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A mysterious golden crystal that has unknown effects and uses.

Description Edit

Guardian eye icon

This mysterious crystal is extremely rare in Grand Gaia. It radiates a golden light. Its existence is recorded in ancient books, but its effects and uses are a mystery. Those lucky enough to find one have no idea what to do with it, despite it clearly holding magical power. These crystals are the subject of continuous research.


Map Location Quest Dropped by
Morgan Nocturnal Forest The Hunter of Time Lario
Morgan Nocturnal Forest The Earth Shattering Spear Lance
Morgan Asekutt Wastelands The Bewitching Tactician Weiss
Morgan Asekutt Wastelands A Flash of Lightning Eze
Cordelica Greskya Caves Inferno Gate Weiss
Cordelica Ignia Falls The Foot of the Rainbow Lario
Cordelica Ignia Falls Behind the Waterfall Sergio
Cordelica Ignia Falls An Invisible Presence Lidith
Cordelica Ignia Falls The Battleaxe Descends Mega

Uses Edit

Icon Item Effect Required
Sphere 5star blue Royal Shield Boosts Def. by 50% for the first 3 turns.
Dragon Seal 2
Rhau Feather 5
Yomi Feather 5
Guardian Eye 2
Blood Pelt 2
Sphere flame blue Muramasa Boosts Atk. by 50% for the first two turns.
Holy Blade 2
Rhau Feather 5
Yomi Feather 5
Guardian Eye 2
Blood Pelt 2

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