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Guardian Chief Sodis
No. 498
Element Element Light Light
Gender Gender male Male
Rarity 6
Max Lv. 100
Cost 26
Arena Type 4
Hit Count/BB Fill
Normal 8
BB 10 25Battle crystal icon
SBB 12 20Battle crystal icon
(45Battle crystal icon total)
Drop Check/Multiplier
Normal 24Icon dc(3Icon dc/hit)
BB 10Icon dc(1Icon dc) 240%
SBB 12Icon dc(1Icon dc) 430%

Unit ills thum 50385
Unit ills full 50385

Unit ills anime 50385

"It might be interesting to once again
walk the path of righteousness.
Let us walk it together, my friend!"

"It isn't bad to search for power.
It's important to know how to use it.
One day you will understand."

"There is no justice there.
However I will continue moving forth
as it's true power that lies ahead!"

Unit Lore:
Former leader of the 12 Guardians of the Gods who rebelled against the gods. There are many things that remain unknown about this traitor towards the end of his life. There are many theories ranging from him having clashed with his brother, to having been attacked by a woman who had loved him, to having refused to fight his friends and losing his life, though the truth is yet unknown. All that remains consistent throughout is his great display of strength. Some hypothesize that his strength was so great it scared even the gods which is why little documentation on him remains.
Base 4,770 1,440 1,440 1,178
Lord 6,302 1,903 1,903 1,551
Anima 7,045 1,903 1,903 1,353
Breaker 6,302 2,101 1,705 1,551
Guardian 6,302 1,903 2,101 1,452
Oracle 6,302 1,903 1,804 1,848
Max Imp Unit ills thum 40432 750
Unit ills thum 10452 300
Unit ills thum 20442 300
Unit ills thum 30432 300
Final, in-game stats may differ slightly
Leader Skill: Dark's Conviction
15% reduction in damage from Dark types & boost to damage dealt to Dark types from Light types
50% boost
Brave Burst: Blasphemy Flash
10 combo powerful Light attack on all enemies & boost to Spark damage for 3 turns
60% boost
Super BB: Light of Destruction
12 combo powerful Light attack on all enemies & boost to Spark damage and Atk for Light types for 3 turns
70% boost to Spark damage, 50% boost to Atk of Light types (not Light elemental damage)
Hidden buff value(s) is/are based on unit's max levelled BB/SBB (10).
Value(s) may be lower if the level is not at max.
Chain Unit ills thum 50383 Unit ills thum 50384 Evolve arrow sm Unit ills thum 50385 Evolve arrow sm Unit ills thum 50386
Prev Cost Unit ills thum 50354 Unit ills thum 50123 Unit ills thum 50191 Unit ills thum 50191 Unit ills thum 60224
Zell thum500,000 Zel
Next Cost Unit ills thum 50394  Unit ills thum 50354 Unit ills thum 50123 Unit ills thum 60144 Item thum 111000
Zell thum1,500,000 Zel

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