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Holy Emperor Karna Masta

1. Karna Masta

Boss Sprite from Menon

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Boss Sprite from Menon

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Boss Sprite from Mildran

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Artwork from Battle No. 008

Element Element Light Light
Gender Gender male Male
Eyes Red (Body and Soul)
Hair White (Body), Bald (Soul)
Currently Body: Menon (Deceased), Soul: Mildran (Deceased)
Relatives Alza Masta (younger brother)
Unit Counterpart Holy Emperor Karna Masta

Holy Emperor Karna Masta is the highest ranking God in the Lands of Grand Gaia, and the leader and most powerful of the Divine Ten. He is the one who wanted to exterminate humanity, as well as the one who gave humans the curse called "Art of Summoning". He was feared among all, and was given the moniker the "God of Destruction".


An even longer time ago, Karna Masta was one of the Six Imperial Gods that ruled before the Divine Ten. A higher deity known as the Luminous Emperor, he went on to win the Imperial war alongside his younger brother. Eventually he had a quarrel with his brother which resulted in him sealing Alza Masta with the assistance of the sealed Gods.

A very long time after that, Karna Masta was betrayed by His disciple. After the several heinous crimes she committed, that disciple was banished to Ishgria with several other disciples of another God.

Due to the greedy nature of the humans, at one point, Karna Masta wanted to annihilate humanity. To ensure that no one opposes His plan, He called a member of the Divine Ten who judges every being equally and made Lucius get rid of him. Shortly after that, the Oracle Knight's party came to fight Him. At that time, three of His personal guardians (Claire, Colt, Fadahl) came to aid Him, but due to their condition, they were overwhelmed quickly by the Oracle Knight's party. The Oracle Knight managed to corner Him with the help of the Oracle Maiden, but then Karna Masta released His ultimate move, killing His opponents except the Oracle Knight and the Oracle Maiden. At that time, Lucius appeared and battled Him, as he was wounded from his fight with the Oracle Knight, and opened the Gate to Ishgria to seal Karna Masta there, and Melord, who was under Lucius' order, took the Oracle Maiden as the hostage, then descended to Ishgria.

Karna Masta's wrath caused great destruction to Ishgria's land. Melord then taught the Demon Lords how to seal Karna Masta: they sealed the body and a portion of His power in Menon, as well as blocking the path to Menon. Then they also sealed Karna Masta's power in various regions of Ishgria, along with a portion of the land rulers' power. This is what makes the Demon Lords of Ishgria know the move "Empty Seal". Afterwards, Melord sealed Karna Masta's soul, along with the Oracle Maiden and a portion of his soul, in Mildran. This seals remain intact with the clones of a wandering Demon Lord checking them from time to time, as well as killing those who dare to disturb the seals.


  • "So even a mere human can mount some resistance against a god, with my power of Summoning.. You are as irksome as you are shrewd."
  • "Enough games. Humanity has defied me. Their reasons matter not. It is their actions that have invited to their demise!"


  • His name appears to be based on Karna, one of the central characters in the Hindu epic Mahābhārata and the son of Sun God Surya.