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Element Water
Gender female
Holy Ice Selena

Dungeon battle arena
Unit ills anime 20015

Unit ills full 20015

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A swordswoman from the ruined Sama Kingdom. She is the savior of her kingdom, and one of the Six Heroes. The Savat people she led all lost their lives in the great war. As the last one standing, she tried to end her life, but a voice from her sword Lexida halted her. It was the voices of her fallen countrymen. With her allies' souls in her sword, she fought with more strength and beauty than ever before.

No. Element Rarity Max Lv. Cost
339 Water ★★★★★★ 100 20
Base 3,163 1,218 1,014 1,314
Lord 5,097 1,647 1,351 1,701
Anima 5,840 1,647 1,351 1,503
Breaker 5,097 1,845 1,153 1,701
Guardian 5,097 1,449 1,549 1,701
Oracle 4,800 1,647 1,351 1,998
Max Bonus +1,000 +400 +400 +400
Final, in-game stats may differ slightly.
Leader Skill: Water Creator's Power
50% boost to Atk power and 10% increase in HP of Water types
Brave Burst: Last Blizzard
8 combo powerful Water attack on all enemies
BB Gauge Fill: Battle crystal icon28 BC
SUPER BB: Ethereal Caliber
12 combo Water Elemental attack on all enemies & gradual recovery to all allies' HP for 3 turns
SBB Gauge Fill: Battle crystal icon20 BC
Normal Attack BB SBB
Hit Count 6-Hit Combo 8 12
Chain Unit ills thum 20011 Unit ills thum 20012 Unit ills thum 20013 Unit ills thum 20014 ➨ Unit ills thum 20015
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