin contacts the Summoner via a Communicator whenever the player enters an optional location for the first time. She then explains to the Summoner that multiple things have happened after the player clears one whole region arc. She will then ask the Summoner to defeat these optional yet strong enemies. Afterward, she thanks the Summoner for defeating it and as well as giving the insights of the enemy they encountered, as well as the heroes who defeated them in the past, known to be Fiora, Eve, Lucca, Orna, Ardin, and Yujeh.

In the third arc, she briefly appears to tell the summoner Lugina is is trouble, kicking off the third arc.

In a Niconico livestream, it is revealed that Lin retired from her logistics support job in Brave Frontier II.


Lin takes her job too seriously as she tries her best to give full support to all the Summoners who had in contact with her.

Despite all of this, she is still considered to be a reckless and inattentive employee who usually is late for work or is lolling out while on duty.

She is also good friends with the Summoner and Karl as children, as well as her fellow co-workers Sera of the Administration Office and Elise, an Informant in Raid Battles.

Additionally, she appears to have a crush on the Summoner, as she appears to be jealous of Tilith in the early third arc, due to the closeness of Tilith to the Summoner, and her figure in comparison to Tilith's.


  • According to Brave Frontier Storybook:
    • Her full name is Lin Merylham.
    • Her birth date is on May 21.
    • Her height is 155 cm.
    • Her weight is 40 kg.
    • Her 3-size is 79-57-84 (in cm).