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God Atro
Element Light

Dungeon battle arena
Unit ills anime 50014

Unit ills full 50014

A swordsman from the ruined La Veda Republic. One of the Six Heroes, he faced the great battle with the gods wielding the Light Sword Urias. He struggled with whether or not to fight the gods, but finally decided to when they destroyed the monastery he grew up in. He cut down the gods in a rage, breaking with his former reputation as a graceful master swordsman.

No. Element Rarity Max Lv. Cost
20 Light ★★★★★ 80 10
Base 2,307 939 939 939
Lord 3,730 1,325 1,325 1,325
Anima 4,314* 1,325 1,325 1,146*
Breaker 3,730 1,488* 1,176* 1,325
Guardian 3,730 1,178* 1,497* 1,325
Oracle 3,142* 1,325 1,325 1,485*
*Final, in-game stats may differ slightly.
Leader Skill: Light God's Power
50% boost to Atk Power of Light Types
Brave Burst: Messiah Hazzard
5 combo Light elemental power attack on all enemies
Gauge Fill: 28 BC
Normal Attack BB SBB
Hit Count 3-Hit Combo 5 --
Chain Unit ills thum 50011 Unit ills thum 50012 Unit ills thum 50013 ➨ Unit ills thum 50014 Evolve arrow sm Unit ills thum 50015
Cost Unit ills thum 50120 Unit ills thum 50121 Unit ills thum 50122 Unit ills thum 50123 Unit ills thum 50354
+ 500,000 Zel
How to Obtain

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