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Item frame 2 Materials
Guardian Eye
Item thum 703
Item Lore:
This mysterious crystal is extremely rare in Grand Gaia. It radiates a golden light. Its existence is recorded in ancient books, but its effects and uses are a mystery. Those lucky enough to find one have no idea what to do with it, despite it clearly holding magical power. These crystals are the subject of continuous research.
A mysterious golden crystal that has unknown effects and uses.
Sale Price: Zell thum 25 Zel
How to Obtain
  • Morgan - Nocturnal Forest - The Hunter of Time: Lario
  • Morgan - Nocturnal Forest - The Earth Shattering Spear: Lance
  • Morgan - Asekutt Wastelands - The Bewitching Tactician: Weiss
  • Morgan - Asekutt Wastelands - A Flash of Lightning: Eze
  • Cordelica - Greskya Caves - Inferno Gate: Weiss
  • Cordelica - Greskya Caves - Hot Gale's Caress: Falma
  • Cordelica - Ignia Falls - The Foot of the Rainbow: Lario
  • Cordelica - Ignia Falls - Behind the Waterfall: Sergio
  • Cordelica - Ignia Falls - An Invisible Presence: Lidith
  • Cordelica - Ignia Falls - The Battleaxe Descends: Mega
  • Palmyna - Dejour Ruins - The Scorched Pathway: Agni
  • Palmyna - Obselion Castle - The Ice Covered Castle: Sergio
  • Palmyna - Emerald Path - In the Sunlight: Lidith
  • Palmyna - Grandelt Ruins - The Crumbling City: Falma

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