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Unit No. 8123
Data ID 810525
Element Element Fire Fire
Gender Gender male Male
Rarity 5
Max Lv. 80
Cost 19
Arena Type 2
Hit Count/BB Fill
Normal 2
BB 4 22Battle crystal icon
Drop Check/Modifier
Normal 8Icon dc(4Icon dc/hit)
BB 12Icon dc(3Icon dc) 520%

Unit ills thum 810525
Unit ills full 810525

"My sword will slice through evil, my shots shall ring in the darkness... For the right price."

"Survival of the fittest!"

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Unit Lore:
Little is known about Grandt's past. It is said that Grandt used to serve in the Elysian royal army and got booted due to his refusal to obey the chain of command. He often devised his own strategies in the field, jeopardizing pre-planned operations. Although his impromptu tactics worked and made his missions a success, his actions were not favored by the leaders of the army. When he left the army, everything bored him other than being on the field. Grandt then started taking contracts from different companies and militant sectors, sometimes working together with other skilled mercenaries on dangerous missions and assassinations. When Elysia came under attack from the gods, he was recruited by the royal court to eliminate Draegar.
Base 3,538 1,323 1,127 990
Lord 5,055 1,890 1,610 1,415
Anima 5,647 1,890 1,610 1,257
Breaker 5,055 2,048 1,452 1,415
Guardian 5,055 1,890 1,768 1,336
Oracle 5,055 1,890 1,531 1,652
Final, in-game stats may differ slightly
Max Imp Unit ills thum 40432 450
Unit ills thum 10452 240
Unit ills thum 20442 200
Unit ills thum 30432 180
Leader Skill: Flashing Slash
Large boost in critical hit damage
150% boost
Brave Burst: Phoenix Shot
4 combo massive Fire attack on single enemy, adds Def ignoring effect to attack for 2 turns & chance of greatly reducing enemy's Atk and for 2 turns
50% chance to reduce 30% of enemies' Atk
Hidden buff value(s) is/are based on unit's max levelled BB/SBB (10).
Value(s) may be lower if the level is not at max.
Animation Frame Data
Move Idle Attack
Unsupported Unsupported Unsupported
Movement Speed/Type
Normal Attack Skill (BB/SBB/UBB)
Move Speed 0.0033 0.0033
Speed Type 3 3
Move Type Moving Moving
Normal Attack
Frames 35, 87
Distribution (%) 25, 75
Brave Burst
Frames 35, 87, 92, 97
Distribution (%) 15, 30, 28, 27
Total Distribution: 100%
Effect Delay 1
Chain Unit ills thum 810525 Evolve arrow sm Unit ills thum 810526 Unit ills thum 810527
Prev Cost n/a
Next Cost Unit ills thum 50354  Unit ills thum 10133 Unit ills thum 60144 Unit ills thum 810034 Item thum 880001
Zell thum500,000 Zel
How to Obtain